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  • A Queens Park Area Residents Association event sponsored by


    Sunday 19th June 1- 6pm


    Gardens Studios


  • Welcome to Open Gardens & Studios

    THE TOUR MAP 14/15


    MUSIC ON THE DAY 16/17




    T hank you for supporting our local community event. All our talented gardeners and artists have been working hard to ensure we all have a lovely day wandering around Queens Park looking at beautiful things, be they flowers, shrubs, art, jewellery or ceramics. There will be lots to see. For the first time, there are four artists exhibiting their work on Lonsdale Road, three at number 31 and one at 4b and this year we are delighted to introduce nine new gardens and studios for you to visit, identified in the programme by a new green or purple leaf logo. Take a welcome break to enjoy delicious home-made cakes and tea in the leafy surroundings of our Tea Garden, accompanied by music from the Palace Band and the Queens Park Junior Singers.In the park, there will be music on the bandstand and two exhibitions for you to see. The Queens Park Portrait Project will be showing Double Take, local people photographed by local photographers twice! Transition Town K2K will be showing Old Stories for New Times about how local people lived in the past. Therell be Sharon Essor and Judith Rose showing bees, ladybirds and caterpillars and the RSPB with wildlife activities for children.Thank you to all the gardeners and artists for opening their homes and welcoming us in and to the members of Queens Park Area Residents Association working to make the event possible. Any surplus from the day goes towards greening our area. You can see some examples of what weve already achieved on page 26 of this programme.




  • 2Martin Stopford17 Honiton Road NW6 6QD(entrance via Victoria Road, garden door)020 7328 1378 07747 043

    Open Garden & Music from 3.30 to 4.30pm Plant Stall from Meadowview NurseryThe walled gardens pergola with grape vines, terracotta pots and the stone fountain with putti give the garden an Italian feel, but the planting is very British with delphiniums, phlox and foxgloves. The pergola overlooks a circular lawn with a pond and deep beds on three sides with shrubs and perennials, backed by espalier trained fruit trees. A shady walkway between a wall-trained fig and a climbing hydrangea leads to the working patio with a small greenhouse, compost bins, a water butt and a prolific wall trained Victoria plum.


    1Robert Budwig118 Victoria Road NW6 6QB07946 300 975rbudwig@aol.comwww.robertbudwig.comLandscape & Garden Design

    Open Garden & StudioThis year, I re-planted the left back border in the garden as the Choisya ternata, the Bamboo and the Euphorbia mellifera were all so healthy and large, they were beginning to take over the garden.It has given me the opportunity to plant a new Hebe salicifolia, which is a delicate and stunning shrub, a hebe rakaiensis, as well as adding more Crocosmia and lots of Geranium Johnsons Blue and some Cosmos Sonata.I have just repainted the fences with the wonderful matisse blue as my neighbours re built the fence on our right side.

  • 3Bruce Fursman36 Lynton Road NW6 6BL 07940 427

    Open GardenOne of the original gardeners to take part in the very first Open Gardens back in the 90s when he opened his large, Mediterranean style exotic twin gardens. This year, he will only be opening his small front garden but will still have rare and unusual plants for sale and advice to give. NB Bruce is a plantsman specializing only in Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants such as aloe veras, hardy palm and olive trees, bamboos, cacti and succulents - No bedding!


    4Theresa Edwards18a Donaldson Road NW6 6ND (entrance via Victoria Road, garage door)07989 835

    Open Garden & StudioThis will be my 5th Queens Park Open Studio and 10 years on, I continue to work in my home studio and enjoy the opportunity to show my ceramics to friends and neighbours.The pieces are still completely hand made, white earthenware clay rolled, pressed,coiled and slabbed, finished to offer an ideal surface for decoration using stencils, underglazes and slips.I confess to enjoying the decorating process the most, quite addictive!

  • 46Susan Roche114 Brondesbury Villas NW6 6AE07737 319

    Open Garden & StudioThis year in addition to a few portraits of children in ink or pastel, I will be showing some fun collage images of local shops which also feature a dog or two sitting outside. My recent ink and watercolour portraits of local dogs and some linocuts prints of wild animals will also be shown. Both images on the left have been used to make greetings cards and bookmarks which will also be in the show.

    Sue Aron7 Lynton Road NW6 6BD07939 115

    Open GardenFramed by a large glass window in the kitchen, the garden is an extension to our living space and a haven for birds attracted by year round feeding. A good mix of plants, shrubs and small trees Acer Senkaki, Ginkgo biloba, Rowan Pink Pagoda and this Spring the Westmorland Damson has finally flowered! Last Autumn the garden was pruned back heavily to create more space for new planting. The garden has benefitted enormously from more light with the pruning of a mature pear tree and the enormous ash tree in our neighbouring gardens. There is a tiny hidden pond for frogs and wildlife.


  • 58Johanna Freudenberg72 Victoria Road NW6 6QA07802 863

    Open Garden & StudioAfter a lifetime of figurative painting, these painted collages are the result of a year spent embracing abstraction.This long and narrow garden is divided into four sections, partly by design and partly because the growth of large trees at the bottom has turned a once sunny, south facing garden into one whose lower half is deepl.y shaded. The four zones and their varied. planting reflect the journey from light to dark.

    7Sandy Crole4 Donaldson Road NW6 6NB020 7625

    Open Garden & StudioThis shady garden is built around a rough oval of lawn and offers a mix of shrubs, climbers and perennials. As theres not usually a lot of sun, the planting concentrates on leaf shapes and texture, with the odd bloom showing. Hosta, fern, viburnum and the odd rarity will be visible, including two actinidias. The studio is becoming more of a potting shed, but heroic resistance is being put up by ink and watercolour pictures of English landscape, especially churches.

  • 6Ruth KitchingShowing at 31 Lonsdale Road NW6 6RA020 8969

    Open StudioI have spent this year having fun and discovering new techniques down at the London Print Studio in Harrow Road. Some of my work has been made using a little known technique based on the mutually repelling properties of etching ink and water. Other pieces make use of coloured tissue and glue. With the aid of an etching press the possibilities seem to be inexhaustible.


    Charlotte PackeShowing at 4b Lonsdale Road NW6 6RD07867 802

    Open StudioCharlotte Packe is a lighting designer and artist who has been working with lighting since 1990. Exhibiting a new range for outdoor garden lighting.Light is one of the most magical forces, it is the most important element in our world and therefore within our home. I am inspired and in awe by light and to be able to work with such a magical force and then to select materials which control, capture, direct and enhance - it is the best part of the world we live in. CP Lighting Design studio is an independent lighting consultancy.

    09 New

  • 7Kitty StirlingShowing at 31 Lonsdale Road NW6 6RA 07950 177

    Open StudioShapes, found and then obliterated for another, create black on black palimpsests, which buckle in places and fray in others; edges pulsate. I am interested in Paul Klees notion of Reverberation being an infinite motion moving between the fervid contrast of utter black and utter white. Educated at Chelsea and Byam Shaw School of Art (1985-89), MA at City & Guilds of London Art School (2015-17).

    Untitled, spray paint and pencil on paper, 2015 44 x 24.5cm


    Sabi WestobyShowing at 31 Lonsdale Road NW6 6RA020 8459 4668

    Open StudioMost of the work in this show is an exploration in stitch and paint of a poppy image, depicting poppies from buds to flowers to seed heads. Some of these textiles have been painted, mono printed and tea-dyed. Cleaning cloths used after painting and printing take up colour in surprising combinations getting a new lease of life in an artwork. No commercially dyed fabrics were used all were painted or dyed in my kitchen. The stitched quilting lines bring the works to life by creating texture, depth and in some pieces, an extra layer of colour.


  • 8GreenspaceSalusbury Road NW6 6RGSalusbury Primary SchoolEntrance from gates on Lonsdale Road only

    Open GardenGreenspace is Salusbury Primary Schools best kept secret and the Schools outdoor learning area. It is where the children can grow plants, sow fruit and vegetables and observe wildlife and the natural habitat whilst collecting eggs from the five resident hens. Establish