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ONTRACK - Ertech€¦ · Gorgon project on Barrow Island, we are now an established contractor in the oil and gas sector. Our continued success in improving our safety performance

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  • ONTRACKAn ErtEch Group publicAtion wintEr 2013


    pluSnEw builDinG opEninGproJEct upDAtESErtEch conStruction AcADEMY

    ExplorinG thE DYnAMic pilbArA powErhouSE

  • A MESSAGE froM thE chAirMAn

    The Ertech group continues to grow in strength and capability despite the downturn that has beset much of our industry.

    Driven by our employee ownership model, our resourceful and experienced management team, consisting of more than 100 engineers and multi-skilled field staff, our group continues to flourish.

    Coupled with investment made in our business systems and the successful completion of our four year contract with the Gorgon project on Barrow Island, we are now an established contractor in the oil and gas sector. Our continued success in improving our safety performance throughout the group is something that we are particularly proud of.

    In our early years we gained a reputation as a self-performing civil contractor delivering road works, detailed and bulk earthworks, pipelines and membrane lined storages and concrete structures.

    In recent years we have developed our capacity to construct more complex concrete structures (with the acquisition of FormAction) and to carry out maintenance activities such as asset protection and remediation (with the establishment of Duratec Australia).

    Most recently we have further diversified by forming Ertech Geomarine, which specialises in ground stabilisation and marine works.

    Our strategy to enhance our ability to execute large scale contracts by joint venture contracting has resulted this year in being awarded two separate major projects with international contracting partners.

    Firstly, the award by Bechtel of the Construction General Services 3 contract at Wheatstone to the Kiewit Ertech Joint Venture, which has a contract period of up to four and a half years.

    Secondly, the award of the new Perth Stadium Pre-Construction Site Works Design and Construct contract by the Government of Western Australia to the Ertech Keller Joint Venture.

    The Ertech group continues to carry out much of the work that it has traditionally done in Perth and on regional projects for clients such as LandCorp, the Water Corporation, Main Roads WA and private developers.

    In 32 years our employee-owned group has grown to a size where we can realistically claim that no project has a size or complexity that is beyond our capacity.

    We value and thank the clients that have enabled us to reach this far and we look forward to working with them to further enhance the services we offer.

    Jim Giumelli

    inSiDE thiS iSSuE

    2 A MESSAGE froM our chAirMAn3 nEw builDinG opEninG3 nEw AwArDS4 port hEDlAnD fEAturE6 ErtEch proJEctS8 ErtEch GEoMArinE proJEctS

    10 forMAction proJEctS12 DurAtEc proJEctS14 ErtEch conStruction AcADEMY15 coMMunitY inVolVEMEnt16 contAct DEtAilS/SErVicES

  • ON TRACK | WINTER 2013 3

    ErtEch• Wheatstone Construction General

    Services 3 contract

    • Wheatstone Construction Village Building and Utilities – Roadwork and Earthworks Package

    • Wheatstone Miscellaneous Services contract

    • Yule Source Upgrade

    • South Hedland WWTP – Concrete & Underground Services Packages

    • Broome North Stage 9 & 10

    • Helena Valley Views Stages 1-5 and Helena Valley Road Upgrade

    • Beeliar Drive Improvement Works

    • Roy Hill – Water Corporation Pipeline Construction

    ErtEch GEoMArinE• Perth Stadium – Pre Construction Site

    Works D&C

    • Perth Stadium – Rail Reserve Ground Improvement, Phase 1

    • Roy Hill Access Road & TCLOF

    forMAction• Abigroup Bridgeworks, Karratha

    • McArthur River Stage 2 civil package

    • Ord River Expansion Project Phase 2

    • South Hedland WWTP works (for Ertech)

    • Karratha WWTP works (for Ertech)

    DurAtEc• Monadelphous Concrete Coatings,


    • Parmelia House facade repairs

    • BHP Billiton Nickel West maintenance contract

    • Old Treasury building facade repairs

    • Laing O’Rourke Cape Lambert coating contract

    • Granny Smith concrete repair project

    • 565 Hay Street structural strengthening

    • Rio Tinto DSL Wash Plant Refurbishment

    wE ArE plEASED to AnnouncE thE followinG nEw contrAct AwArDS:

    wA prEMiEr colin bArnEtt officiAllY opEnED thE nEw ErtEch Group officE AnD workShop coMplEx in wAnGArA.

    The new building at 118 Motivation Drive has a site area of 12,000m2 and includes offices, training areas and a workshop, and is a significant step for our company, representing growth and development.

    “Ertech is a real West Australian success story,” Mr Barnett said.

    “Since it first opened 32 years ago, [Ertech] has become a significant player in the civil construction industry with more than 800 employees and clients drawn from the resources industry, government authorities and private development companies.”

    “It is testament to the company’s success that it has outgrown [its] previous premises and I am very pleased to see the company move to these new premises here at Enterprise Park. I wish it continued success,” Mr Barnett said.

    FormAction and Duratec have now moved to 108 Motivation Drive; for the first time, all of the Ertech group companies are located within the same complex.

    In the last 32 years, the group has built a strong reputation for being a resourceful and responsive civil contractor with the ability to self-perform and work collaboratively.

    nEw AwArDS

    nEw builDinG opEninG

  • port hEDlAnD

    utAh point port ExpAnSionSoon after its establishment in March 2012, Ertech Geomarine began works at the Utah Point Expansion Project for Atlas Iron Limited.

    Ertech Geomarine was appointed as the design and build contractor for the project, which will allow for an increase in capacity to 15 million tonnes per annum.

    Ertech Geomarine provided specialist design services for the improvement of approximately 50,000m2 of stockyard

    necessary to support the 18m high stockpiles to be placed under Stage 2 of the development. Ertech Geomarine also designed and installed the support piling to the mechanical reclaimer and the foundations for the stackers.

    The Interim works were carried out through an internal JV between Ertech Geomarine and Ertech. These works included the construction of stockyard floor, the embankments for the mechanical plant and the lining of a 30,000m3 stormwater retention pond, associated pump station and pipework.

    Ertech Geomarine undertook construction of the southern access road, incorporating precast concrete retaining walls for truck dump hoppers; installation of foundation piles to the central reclaimer; installation of site drainage and precast concrete culverts; installation of erosion protection slopes; and construction of site haul roads.

    South hEDlAnD wAStE wAtEr trEAtMEnt plAnt

    The Pilbara Clearwater Alliance, comprising the Water Corporation and Tenix Australia, is working to provide $200 million worth of major upgrades to wastewater services in the Pilbara to cater for expected residential and commercial growth.

    One of the key projects for the alliance is the upgrade of the South Hedland Waste Water Treatment Plant. When completed, the plant will have the capacity to produce 6 million litres per day of treated waste water for re-use.

    Ertech’s earthworks contract involves the supply of all plant, labour and materials to carry out general site works, drainage, earthworks and lining to anaerobic ponds and sludge drying bed, inlet works, pipework and landscaping.

    A further concrete works contract, being partially undertaken by FormAction, and an underground pipework contract have since been awarded.

    ExplorinG thE DYnAMic pilbArA powErhouSE

    Quick fActS{ Port Hedland has a population of more than

    20,000 people{ The two main residential centres are Port Hedland

    and South Hedland{ TheWedgefieldIndustrialAreacontainsavarietyoflightandserviceindustrypremises

    { PortHedlandhaslongbeenidentifiedasanareaof economic importance

    { The Port became the world’s largest bulk minerals export port in the world in 2011, when it shipped just under 200 million tonnes per annum

    ErtEch hAS A firMlY EStAbliShED hiStorY of DEliVErinG proJEctS in port hEDlAnD. in thE lASt YEAr, ErtEch GEoMArinE hAS MADE A nAME for itSElf in thE rEGion workinG on AtlAS iron’S port ExpAnSion proJEct, AnD forMAction hAS EStAbliShED A pErMAnEnt prESEncE in thE orDEr to DEliVEr cApAbilitiES to thE rEGion, forMAction AnD ErtEch hAVE unDErtAkEn MAJor upGrADES to thE Group’S YArD in wEDGEfiElD, conStructinG A nEw workShop for plAnt rEpAirS AnD inStAllinG A nEw officE builDinG to MEEt thE GrowinG nEEDS of thE ErtEch Group.

  • ON TRACK | WINTER 2013 5

    South hEDlAnD town cEntrE rEDEVElopMEnt StAGE 1 & 2This project, an initiative of the Royalties for Regions – Regional Infrastructure and Headworks Fund, involved the revitalisation of the South Hedland Town Centre, roads and infrastructure, including landscaping and building works.

    Ertech’s initial contract included all civil and landscaping works, including the removal of all old services and pavement layers and reinstatement. Ertech developed many innovative techniques to coordinate the relocation of existing services and replacement with new services in a built up and congested environment.

    Following success with Stages 1 and 2 of the redevelopment, Ertech is now undertaking further work involving the realignment of major roads and infrastructure to enhance the region’s amenities.

    YulE SourcE upGrADE Ertech was awarded a contract with the Water Corporation for upgrades to the water supply pipeline from the Yule borefield to South Hedland.

    There has been an increasing demand for potable water in South Hedland, Port Hedland and Wedgefield as a result of increased mining and port activities. As such, the Water Corporation is upgrading the 40-year old Yule Supply Main distribution system.

    Ertech’s contract is for the replacement of 26km of existing supply main from Yule to South Hedland and upgrading the existing distribution system to Port Hedland. This contract win complements existing projects for the Pilbara Clearwater Alliance and expands Ertech’s portfolio of water infrastructure projects in the region.

    ExplorinG thE DYnAMic pilbArA powErhouSE

    ArEA k SubDiViSion This subdivision in South Hedland will comprise a combination of single lots and grouped dwellings, providing diverse options for over 140 residential dwellings upon completion.

    Ertech delivered earthworks, retaining walls, roadworks, footpaths, stormwater drainage, wastewater and water reticulation, underground power and National Broadband Network pit and pipe for Kariyarra Mugarinya Developments, the traditional owners of the land.

  • whEAtStonE proJEct

    ErtEch lAnDS rolES in MAJor rESourcES proJEct Ertech has recently secured three separate subcontracts on the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project, one of Australia’s largest resource projects. The subcontracts include a Tier 1 joint venture with Kiewit Australia (Kiewit Ertech Joint Venture) for Bechtel, Chevron’s EPC on the downstream scope; a subcontract with John Holland, a Tier 1 subcontractor to Bechtel; and one directly with Chevron.

    As a self-performing contractor, Ertech has the ability to scale its resources and workforce to meet the diverse needs of these subcontracts, which range in size and scope. As well as creating a number of jobs in WA, these contracts will provide opportunities for Ertech to engage local suppliers and subcontractors where required.

    The Wheatstone Project is located at Ashburton North, 12km west of Onslow in Western Australia and the project will consist of two LNG trains with a combined capacity of 8.9 million tonnes per annum and a domestic gas plant. The Wheatstone Project is a joint venture between Australian subsidiaries of Chevron, Apache Corporation, Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC), Shell and Kyushu Electric Power Company (Kyushu) together with PE Wheatstone Pty Ltd (part owned by TEPCO).

    brooME north EStAtE

    lArGESt lAnD DEVElopMEnt proJEct kEEpS GrowinGErtech has successfully secured another contract for two additional stages at what has been our largest land development project to date, the Broome North Estate.

    The Broome North Estate will provide housing, business opportunities and community facilities for the future expansion of the town. When fully developed, it will house up to 13,000 people.

    Ertech has been involved in this project since May 2010, working on numerous residential and industrial stages, as well as the upgrade of Gubinge Road.

    Following successful work on Stages 8A and 8B, Ertech was awarded additional works for Stages 9 and 10. The scope includes bulk earthworks, drainage, sewerage, water reticulation, roadworks, landscaping/street scaping and underground services, for 99 new residential lots.

    Ertech implemented an Aboriginal Participation Plan, similar to the successful programs run in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The 2013

    program will, among other initiatives, provide training and development for five new Aboriginal trainees to achieve a Certificate II in Civil Construction.

    proJEct upDAtES ErtEch

  • ON TRACK | WINTER 2013 7

    EAStErn DiViSion

    builDinG A nAME in VictoriA’S wAtEr infrAStructurE SEctor

    GAp riDGE inDuStriAl EStAtE, kArrAthA

    continuED SuccESS with lAnDcorpThe Gap Ridge Industrial Estate is a LandCorp project being constructed in eight stages over six years. The development will deliver 108 lots over 260ha for general and light industry.

    Ertech was awarded its first contract for the project in August 2012, with additional works awarded in September and November. As part of the Stage 2, 3 and 4 subdivision works, Ertech created new roads and undertook earthworks for the development of a number lots, providing plant and people, as well as water (including recycled), sewer, power, stormwater drainage and communications services.

    In April 2013, Ertech was awarded with further works for the Road Train Assembly Area. These works included roadbase, priming, sealing, kerbing and electrical lighting and switchboards.

    Ertech has received ongoing positive feedback from LandCorp for our work at this project, a real testament to the quality of our project teams.

    Ertech’s Eastern Division has secured its fourth and fifth contract with the Barwon Water Alliance (comprising Barwon Water, GHD and John Holland), moving from strength to strength in the water infrastructure sector. Ertech has been openly recognised by the Alliance as one of its most professional and capable contractors and our continued relationship is a testament to the high quality of work undertaken by our Eastern Division.

    The Apollo Bay contract in south-western Victoria involves more than 250,000m3

    of earthworks, onsite treatment of acid sulphate soils, replacement of 250mm AC water main, a 5m deep sand-filled cut off drain to manage the underground water flows, a 40m long steel outlet walkway with floating offtake, a concrete boat ramp, concrete inlet and outlet structures, concrete ring beam for anchoring HDPE liner and access roads.

    The existing pump station on Barham River Road will also be replaced, and will transfer water from the Barham River to the new water storage basin. Ertech will have the opportunity to provide innovative ideas for the successful completion of this part of the works.

    The contract for the Torquay Recycled Water Winter Storages project is part of a larger program being undertaken by Barwon to deliver recycled water to 3000 new homes in north Torquay, 20km south of Geelong. As a part of the Torquay Recycled Water Scheme, this project will involve the rehabilitation, lining and covering of an existing sludge lagoon at the Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant, converting them to reverse osmosis permeate Winter Storages. The storages will be used for seasonal balancing of Class A and Class C recycled water demands.

    Ertech’s scope of works for the project includes excavation and removal of unsuitable materials, demolition of existing structures and pipework, embankment rehabilitation earthworks, and the supply and installation of PVC, HDPE, GRP and stainless steel pipework. Ertech will also undertake the construction of structures, including concrete ring beam and sealed pavement, and supply and install a HDPE liner and cover, and a butterfly valve and actuator.

  • proJEct upDAtES ErtEch GEoMArinE

    ErtEch GEoMArinE, thE lAtESt ADDition to thE ErtEch Group, rEcEntlY cElEbrAtED itS firSt birthDAY. ErtEch GEoMArinE proViDES A DiVErSE rAnGE of MArinE AnD GEotEchnicAl SErVicES to priVAtE AnD public SEctor cliEntS, incluDinG MininG, oil AnD GAS coMpAniES, port AnD roAD AuthoritiES, AnD priVAtE DEVElopErS of infrAStructurE.With the support of strategic partners Ertech Geomarine is able to offer a range of alternative construction techniques aimed at constructing infrastructure that optimises our clients requirements within budget, while considering the risks, project constraints and the delivery environment.

    It has been a stellar first year for Ertech Geomarine, with works at Atlas Iron’s Utah Point followed by the award of the new Perth Stadium Pre-Construction Site Works contract.

  • ON TRACK | WINTER 2013 9

    pErth StADiuM

    ErtEch kEllEr Joint VEnturE AwArDED StADiuM contrActErtech Geomarine, in joint venture with Keller Ground Engineering, has been awarded a contract for pre-construction site works at the new Perth Stadium project.

    The Ertech Keller Joint Venture (EKJV) is a 50/50 partnership that will see Ertech Geomarine and Ertech working together with Keller to provide the Government of Western Australia’s Office of Strategic Projects with the optimal mix of experience, technical knowledge and self-performing capability through a single interface.

    The Government has advised that the 18-month preliminary site works program, which began in July, will mitigate the ground condition and environmental risks and pave the way for stadium construction to start in late 2014, consistent with the planning to date. Works on site will include ground improvement for the stadium, bus hub and the pedestrian areas for the new train station, and groundwater and waste management works.

  • orD irriGAtion ExpAnSion proJEct phASE 2

    EStAbliShinG wAtEr nEtworkS in thE kiMbErlEY

    FormAction is currently undertaking its second season of works in the Kimberley for the

    Moonamang Joint Venture. This project will establish a network of irrigation

    structures for surrounding farm lots in the Weaber Plains farmlands.

    In the first season, FormAction constructed 51 insitu concrete structures, 18 bulkhead wells and

    a number of box culverts, including placement of precast box units and

    link slabs. In the second season, we will provide additional detailed excavation and

    construction of in situ concrete structures, bulkhead walls and box culverts.

    Working in and around indigenous sites of special interest, the FormAction team has maintained a high level of environmental and cultural awareness and has been involved in the training of local indigenous people on the project.

    proJEct upDAtES DurActEc

    AnDY wEll GolD proJEct procESS plAnt

    prEpArinG for proDuctionThe Andy Well gold project, Doray Minerals’ flagship project, is located 45km north of Meekatharra, in the Murchison region of WA. To enable gold production scheduled to commence in mid-2013, FormAction constructed the concrete structures required for the new gold processing plant.

    This included the carbon in leach tank area, the milling area, crushing and screening facilities, the fine ore bin, sodium cyanide facilities, the reclaim area, an elution circuit, the gold room, a workshop and reagent shed and various conveyor footings.

    This project was successfully completed in April 2013, on time and on budget.


  • ON TRACK | WINTER 2013 11

    McArthur riVEr MinE

    onGoinG work cEMEntS ExpAnSion proJEctXstrata Zinc’s McArthur River mine in the Northern Territory is one of the world’s largest zinc, lead and silver mines. The current US$360 million Phase 3 expansion of the project will see the capacity more than double to 5.5 million tonnes of ore per annum.

    FormAction has been involved in the mine’s expansion since September 2012, working first on the ball mill and ISA mill foundations. A major milestone for the site team was successfully pouring the 1,130m3 Ball Mill base over 16 hours – one of the largest pours the company has done to date.

    FormAction has been contracted for further concrete works with a focus on the crushing circuit and general processing areas within the plant, and earthworks

    and concrete works for the ROM wall. The combined project scopes include preparation and construction of footings, foundations, slabs, plinths, kerb

    walls, retaining walls for the primary crusher, ROM wall construction, secondary and tertiary crushers, primary and grinding ball mills, seven

    transformer bays, concrete storage facility, stock tanks and stockpile precast retaining wall.

  • intErnAtionAl School of wA

    concrEtE rEpAirS At citY bEAchIn December 2012, Duratec was awarded a repair contract for the

    International School of Western Australia in City Beach. The works involved concrete repair, installation of a cathodic protection

    system and coatings application throughout the school.

    Works at the school last year identified that the pre-cast gutter elements would need to either be replaced

    or repaired with a cathodic protection system. While the works were commenced in time to take advantage of the school holidays, Duratec remained on site when the children returned to classes, undertaking all noisy works on weekends.

    Prior to core drilling and installing the 12,480 anodes, micro cover meters were used to identify

    where the reinforcement bars were located. However, the location of the bars was not reflected in the original

    construction drawings, which increased the challenge and degree of difficulty of the repair.

    olD trEASurY builDinG

    hEritAGE liStED builDinG GiVEn nEw lEASE on lifE

    Duratec has a contract with Built to provide design and construct building repair services to the heritage listed Old Treasury building in Perth’s CBD.

    The project will rejuvenate the external facade and balconies of the 135 year old building, while preserving the original balcony components in accordance with heritage requirements. Key aspects of the project include corrosion mitigation of structural steelwork; upgrading of seismic capacity; replacement of balcony slabs; and application of protective coatings to all main elements.

    proJEct upDAtES DurAtEc

  • ON TRACK | WINTER 2013 13

    kAlGoorliE conSoliDAtED GolD MinES

    cruShEr rEpAirS At kcGMDuratec put its considerable concrete repair experience to use in refurbishing degraded concrete areas of Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines’ primary crusher and tunnel.

    Duratec carried out more than 164m2 of repairs, including installing extensive scaffolding to safely access the work areas. The degraded concrete was removed through a combination of jackhammering and hydro-demolition. The exposed reinforcement bars were inspected and checked for integrity and replaced where required, and the reinforcement was then abrasive blasted and coated with a zinc primer to further inhibit corrosion. The repair areas were delineated and pre-soaked with potable water prior to the reinstatement of the concrete, which consisted of dry mix gunite and micro concrete pours.

    Duratec managed the entire project and all associated sub-contractors, including scaffolders, boilermakers, crane lifts and electricians who relocated services to enable access to the repair areas. We completed all works safely and to a high quality while the plant remained in full operation and, as a result, the scope has been extended with additional work continuing.

    firM conStruction

    rEpAirinG AnD protEctinG hopE DownSDuratec was engaged by Firm Construction to complete concrete repairs and coatings to the ammonium nitrate sheds at Rio Tinto’s Hope Downs operations, 100km northwest of Newman.

    After an initial survey of the storage facility, all identified damaged concrete areas were removed by manual breakout using jackhammers. The pH was continually checked to ensure no previously contaminated concrete remained. The walls were then reinstated by form and pour method, while the floor areas were patch repaired with a concrete mortar. In preparation for the protective coating, all surfaces were diamond cup grinded, to clean and profile the concrete.

    A specialised high build, solventless, novalac-based resin coating system was applied by roller to the surface to provide the chemical resistance required in this area. Also included in the contract was baseplate grouting to column supports. The rejuvenated storage sheds will now be fully protected from further chemical attack for many years to come.

  • ErtEch conStruction AcADEMYA nEw YEAr brinGS nEw fAcES to thE EcAThe Ertech Construction Academy provides students with the opportunity for entry in the work force by teaching them the skills they need to take up meaningful jobs in the construction industry.

    The students attend the academy throughout the school year, gaining valuable experience from qualified Polytechnic West, Ertech and FormAction trainers and supervisors, while still attending high school and completing their WA Certificate of Education.

    Year 12 students from Alta, Cyril Jackson Senior High School, Irene McCormack Catholic College, Ballajura Community College, Mindarie Senior College, St Stephen’s College (Carramar) and Lockridge Senior High have returned to the Ertech Construction Academy in 2013, following a successful year 11 program in 2012.

    They will attend the academy two days per week in order to complete the Certificate II in Civil Construction.

    These trainees now have a good amount of experience under their belts and are being introduced to new safety and site operations procedures to ensure they are well equipped to move into employment upon graduation.

    The year 12 students were recently involved in a project developing concrete crash barriers for the Northam Motor Racing Club. The students, under the instruction of FormAction tradesmen, cast 52 barriers, each weighing just over 1 tonne. This project was a great success and the students took pride in producing materials that could be used in ‘real world’ situations.

    Meanwhile, the interview process has been completed for the year 11 students who have now commenced at the academy one day per week.

    The successful year 11 students are from Duncraig Senior High School, Irene McCormack Catholic College, Belridge Senior High School and Clontarf Aboriginal College. Should these students successfully demonstrate their commitment and capability, they will be invited to continue the program through year 12, to complete their qualification.

  • ON TRACK | WINTER 2013 15

    coMMunitY inVolVEMEntGolDfiElDS DESErt opEn DAY

    The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Goldfields Golf Club’s inaugural Smarter than Smoking – Goldfields Junior Desert Open, held in October last year, was a fantastic success, thanks to a raft of sponsors and supporters, including FormAction.

    The event saw 53 golfers ranging in age from 4 to 18 years travel from as far away as Perth and Busselton to play the 36 hole Graham Marsh-designed Kalgoorlie Golf Course for the two day competition.

    FormAction was pivotal in assisting with getting the event off the ground and our continued support will help the Goldfields Golf Club establish this event as the ‘must play junior event in WA’.

    rEconciliAtion wEEk 2013 – Street Banner ProjectNational Reconciliation Week was celebrated across Australia between 27 May and 3 June 2013, recognising the culture and history of the first Australians. Preceded by National Sorry Day on 26 May, it was an ideal time for all Australians to think and talk about our shared histories, contributions and achievements.

    To raise the awareness of this occasion, street banners were erected throughout the City of Perth to celebrate and recognise the importance of National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week.

    The Ertech group was proud to sponsor a banner on William Street in the Perth CBD with the message “We believe in creating working environments that are welcoming and respectful of all people and their cultures”.

    SAfEtY AnD profESSionAliSM

    on bArrow iSlAnD

    Ertech and its sub-contractor, Fulton Hogan, were recently recognised by the Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon, the downstream engineering, procurement and construction management contractor on the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project, for the safe and professional delivery of the Barrow Island Airstrip Upgrade project. The five month project was completed in February 2013 and we extend our congratulations to all involved.


    About thE ErtEch GroupThe Ertech group comprises Ertech, Ertech Geomarine, FormAction and Duratec Australia.

    The four businesses have built a strong reputation for being resourceful and responsive civil contractors to clients in the resources, government and utilities infrastructure, land development, commercial, port and marine industries.

    Our capability to self-perform the majority of the project scope enables us to optimise cost, quality and schedule to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

    With significant in-house capability, a large inventory of owned plant and equipment, a history of profitable operations and a strong management team, the Ertech group has the resources and capability to drive sustainable business growth.

    ...ciVil AnD concrEtE conStruction AnD ASSEt rEMEDiAtion.”

    • Bulk & detailed earthworks •Landdevelopment • Site preparation •Accommodationvillages•Accessroads& temporarytracks

    •Airportrunways,widening & extensions

    •Roads&highways• Rail formations • Tailings dams & water

    storage facilities • Pipelines • Drainage, sewage & water

    reticulation • Pump stations • Water treatment plants •Provision&relocationof services/utilities

    • Remediation & rehabilitation •Claylining/membrane/geosyntheticlining

    •Quaywallconstruction•Jettyconstruction• Breakwater construction &

    support • Mooring dolphins & other

    isolated structures • Land reclamation & stabilisation •Groundimprovement• Ground stabilisation using

    geogrids & reinforced earth • Linkspans and mechanical ramps •Installationofdockfurniture&ancillaryitems

    • Steel sheet & tubular piling •Drivenbearingpiles•Alternativefoundationsolutions•Concretepaving&

    capping beams • Cathodic protection

    • Crushers, mills • Mining structures • Water treatment plants •Wharves•Airports• Bridges • Retaining walls • Power stations • Weighbridges • Sumps & loading pits • Tilt panels & erection • Shotcrete works • Reinforced concrete walls • Bunded slabs & aprons • Pre-cast concrete modules &

    structures • Underground structures •Excavationworks

    • Concrete & steel infrastructure condition assessments

    • Concrete & steel structure remediation

    • Concrete repair •Abrasiveblasting&coating• Precision grouting • Cathodic protection • Structural strengthening • High performance linings &

    coatings • Wharf fender replacement • High-rise building facade

    refurbishment •Waterproofing•Passivefireproofing• Crusher & rotating

    equipment grouting • Commercial & industrial flooringsystems

    •Acid/chemicalprotectionofconcrete containment bunds

    • Mine shutdown & gas plant maintenance

    ErtEch holDinGS ptY ltDABN 93 008 999 353

    118 Motivation DriveWangara WA 6065T: 08 9302 6666F: 08 9302 [email protected]

    Ertech Head Office: 08 9302 6666Ertech Geomarine Head Office: 08 9302 0688FormAction Head Office: 08 9302 5724Duratec Australia Head Office: 08 6267 2370

    Regional offices in Victoria, Port Hedland, Karratha & Kalgoorlie