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  • Enhanced Mobile Marketing for the

    Masses or.

    How we will reach the other 80% by 2012.

  • The future of mobile in 2002

    So futuristic, it needed a mystic master to tell you about them.

    Futuristic phones, designed by Flash Gordon.

  • Our Philosophy

    The 5 Commandments that we live by.

  • Here come some numbers


  • The raw numbers (as of 6 months ago)

    There are 228,940,453 mobile phone subscribers in Europe, of which: 49,243,533 or 21.5% have a smartphone 179,696,920 or 78.5% have a feature phone

    28,561,249 people, which is 58% of smartphone users, or 12.5% of the overall subscriber base have Symbian phones

    8,863,836 people, which is 18% of smartphone users, or 3.8% of the overall subscriber base have iPhones

    6,401,659 people, which is 13% of smartphone users, or 2.8% of the overall subscriber base have Windows Mobile phones

    3,939,482 people, which is 8% of smartphone users, or 1.7% of the overall subscriber base have Blackberries

    1,477,306 people, which is 3% of smartphone users, or 0.6% of the overall subscriber base have Android phones.

    Comscore Q1 2010

  • Ten things to bring mobile to the masses a couple of years or so

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