Office for People with Developmental Disabilities What are developmental disabilities? Developmental disabilities include intellectual disabilities, cerebral.

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Office for People with Developmental Disabilities

Office for People with Developmental DisabilitiesWhat are developmental disabilities?Developmental disabilities include intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, and other neurologically based impairments. In addition: the disability must have occurred prior to the persons 22nd birthday; the disability must cause significant deficits in the individuals adaptive functioning; the disability must be expected to continue indefinitely.

What is required for a person to be eligible for OPWDD services?

This is what the New York State Mental Hygiene Law requires in order to be eligible for OPWDD services:

1) The presence of a developmental disability that is described by certain qualifying diagnoses, or conditions

2) The disability has occurred before the person reached age twenty-two

3) The disability can be expected to continue indefinitely, or permanently

4) The disability causes a substantial handicap to a persons ability to function normally in societyHere is a general way to start: I HAVE PRIORITIZED STUDENTS BY REEVAL DATE AND THOSE WHO ARE EXITING THIS YEAR highlighted in yellow

Step 1-Students with TBI, Autism and MD, I would look at that their previous adaptive scores and see if they are 70 or below. If so, proceed to Step 2 (you are not making a determination based on IQ, only Adaptive)

-For your students with ID, if their adaptive is 70 or below, proceed to Step 2 orIf their IQ is below 60, proceed to Step 2 (assumed their adaptive would be below 70)

Step 2Speak with the parents to determine if they would like to pursue eligibility. If yes, proceed to Step 3

Step 3-Make sure testing is completed according to OPWDD requirements (types of tests and within 12 months)

Step 4-If new testing supports eligibility requirements, refer to Ways to refer an individual to the DDRO

OPWDD - exampleNAMEGRADEReevalDisabilityVineland Date-ScoreIQ Date - ScoreTesting needed Y/NJose123/17ID2/10 69Yes exiting this yearMarielena104/16ID5/07 585/07 - 69YesJose81/16Autism4/12 794/12 - 66No - adaptive too highCarlos105/17ID11/11 6511/11 61Yes in 2017Ricardo121/16ID11/12 - 5711/12 - 68YesJuan81/17TBI1/11 641/11 61Yes in 2017Testing those students shaded in green for this schoolPlease keep me informed throughout the process regarding:Students referredStudents found eligibleStudents deniedStudents not referred and brief reason why (ie. parents refused; Adaptive score above 70)Students who have been previously determined eligible

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