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Technical Trader

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  • Track Trends. Enhance Trades.

    Track Trends. Enhance Trades.


    TMODIN Advance Chart enables studying of charts in order to predict the market movements and harness the potential of charts effectively to tap profit-making opportunities in the market.


    Provides historical charts with more than Provides charts across multiple 15 years of OHLC data timeframes

    Offers 90+ Indicators (including all Provides the ability to overlay multiple popular ones) and 20+ advanced drawing scrips on a single charttools for better price trend analysis Enables direct order entry from charts

    Provides multiple charts in a single screen and provides customizable chart viewsto track multiple stocks during the trading Enables creation of custom conditions hours and custom indicators

    Provides over 25 out-of-the-box conditions Provides password protection and Offers 12 different price styles enabling intimates about expiry for strategies

    better analysis

    Fully-automated Technical Charting based trading software used by Chartists, Technical Analysts or even beginners in technical trading. User can create customized buy/sell conditions and system generates corresponding signals and trades automatically based on price conditions provided, along with stop-loss and profit order. Its exhaustive charting features with auto trading through integrated OMS, eliminate the need for another OMS for order routing.


    Facilitates Live Technical Analysis across Enables Back-testing on historic intraday Exchanges/Segments in Equity, chart and daily chart data Commodity and Currency markets Facilitates 21 drawing tools to create

    Offers 90+ popular Indicators with 20+ technical chart patterns in-built ready to use conditions such as Executes multiple strategies concurrentlyRelative Strength Index (RSI), Super Trend,

    Enables password protection to prevent Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Cloud, etc. unauthorized access of proprietary

    Enables the user to create custom indicators conditions& strategies using in-built scripting language


    No need of manual order entry thus Facilitates creation of user defined enabling to achieve speed and desired conditions and integration of these execution price conditions into the system

    Does not require a separate order Enables back testing on historic data to management system to place orders check the effectiveness of intraday based on technical calls strategies before implementing it in the

    Live market Provides Technical Indicators to aid in making informed trading decisions


    Quality charts with multiple price styles & Rigorous back-testing prior to applying timeframes for effective market analysis strategies in the live market

    Advanced and exhaustive charting module Ensures propriety of conditions & strategiesrd Offers customizable color schemes and Saves spends required to integrate 3

    chart settingsparty charting application


    Advance Chart

    Technical Trader