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<ul><li><p>International Journal of Infectious Diseases (2004) 8, 1</p><p>EDITORIAL</p><p>One small step . . . at a time</p><p>The observant reader will notice that this rst issueof the new volume year brings with it some small butsignicant changes to the IJID. They represent thenext, important steps in the evolution of the journalthat we all hope will make it more interesting, moreaccessible andmore informative for the readership.For the next ve years, IJID will be published by</p><p>Elsevier, a large, international, and very experi-enced academic publisher with extensive interestsin infectious diseases. You will notice some mi-nor typographical differences and changes to theappearance of the journal, but much more impor-tant will be the increased electronic accessibilitythat this will bring. As well as ready and con-venient access to the electronic version of IJID,we will soon be able to offer both readers andreferees full on-line submission and reviewing fa-cilities, as well as hot-links to other electronicresources such as ProMed, the International Soci-ety for Infectious Diseases global outbreak alertsystem.Perhaps even more important, although not im-</p><p>mediately apparent, is the decision to increase thefrequency of publication to six times a year. Thefact that we are able to take this key step is a re-ection of the increasing number of high-qualitymanuscripts that we are receiving, and the recog-</p><p>nition that authors and readers need papers to beturned around more quickly to shorten the time topublication. In fact, with the electronic resourcenow at our disposal, papers accepted for publica-tion and in press will immediately be posted onElseviers ScienceDirect website, so making themavailable to the worlds scientic community evenmore quickly.We hope that you will be pleased with these de-</p><p>velopments, and even more importantly, that youwill continue to send us your manuscripts. IJID isan excellent way to reach the global community ofpracticing physicians, paediatricians and epidemi-ologists as well as research scientists working in in-fection now, your papers will reach that commu-nity more quickly.In closing, I would like to pay tribute to BC</p><p>Decker, the publishers who have worked with usover the last few years, and in particular Vivi-enne Oakes, who had responsibility for IJID, andwho worked tirelessly to help us take the journalforward so successfully.</p><p>Jonathan CohenBrighton and Sussex Medical School, University of</p><p>Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9PX, UKTel.: +44-1273-877575; fax: +44-1273-877576</p><p>1201-9712/$30.00 2003 International Society for Infectious Diseases. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.doi:10.1016/j.ijid.2003.10.001</p></li></ul>