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    4 Tips And Tricks For Awesome Orthodontic Marketing

    It?s not enough to be good at what you do. You have to be not only a good orthodontist, but be a visibleand memorable presence in your community. To that effect, here are four amazing tips and tricks to help youwith orthodontic marketing and making a name for yourself.

    First, woo local dentists. As you may know, dentists give orthodontists referrals. One of the best ways to getnew clients is through having a good relationship with the referring dentists in your area. Visit their offices inperson and bring food, drink, or other tokens of goodwill and friendship. Even if the dentist is too busy to seeyou during office hours, generate a good relationship with the office staff and the hygienists, and leave anote offering to take the dentist out for dinner or drinks (and don?t talk shop when you go out, unless thedentist is the one to initiate that conversation!). Get to know the dentists, and learn about their families. Bigbonus points often go to the orthodontist who can send the dentist?s kids well-timed birthday cards!Moreover, get your staff to be friendly with the dentist?s staff. These kinds of community connections go along way toward cementing you as a friendly fixture in the community.

    Next, get personal. What separates a wildly successful orthodontic practice from a moderately successfulorthodontic practice is the enthusiasm of the patients and their families. Getting your teeth fixed by a friendlyorthodontist with a happy and cheerful staff is the basis of both. The extra mile comes in crafting andcementing personal relationships. Go ahead and spend a little extra money on things like greeting cards, anda little extra time to find out about patients? birthdays and which holidays they celebrate. Set up a calendaron the computer or an office smart phone to remind you about these events and send out greeting cards atappropriate times. Thank-you notes let customers know you appreciate their business.

    A big part of modern is to get hip to technology and social media. If your office doesn?t have a Facebookpage or Twitter account, why not? If you keep an up-to-date and regularly checked-upon Facebook page thenyou can respond to the questions and comments of clients and potential clients?and these responses will beseen by many. You can use it as a combination patient-office interface and advertising space, and includevideo testimonials from kids and teens, as well as promotional offers and information about contests. From aTwitter account your office can issue ?toothy wisdom? and the latest news from the office.

    As a final tip, you can create contests for patients. Contests stoke passions, whether it?s an in-office contestwith a small prize for guessing the number of marbles in a jar or a far-ranging contest like taking thekookiest picture with the office mascot. If you don?t have an office mascot, maybe you should get one, likea fluffy critter wearing a t-shirt with the name of the practice on it or a big smiling tooth. At any rate, youcan loan the mascot out for a few days and the kids can post pictures of themselves with the mascot on theoffice Facebook page. Whoever has the kookiest photo wins a big prize! At different stages of the contest(initiation, updates, reminders of days remaining to participate, announcement of the winner) your officeissues patient-wide emails, Tweet, and Facebook updates. Plus, think of it as guerilla marketing: there?s agood chance those kids are going to get seen with the office mascot. Don?t skimp on the grand prize: agood grand prize is something like a free family pass to a local theme park.

    Remember that in , a little money spent cleverly now can generate long-term income by establishing youroffice as friendly, fun, and community-oriented. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you to succeed andprosper!

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