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Oliver Zeter Wine from the Pfalz

Oliver Zeter Wine from the Pfalz. Oliver Zeter The main focus of the small production is Sauvignon Blanc. Beside Riesling and Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc

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Text of Oliver Zeter Wine from the Pfalz. Oliver Zeter The main focus of the small production is Sauvignon...

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  • Oliver Zeter Wine from the Pfalz
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  • Oliver Zeter The main focus of the small production is Sauvignon Blanc. Beside Riesling and Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the famous three wines, which I would take with me on a lonely island!
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  • Oliver Zeter Even if it is not a common varietal in Germany, I believe that the Pfalz region offers very good conditions for Sauvignon Blanc. I also produce a Viognier, a Chardonnay and a red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah.
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  • Oliver Zeter 91 Punkte, 3. Platz (ex aequo) 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Fum Oliver Zeter, Neustadt, Pfalz Two Curiosities of the tasting with the excellent result! der Restse 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Sweetheart von Oliver Zeter (88 Punkte)
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  • Oliver Zeter
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  • SAUVIGNON BLANC This Sauvignon Blanc was grown on six different vineyards, which are located on different terroirs, spread all over the Pfalz area. The grapes of these vineyards are all picked individually at different stages of ripeness and are stored separately in the cellar. Just before bottling the various lots are blended together in order to achieve a multi-layered wine with structure and length, paired with the typical fruit driven and exotic flavors of this variety.
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  • Oliver Zeter SAUVIGNON BLANC `FUM The grapes of some of the oldest vineyards were handpicked, gently pressed and immediately put into barrels of which half of them were new. The wine was fermented and kept for some months in the barrels `sur lie before it was bottled. It shows very typical Sauvignon Blanc aromas, as well as a very long and slightly smoky (Fum) aftertaste. A wine with more French than German characteristics that pairs very well with grilled seafood.
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  • Oliver Zeter SAUVIGNON BLANC `SWEETHEART Sweetheart is a dessert wine made from very ripe and very late harvested Sauvignon Blanc grapes which were not Botrytis infected. The juice was fermented spontaneously in small stainless steel tanks which were, upon obtaining the desired alcohol content, moved outside into the cold of the winter to stop further fermentation and maintain its natural residual sugar. It is a very fruity and vibrant wine, low in alcohol with a great taste. A fancy combination of a classical German Auslese paired with some green and flinty Sauvignon Blanc aromas.
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  • Oliver Zeter VIOGNIER Viognier is an old varietal from the Rhne Valley. Its cultivation in the Pfalz is extremely labor intensive, due of its immense vigor. More than 60% of the grapes are cut out during the green harvest. The remaining grapes are picked very late in October. The juice was fermented spontaneously in used wooden barrels of 400 liters. The aroma is very fruity and the nose is characterized by peaches, mirabelles and honey. On the palate it shows a nice richness with full and creamy flavors and some notes of toasted almonds in the aftertaste.
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  • Oliver Zeter CHARDONNAY No doubt, one of the best varietals in the world! This old vine Chardonnay is planted on a beautiful east facing slope in the Sdpfalz. The different clones are planted on a sandy soil with lots of clay and chalk. Due a very intense canopy management the yield is very low and the grapes of this vineyard are always picked very late. After crushing and pressing the juice goes straight into French barrels were it ferments naturally and is kept there for a further 8 months. The style of this Chardonnay is rather Burgundian, with some lovely, typical fruit flavors from the Pfalz.
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  • Oliver Zeter `ZRed blend 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc and 10% Syrah. From vineyards with very gravelly and sandy soils in the Northern part of the Pfalz. This wine spent 12 month in partly new and second fill barrels and reflects the great potential of the area even for red wines. Lots of black cherry flavors in the nose as well as cassis, chocolate and tobacco leafs on the palate and a long aftertaste.