HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON JUPITER ASCENDING HERCULES THE PURGE: ANARCHY PLUS! Hiccup and Toothless return in the next thrilling chapter of the epic trilogy Hail Caesar! Robots return! More ’bot mayhem in Transformers: Age Of Extinction One last chance for peace in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes JULY 2014

Odeon July 2014 issue

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How to train Your


jupiter ascending hercules the purge: anarchyPLUS!

Hiccup and Toothless return in the next

thrilling chapter of the epic trilogy

Hail Caesar!

Robots return!More ’bot mayhem in Transformers: Age Of Extinction

One last chance for peace in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

juLY 2014

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04coming soon!Film news, previews and gossip with early peeks at gun-toting raccoons in Guardians Of The Galaxy, stylish noir-thriller Sin City 2, action-star-crammed The Expendables 3 and much more! 12feature: dawn of the planet of the apes We catch up with Caesar the ape in this gritty sequel, and also provide a potted history of the Apes franchise so far.

16 competition: win a special transformers

We see what Caesar’s been up to in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, the Earth’s under threat again in Transformers: Age Of Extinction, and more Dragons need training! Plus: news and previews...

cooler/picnic table! We have some brilliant “transforming” coolers up for grabs – guaranteed to make your summer picnics a talking point!

18 out nowThe films in ODEON cinemas this month, including How To Train Your Dragon 2, The Purge: Anarchy, Pudsey The Dog: The Movie, Jupiter Ascending, Hercules, Tammy and Earth To Echo!

26moment in timeCate Blanchett, star of How To Train Your Dragon 2 this month, dazzles fans at the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

call 0871 22 44 007 to book tickets or go to odeon.co.uk

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a transforming

cooler/picnic table with

transformers: age

of extinction

on p16!

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4 odeon.co.uk

The latest film news and previews from ODEON...

They’re the oddest bunch of Marvel heroes you’ll ever meet, and they’re here to save the galaxy…


f you thought the Avengers were a disparate bunch, just wait till you

get a load of these guys! The Guardians Of The Galaxy are the latest selection of Marvel characters to leap from comics to screen, and they’re doing so in style. This quirky film, directed by James Gun, features a group of weirdo misfits who make those Avengers look like one big, happy family…

The LEGO Movie’s Chris Pratt stars as Peter Quill – who humbly likes to be known as Star-Lord, by the way – an American pilot who’s headed out into the galaxy and finds himself on a mission to steal a mysterious orb. In order to do so, he strikes up a relationship with a group of fellow lawbreakers: Gamora (Zoe Saldana, proudly sporting green skin), Drax The Destroyer (Dave Bautista), Groot (Vin

Diesel – basically playing a tree) and, most memorably, Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper). Don’t think that this particular raccoon is a cute furry critter, however: he’s a deadly marksman…

With a stellar cast including Lee Pace, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker and John C Reilly, Guardians Of The Galaxy could possibly blow your mind. Don’t miss it when it hits cinemas on 31 July!


Page 5: Odeon July 2014 issue

5fAnATIcAl AbouT fIlM

A quick lowdown on the Guardians gang…

STAR-loRd Also known as Peter Quill, Star-Lord is an Earthman who’s ended up in space, where he has the kind of adventures Han Solo and Captain James T Kirk could only dream of. He wears a special helmet filled with cool gadgets.

RockeT RAccoonThis bolshy little begger is a furry menace: a genius at military planning who knows his weaponry like the back of his paw. Debuting in the comics in 1976, he’s named after the Beatles’ song Rocky Raccoon.

GRooTGroot is Rocket’s constant companion. He’s strong, he’s dependable, he’s loyal and he tends to only say one thing: “I am Groot!” Also, he’s a tree. (But that’s okay, as he can move around.)

GAMoRAShe used to be an assassin (“The most dangerous woman in the universe”, in fact) before turning on her master/adopted father, Thanos. She’s an excellent gymnast and can heal incredibly quickly.

dRAx THe deSTRoyeRArthur Douglas lost his family to the nasty Thanos, then had his spirit placed into the body of an alien killing machine to avenge them. Thus he became Drax The Destroyer. Well, it’s happened to us all.

WHo arE THeSe GuyS?

DiD YouKnow?

Rocket Raccoon is an entirely CGI character, created from a mixture of Bradley Cooper’s

actions and observation of real raccoons.

GuARdIAnS of THe GAlAxy 3d TBC

ReleASed 31 July dIRecToR James Gunn

STARRInG Chris Pratt, Zoe SaldanaBradley Cooper, Vin Diesel

Chris Pratt (left) as Star-Lord. Above: action in the skies!

Watch the trailer

Page 6: Odeon July 2014 issue

6 odeon.co.uk




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film gossip Breaking news, direct from Hollywood… The role of GaMBiT,

a Marvel mutant rumoured to be getting his own film, has gone to CHaNNiNG TaTUM… MaTT SMiTH (right) will appear in TERMiNaTOR: GENESiS… A release date has been

picked for JK ROWLiNG’S

HaRRY POTTER spin-off, FaNTaSTiC BEaSTS aND WHERE TO FiND THEM: 18 November 2016... JOHN HURT has been approached to

play the lead in TERRY GiLLiaM’s THE MaN WHO KiLLED DON QUiXOTE...

LaRS VON TRiER is making a horror film called DETROiT...

STaR TREK 3 will be directed by ROBERTO ORCi...

1 Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is the (very) long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s Sin City, focusing once more on the weird and wonderful characters in a noirish, violent city. However, it’s only a follow-up in the loosest sense of the word, as several of the film’s compartmentalised

stories are actually prequels to the first film!

2 The guy behind the original Sin City comics, Frank Miller, not only wrote this film, he also co-directed it alongside Robert Rodriguez.

3 The film is split into four segments: A Dame

To Kill For, Just Another Saturday Night, The Long Bad Night (an original story that hasn’t appeared in the comics) and Fat Loss (another original).

4 Many castmembers are returning from the original film, including Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Powers

Boothe, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis.

5 Those joining the Sin City world include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green, Josh Brolin, Ray Liotta and, er, Lady Gaga.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is released on 29 August.

Sin city: A dame To kill for

5 Things you need To know About…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins Sin City. Below right: Jessica Alba as Nancy.

Watch the trailer

Page 8: Odeon July 2014 issue

8 odeon.co.uk

t’s the biggest, most gigantic, action-packed, action-star film movie of all time!” says Expendables 3 star Terry Crews when ODEON

Magazine asks him about the new film, due to hit cinemas on 15 August. This might not be hyperbole, either, as the film reunites cinema’s biggest action heroes (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes... we could be here all day listing them all) and then throws in so much explosive action that even Crews was stunned by it. “Bulgaria lets us go there and blow it up,” he laughs.

DiD YouKnow?

New teammember Luna is played by MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, whose

nicknames include Rowdy Ronda and The Arm


The Expendables 3 could well be the most bonkers film of the year...



THe exPendAbleS 3 TBC

ReleASed 15 AuGuSTdIRecToR Patrick HughesSTARRInG Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford

The Expendables return for their third mission!

This time around the Expendables team face off with Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), one of

their original founding members who has since gone on to become an arms dealer. Stonebanks wants his old

team dead, so Barney (Stallone) calls for reinforcements – including some newer team-members with special skills. One thing’s for sure: it’ll be a memorable mission!

Watch the trailer

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The lads head down underThe inbetweeners 2 sees our favourite foursome heading to australia for more OTT laughs

ow much are we looking forward to

this? Finally, The Inbetweeners return in this sequel to the hugely successful film and TV


fAnATIcAl AbouT fIlM 9

Two to watch out for...InTo THe SToRM (22 AuGuST)The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage stars in this nail-biting thriller. Into The Storm focuses on what happens when the mother of all storms hits an American state, producing the kind of tornadoes that can whip giant tankers into the sky as though they’re little toys. Tense, action-packed and devastating, Into The Storm will get hearts pumping!

lucy (22 AuGuST)Scarlett Johansson gets to show off some serious skills in this sci-fi from Luc Besson, in which her character – Lucy – is used as a human drug mule for a criminal gang. But things don’t go to plan when the drugs in her tummy start to seep into her system, turning her into a superhuman warrior who threatens to cause a lot of damage! Morgan Freeman co-stars in this stylish action-thriller.

Watch out Australia, the UK's finest export is coming your way

series. Jay (James Buckley), Neil (Blake Harrison), Simon (Joe Thomas), and Will (Simon Bird) are all back onboard and this time the lads are off to Oz. But while the guys were a little out their depth in Malia in the first film, this time they're in all sorts of bother, having to deal

with events that are not only hilarious, but downright dangerous. Keep your eyes peeled for Emily Berrington (Outnumbered, 24: Live Another Day) and Daisy Ridley (soon to be seen in Star Wars: Episode VII) too. For more, grab the next issue for our exclusive interview.

Watch the trailer

Watch the trailer

Watch the trailer

Page 10: Odeon July 2014 issue




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810 odeon.co.uk

The best quotes from the star of this month’s

comedy Tammy...

Susan Sarandon

“She’s that kind of a woman. She’s...

European.”A PolITe WAy of TAlkInG

AbouT A vAMPIRe In

ThE hungEr (1983)

“Baseball may be a religion full of

magic, cosmic truth and the fundamental

ontological riddles of our time, but it’s

also a job.”WAxInG PHIloSoPHIcAl

In Bull Durham (1988)

“I want the last face you see in this world to be the face of love,

so you look at me when they do this

thing. I’ll be the face of love for you.”

kInd WoRdS In DEaD man

Walking (1995)

“Mmmm. Better than ladybugs.” A SPIdeR’S oPInIon on

fRuIT In JamEs anD ThE

gianT PEach (1996)

“I want to go out but everything that I own

is beige.”fASHIon PRobleMS In ThE

BangEr sisTErs (2002)

They said itwe loved it

n 4 September, National Theatre Live will broadcast the wonderful, Medea live to

ODEON cinemas. Helen McCrory (The Last Of The

Haussmans) returns to the National Theatre to take the title role in Euripides’ powerful tragedy, in a new version by Ben Power and directed by Carrie Cracknell.

Medea is a wife and a mother. For the sake of her husband, Jason, she’s left her home and borne two sons in exile. But when he abandons his family for a new life, Medea

faces banishment and separation from her children. Cornered, she begs for one day’s grace. It’s time enough. She exacts an appalling revenge and destroys everything she holds dear…

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity: book your tickets to Medea at odeon.co.uk/odeon-plus .

The NuT JobIt’s Ocean’s 11… but with squirrels!

urly the squirrel (voiced by Will Arnett) isn’t popular with his city park pals when he accidentally destroys their winter food cache. So when he discovers a shop

selling nothing but nuts, he decides to plan a heist to steal them all and regain his community’s respect: but things don’t quite go to plan… This nutty caper, perfect for kids of all ages, also stars Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl and Stephen Lang and opens on 1 August.

MAd AbouT MedeASee the National Theatre’s production of Medea with NT Live…



A squirrel on the lookout for the perfect nut-heist!

Page 11: Odeon July 2014 issue

doWnloAd odeon MAGAzIne!Get even more from your ODEON Magazine when you download the new-look interactive digital edition with bags of extra content! Simply head to Apple Newsstand and download the free app to get a copy delivered to your device each month. Alternatively, visit www.odeon.co.uk to flick through the magazine online. Perfect for keeping on top of the films showing at ODEON, with features, news and reviews. There’s no excuse to miss out!




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, IN

C. A



. © L







Future releases coming to an ODEON near you...

PlAneS: fIRe And ReScue 3d TBCReleASed 8 AuGuST Dusty the plane teams with a group of fellow aerial machines to fight an enormous and deadly fire.

delIveR uS fRoM evIl TBCReleASed 22 AuGuSTEric Bana stars as a cop trying to defeat a wave of demonic possessions in his city, teaming with an exorcist played by Édgar Ramírez.

befoRe I Go To SleeP 15ReleASed 5 SEPTEMBERNicole Kidman stars alongside Colin Firth and Mark Strong as a woman with amnesia who realises everything is not what it seems...

fAnATIcAl AbouT fIlM 11

s part of our commitment to offering more than

film, ODEON are thrilled to announce that the new Royal Opera House season 2014/2015 is now booking!

There are 11 productions that will be screened live into your local ODEON cinema. These include seven Royal Opera and four Royal Ballet productions.

This year we’re showing Manon (16 October); I Due Foscari, which stars Placido Domingo (27 October); L’Elisir D’Amore (26 November); Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (6 December) and, among many more in 2015, Swan Lake on 17 March.

For more details on these shows and others, go to odeon.co.uk/odeon-plus .


Make a date with the Royal Opera House!

don’t miss!The Royal Opera House will now be screening some amazing performances live to ODEON cinemas...

Page 12: Odeon July 2014 issue

12 odeon.co.uk

A shattered new world sees the very existence of the human race at stake. How will they cope with the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes?

hey say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and that was certainly the

case in the film Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Released in 2011, this reboot of the legendary Apes franchise of the late ’60s/early ’70s saw scientist Will (James Franco) accidentally changing the world for the worse after he tested a new drug on an ordinary chimpanzee. Caesar (Andy Serkis) became a super-brainy simian who wasn’t content to put up with being treated as an inferior by the homo sapiens around him. Gathering together a small army of fellow apes, he ended

up fighting for his freedom before retreating into the forests outside San Francisco – but that wasn’t the end of the story. The humans left behind found their lives threatened by a deadly new disease associated with these new super-apes…

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes begins with our beloved world changed beyond all recognition. The Simian Flu unleashed at the end of the previous film has decimated the human population, leaving only a few survivors clinging to life in isolated communities.

And as for the apes? They’ve been persecuted, true, but they’re also doing rather well…


Page 13: Odeon July 2014 issue

13fanaTical abouT film

dawn of The PlaneT of The aPes See it from 17 July

Caesar has become a darn sight more scary since Rise…

Watch the trailer Book tickets

Page 14: Odeon July 2014 issue

14 odeon.co.uk

meeting point“Where our story picks up is that Caesar has led the apes into Muir Woods and he’s started a community there,” explains Serkis, who plays the chimp using cutting-edge motion-capture technology. “It started off with about a thousand, maybe, and has now reached a capacity of about 2,000 apes. Where the film starts is about ten years after the virus, after the end of the last movie. There have been sporadic sightings of the humans by the apes down in San Francisco. Over the course of the last two years, as the apes have built their communities, they’re not sure that the humans have survived.”Naturally this isolation doesn’t last long, as the apes encounter the humans – led by Jason (Zero Dark Thirty) Clarke’s

Malcolm, who’s open-minded about their hairy neighbours, and Gary Oldman’s Dreyfus, who isn’t. The humans need help, but the apes aren’t exactly friendly.

“Initially, we don’t know that there are apes there,” says Oldman. “This community has survived the epidemic, which has wiped out a huge part of the world. We believe that the military have done their job and basically wiped out the apes. The thing is that we have food and we have water, but the currency, for want of a better word, is electricity. We need that to communicate to

the outside world, to find out if there is anyone out there, how many

are out there, and who is out there. For all intents and purposes, we believe that we could be the only survivors.Then, of course, we discover a community of apes who believe that we’ve all been wiped out. We discover each other, and that’s the drama. Can the apes and the humans co-exist?”

The answer, sadly, is probably “no”… but who are we supposed to root for here? “What excited me was not about coming into the story with apes as villains,” says director Matt Reeves, a life-long fan of the original Apes film. “There are no villains. It’s a story about survival.”

ape suitsOne of things that made Rise such a success were its special effects, which brought the apes so convincingly to life. It’s only a couple of years later, but motion-capture technology has already improved. “I would say 90 per cent of the film is shot on location,” says Serkis. “There are very few on-set pieces in the film, which compared to the last movie, a lot of them were on sets, very few locations.”




© T



h C




x. ©


1 r

ex F




Page 15: Odeon July 2014 issue

dawn of The PlaneT of The aPes See it from 17 July

fanaTical abouT film 15

These changes in technology and computer effects mean that we get to see apes out and about in the woods of Vancouver, where the film was shot. We also get to see them riding horses: the actors wore performance-capture suits and their ‘ape’ forms were added on later. Of course, there were disadvantages to having to act while wearing intricate and tight-fitting suits, as Serkis points out when talking about shooting in New Orleans… “It’s an extraordinary city to film in, [but] there are difficulties of shooting in 100 per cent humidity. Nobody wanted to stand next to me in a mo-cap suit,” he laughs.

Hope is high that this film will attract the same acclaim as Rise did. So high, in fact, that a third film has already been announced for 29 July 2016. There’s something about these films... “I can’t imagine childhood without Planet Of The Apes,” praises Oldman. “I was nine or ten when the first one came out. It’s not only the opportunity to work with these good people, but you’re also being asked to be a part of cinema history.”

La PLanete des singes (1963)French author Pierre Boulle wrote this now-iconic novel in 1963. The book tells the story of three astronauts exploring a mysterious new world inhabited by intelligent apes – with a big twist at the end.

PLanet Of the aPes (1968)Charlton heston took a huge gamble when he agreed to star in this surprisingly gritty adaptation of Boulle’s book, but it paid off. his performance as the human astronaut who stumbles across a planet filled with talking apes with human slaves is one of his finest. The film’s twist ending is a classic.

Beneath the PLanet Of the aPes (1970)This direct sequel sees another astronaut arrive on a rescue mission, discovering pretty sharpish that there’s a hidden city (old new york) beneath the surface of the planet, and it’s inhabited by a society of humans who are in a struggle to the death with the apes. heston reprised his role – but stipulated that his character must die at the end.

escaPe frOm the PLanet Of the aPes (1971)Three friendly apes (roddy McDowall, Kim hunter and sal Mineo) escape from the nuclear blast that destroys their world in the previous film

and fly through a time warp, arriving on earth in 1973. Greeted by a freaked-out human race, the tables are turned – the apes aren’t the masters any more.

cOnquest Of the PLanet Of the aPes (1972)somewhat randomly picking up the story from Escape but setting events in 1991, Conquest focuses on the next generation of apes, led by Caesar (roddy McDowall, playing the son of his previous character), as they struggle to survive among the humans.

BattLe fOr the PLanet Of the aPes (1973)set more than a decade after Conquest (are you still with us?), Caesar is now trying to broker peace between the apes and the humans, but a gorilla general is out to cause trouble and problems ensue. The weakest of the series, and the final original film.

PLanet Of the aPes (2001)

a TV show and a cartoon series ended the Apes saga in 1974 and 1975, respectively, until Tim Burton came along in

2001 to “reimagine” the entire affair with this Mark

wahlberg-starring actioner. rick Baker’s ape makeup was excellent but the plot confused many (not least fans of the original films).

Jason Clarke isn’t in an enviable position in Dawn…

aPe hisToryhere’s the lowdown on our hairy, talking cousins over the last 50 years…

Page 16: Odeon July 2014 issue



Terms and conditions: Closing date is 30 July. The competition is open to UK residents only and excludes employees or agents of ODEON, Paramount or anyone professionally connected with the promotion and their immediate families. The winner will be drawn at random from all correct entries received. If you have only supplied your email address for us to contact you, no response within 21 days means that the winner will be re-drawn. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative. Please allow 28 days prize fulfilment from the date of claim. By entering this competition, you agree to be bound by Future’s competition rules and to receive details of future offers and promotions from Future Publishing Limited and related third parties. If you do not want to receive this information, include “no info” at the end of your text message/email. Late or incomplete entries will be disqualified. Entries must be submitted by an individual (not via any agency or similar) and are limited to one per household. Texts cost £1.00 per entry plus standard network rates. For full terms and conditions go to www.futurenet.com/futureonline/competitionrules.asp

ransformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth film in the global

blockbuster franchise, and with Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo di Bonaventura attached to the project, the Paramount favourite promises to be bigger than ever. Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor star as humanity tries to recover from the epic battle in Chicago four years earlier. Soon, however, a shadowy group reveals itself in an attempt to control the direction of history… while an ancient, powerful new menace sets Earth in its crosshairs. With help from

the new cast of humans, Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet. Transformers: Age Of Extinction promises to be another massive dose of robot mayhem and to celebrate its release, we’re offering two winners a fabulous Transformers: Age of Extinction cooler which expands into a snazzy picnic table – perfect for use this summer! We’ll also throw in a picnic hamper to go along with each cooler, so simply answer the question on the right to be in with a chance of winning this great prize!

JUST ANSWER THIS QUESTIONWho voices Optimus Prime?

A Peter CullenB Mark WahlbergC Michael Bay

Go to www.futurecomps.co.uk/robots and answer by midday on 30 July. Or text ROBOTS to 87474 followed by A, B or C and your name and address. Texts cost £1.00 per entry plus standard network rates.

PRIZE INCLUDESTwo winners will each receive an expandable cooler/picnic table and a picnic hamper

A TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION expAndAble cooleR/picnic tAble!


How to enteR



: ©



r. P


. ©20

14 H








Apple Inc. is neither a sponsor of, nor affiliated in any way with the competitions in this issue.

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Page 18: Odeon July 2014 issue

imes have certainly changed for the Vikings in the little village of Berk.

When we first met them in 2010’s charming animated adventure How To Train Your Dragon, they lived in fear of winged reptilians attacking from the skies – before young Hiccup (Jay Baruchel)

managed to tame an injured dragon and change the course of history. Now the Vikings and dragons are firm pals and life is good for both sides! Yet Hiccup and his own dragon, Toothless, are now a little bored by life in Berk and are trying to expand their horizons by flying further and further away from home. When they discover a mysterious

how to train your dragon 2 3d PG

rELEaSEd 4 july


dirECtor Dean DeBloisvoiCES of jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera

ice cave that countains countless hordes of new dragons – not to mention the enigmatic Valka (Cate Blanchett) – life changes again, as these dragons pose a terrible threat to the peaceful island they’ve left behind...

How To Train Your Dragon 2 promises to rekindle our love for all things scaly! P




© T



h C




x. ©


4 PA








18 odEon.Co.uk

outnow!U Suitable for all ages PG Parental guidance required 12A Suitable for ages 12+ 15 Suitable for ages 15+ 18 Adults only


Page 19: Odeon July 2014 issue


The third film in this trilogy, unsurprisingly called How To Train Your Dragon 3, is already underway and

has a release date of 17 june 2016.

tranSforMErS: agE of ExtinCtion 3d TBCrELEaSEd 10 julydirECtor michael BayStarring mark wahlberg, nicola Peltz, Ken watanabe, Tj miller

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Transformers: Age Of Extinction could well be the most explosive film of the summer. The ground-shaking action doesn’t kick in straight away, however: in fact, Age Of Extinction starts fairly peacefully. That’s because since the last film (2011’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon) our planet has had a nice breathing space to rebuild, regroup and reflect upon how we got in the middle of a war between the Transformers and their dangerous foe, the Decepticons. And the one thing we all know now is that we don’t want to get in the middle of those fighting robots again... But when mechanic Cade (Mark Wahlberg) discovers the mangled wreckage of Optimus Prime, a sequence of events are sparked off that ensue that both Transformers and Decepticons (not to mention the dinosaur-like Dinobots) are at each others’ metal throats one more time!

fanatiCaL about fiLM

Hiccup and his Viking clan return for more adventuring!

Mark Wahlberg gets to know Optimus Prime.


Watch the trailer Book tickets

Page 20: Odeon July 2014 issue

When little Pudsey the dog and his trainer, Ashleigh, won Britain’s Got Talent with his dancing skills, it was a victory for canines everywhere. Now Pudsey is building upon his success and leaping onto the big screen in this fun adventure for all the family! Pudsey The Dog: The Movie follows our furry hero, voiced by David Walliams, as he moves from the streets of London to the sleepy country village of Chuffington. Befriending siblings Molly (Izzy Meikle-Small), Tommy

(Malachy Knights) and George (Spike White), Pudsey must get used to being with a family for the first time and also thwart their dastardly landlord, Mr Thorne (John

Sessions) and his pesky puss Faustus. This is a lovely, heartwarming romp which both adults and kids will adore (and anybody who loves dogs as well, of course!).

PudSEy thE dog: thE MoviE TBCrELEaSEd 18 julydirECtor Paul roseStarring David walliams, jessica hynes, olivia Colman, john sessions

The Purge, which was released last year, was one of those low-budget, low-expectation horror films that went on to surprise everybody by performing wildly beyond its makers’ dreams. Its premise

was deliciously evil: that for 12 hours per year, all law and order is abandoned and people can do what they want without fear of reprisal. Chaos ensues...

Now it’s time for another 12 hours of bedlam in sequel The Purge: Anarchy. A couple (Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez) are caught outside when their car runs out of petrol and leaves them in the streets. It’s not long before

they’re under attack and they must fight for their lives. Another man (Frank Grillo) wants revenge on the guy who murdered his son, knowing he can kill him and go unpunished during these special hours. And so the film goes, with people fighting for their lives amid the anarchy in the streets of Los Angeles, and all the action, violence and drama of the first Purge returns...

Chaos on the streets in this chilling thriller.

Get ready for Pudsey on the big screen!

thE PurgE:anarChy TBCrELEaSEd 25 julydirECtor james DemonacoStarring Frank Grillo, michael K williams, Kiele sanchez, Amy Paffrath







m l





Watch the trailer

Watch the trailer

Page 22: Odeon July 2014 issue





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. © P




. All



JuPitEr aSCEnding 3d TBCrELEaSEd 25 july dirECtorS Andy & lana wachowski Starring mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, sean Bean, Doona Bae

none of their ability to amaze audiences with their bonkers mindscapes. Jupiter Ascending stars Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones, an ordinary twenty-something who seems perfectly normal on the outside, but is destined for Very Important Things. It turns out that Jupiter is genetically special; so special, in fact, that she may have a destiny that could see

This impressive science-fiction actioner was dreamed up by Andy and Lana Wachowski – best known, of course, for bringing The Matrix saga to life – and the siblings have lost

her ruling the Earth! She discovers this after meeting Caine (Channing Tatum), a genetically-engineered hunter sent to find her, but it’s not long before her life is under threat from a member of an alien royal family (Eddie Redmayne), who will stop at nothing to take her down. Spectacular, action-packed and unmissable.

Earth to ECho TBCrELEaSEd 25 julydirECtor Dave GreenStarring Teo halm, Astro, reese hartwig, ella wahlestedte

With a vibrant cast of young unknowns, a cool sci-fi plot and a playful vibe that’s a cross between ET: The Extra-Terrestrial and The Goonies, Earth To Echo is a cinema perfect treat for your kids this month.

Three young friends – Alex (Teo Halm), Tuck (Astro) and Munch (Reese Hartwig) are about to be forced to move away from each other as the land in their neighbourhood is being turned into a highway. Just two days before the big move, a mysterious signal takes over their phones – a peculiar message that

sends them into the wilderness on a quest to find out more. When they arrive at the source of the signal, they discover, to their amazement, a brand new life form waiting for their help! But unfortunately they’re not the only ones who know

about it, and the government want to get their hands on the creature... and so a race against time begins as the kids try to help their new friend.

Earth To Echo is a charming film for all the family that’s full of wonder and thrills.

A stylish sci-fi from the makers of The Matrix.

Friends forever... about to make a new (alien) one!

Watch the trailer

Watch the trailer

Page 23: Odeon July 2014 issue

thE houSE of MagiC 3d urELEaSEd 25 july dirECtorS Ben stassen, jérémie Degruson voiCES of Cindy Adams, George Babbit, murray Blue, Kathleen Browers

after being abandoned by his owners. Taking refuge in a creepy old house during a rainstorm, he meets and befriends the bizarre characters who live there: an old magician who instantly adopts Thunder and uses him in his act (much to the annoyance of the magician’s old rabbit, who’s spent years popping out of hats for him), plus an array of mice,

This delightful cartoon is a lovely little treat for viewers of all ages. It’s the story of Thunder, a resourceful young cat who finds himself homeless

puppets and other peculiar creatures. But while things are good for Thunder for a while as he settles into his new home, it’s not long before a plot is launched against the magician by someone who wants to steal the house away from him... and Thunder must come to the rescue!

This is a charming tale of a kitty looking for happiness.

hErCuLES 3d TBCrELEaSEd 25 julydirECtor Brett ratnerStarring Dwayne johnson, irina shayk, john hurt, ian mcshane

You’ve probably noticed that Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is in possession of one or two muscles. Those muscles have grown considerably bigger of late, and with good reason: the actor trained incredibly hard after taking on the role of possibly the muscliest man in all of ancient mythology... Hercules, the half-god son of Zeus!

This epic swords-and-sandals thriller from director Brett Ratner brings us the mighty Hercules as he recovers from his extraordinary ‘12 Labours’ of legend. He’s proved he’s the most powerful

man on Earth, but he’s a lost soul as a result, with nothing to show for his trials except for sadness. Deciding to join an army and fight for the King of Thrace and his daughter, Hercules finds himself having to battle a terrible warlord –

but has the unbeatable hero met his match this time? Co-starring John Hurt, Rufus Sewell, Ian McShane, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and Irina Shayk, Hercules promises phenomenal action and legendary thrills!

fanatiCaL about fiLM 23

Thunder the cat in a spot of bother!

Dwayne Johnson as the one and only Hercules.

Watch the trailer

Watch the trailer

Page 24: Odeon July 2014 issue

This magnificent concert will be delivered to oDeon cinemas via satellite on saturday 19 july for one night only!

SEE andré riEu’S 10th annivErSary 2014 MaaStriCht ConCErt at odEon on Saturday 19 JuLy!


t's the concert that has everybody in the music world talking. "My 10th

anniversary hometown concert is very dear to my heart,” says André Rieu, also known as the King Of Waltz. “I wish everyone could be here to help us celebrate. However,

if you can’t join us in Maastricht, I hope

I can touch your heart by

bringing this special evening to you, on the big screen in your local cinema.”

Rieu will be working his magic to present an evening full of humour, music and emotion. The dramatic and alluring medieval square will be transformed into a romantic open-air concert, featuring André and his famous 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra, along with many famous guest artists, soloists, light shows and spectacular fireworks.

Book now at odeon.co.uk/odeon-plus or at the box office!

André Rieu: coming to an ODEON

near you!


Watch the trailer Book tickets

Page 25: Odeon July 2014 issue




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T in


dawn of thE PLanEt of thE aPES 3d TBCrELEaSEd 17 july dirECtor matt reeves Starring Andy serkis, jason Clarke, Gary oldman, Keri russell

taMMy 15rELEaSEd 4 july dirECtor Ben Falconer Starring melissa mcCarthy, susan sarandon, sandra oh, Toni Collette

Times have changed since Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, with Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his growing family living in isolation in the forest while the human race has struggled to

Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) has had enough of her life after being fired from her job and finding her husband cheating on her. So she decides to go on a road trip to clear her head – and, knowing she has money,

conquer a horrendous plague. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes picks up with a small band of human survivors encountering the apes once more – can they bury their differences, or will all-out war ensue? Stunning CGI, excellent performances (particularly from the motion-captured apes) and a compelling script make this a must-see thriller.

agrees to take her grandmother, Pearl (Susan Sarandon). But what could be a sweet bonding experience ends up being a bit of a nightmare when Grandma Pearl turns out to be anything but a meek and mild older lady: she’s a hard-drinking firecracker who causes trouble wherever they go! Their misadventures grow in this hysterical quirky comedy.

Do the apes rule the Earth yet? Find out soon...

Do the apes rule the Earth yet? Find out soon...

Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy wreak havoc!

Out this July

how to train your dragon 2 3d PG

rELEaSEd 4 july

taMMy 15rELEaSEd 4 july

tranSforMErS: agE of ExtinCtion 3d TBC

rELEaSEd 10 july

dawn of thE PLanEt of thE aPES 3d TBC

rELEaSEd 17 july

PudSEy thE dog: thE MoviE TBCrELEaSEd 18 july

andré riEu’S 10th annivErSary ConCErt

Showing 19 july

Earth to ECho TBCrELEaSEd 25 july

thE houSE of MagiC 3d u

rELEaSEd 25 july

hErCuLES 3d TBC Showing 25 july

JuPitEr aSCEnding 3d TBC

rELEaSEd 25 july

thE PurgE: anarChy TBCrELEaSEd 25 july

fanatiCaL about fiLM 25

Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending.

Watch the trailer Book tickets

Page 26: Odeon July 2014 issue

ate Blanchett is all smiles as she signs autographs for fans at the ODEON Leicester Square premiere of The Hobbit:

An Unexpected Journey, which took place on 12 December 2012. She plays Queen Galadriel in the Middle-earth saga, which made this a double royal premiere because Prince William turned up as well (sadly, the pregnant Kate had morning sickness and couldn’t make it). You can hear Blanchett in this month’s How To Train Your Dragon 2, out in cinemas on 4 July!

Premiere queen!


Cate Blanchett adds another royal touch to an already royal premiere...

Guardians Of The Galaxy and more in the next issue of ODEON Magazine,

out in cinemas on 30 July!

COMING Next Issue!

Classic ODEON moments...MOMeNt IN tIMe



: ©







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