Oddar Meanchey Quarterly: REDD+ Update Issue No.2 ( April 2011)

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  • 8/3/2019 Oddar Meanchey Quarterly: REDD+ Update Issue No.2 ( April 2011)


    The FA Cantonment Chef (left) and the CFMC Chef

    (right) of Rolus THom CF signing the CF agreement.

    (Courtesy of www.Brendanbrady.com)

    The Nepalese team with VenerableBun Saluth, head of the Monks'

    Community Forestry (MCF) .

    OM Quarterly's 2nd Issue

    Hello and warm welcome to OM Quarterly's 2nd issue. We have a lot of exciting activities to report this

    quarter, the top of which is the legalization of Phaav CF and Rolus Thom CF.

    CF Signing Ceremony: Rolus

    Thom and Phaav CF

    On the 12th April, a signing ceremony in Phaav

    Community Forest (CF) was conducted to

    formally recognize the CF status of Phaav andRolus Thom CF sites by the Forestry

    Administration (FA). The ceremony was attended

    by over 300 participants, including

    representatives from Development Alternatives

    Inc, Pact, Children's Development Association,

    Monk Community Forestry and the Chief of the FA.

    The agreement, signed between the FA and the

    Community Forestry Management Communities

    (CFMCs) of Phaav and Rolus Thom CF

    completes the official CF legalization of all 13 sites under the OM CF REDD+ project. Significantly, the

    agreement delegates 15 year forest management rights as well as carbon benefits to these two


    Visits to OM CF REDD+: A Learning LaboratoryVisits to OM CF REDD+: A Learning Laboratory

    Nepalese Team visits Sorng Rokavorn Community Forest

    From the 8-9th February, Pact and the FA hosted a study group

    from the Government of Nepal. The Nepalese representatives

    from the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation and the

    Livelihood Forestry Program of Nepal (LFP) visited Sorng

    Rokavorn CF, one of 13 CF sites under OM CF REDD+. The study

    group intermingled with local partners and discussed topics such

    as the connection between community based forestry

    management (CBFM) and REDD, non timber forest product

    (NTFP) small enterprise development, and REDD projectdevelopment. The Nepalese team hopes to use the lessons

    learnt from this field trip to form policies on REDD+ in Nepal.

    Visit by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)

    On the 16th March, a representative from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) came to assess

    the potential to include OM as one of the pilot sites for a new regional Assisted Natural Regeneration

    (ANR) project called Applying ANR for Restoring Forest Ecosystem Services in South East Asia (SEA).

    The OM CF REDD+ workplan foresees conducting ANR on over 5,000 ha of degraded forest land.

    Visit by the UN-REDD Secretariat and EU REDD Desk Officer

    On the 29th March, Mr. Michel Van Den Bossche, the Desk Officer in

    charge of the EU REDD Facility, Mr. Yemi Katerere, Head of UN-REDD

    and Mr Koen Everhaert Attache Cooperation to the EU visited two of

  • 8/3/2019 Oddar Meanchey Quarterly: REDD+ Update Issue No.2 ( April 2011)


    The Pileated Gibbon - One of nine

    endangered species in OM CF REDD+

    (Courtesy of Conservation International)

    A representative from the KFS (right)

    providing a donation to the CFMC and the


    platform for local NGO's to learn about REDD+ and formulate their concerns. The increased interest

    in REDD+ was evidenced by the enthusiastic question and answer session that followed the

    presentation. The meeting also provided Pact with an opportunity to learn about the issues facing

    local NGOs in the Northeast in regards to REDD+.

    OM CF REDD+ in the Cambodia


    On the 28th March, the project's biodiversity assessment

    of OM's forests was highlighted in the Cambodia Daily -

    one of Cambodia's leading English newspapers. The

    article highlighted the presence of 174 different bird

    species and 26 mammal species - of which nine

    mammal species are endangered. The existence of

    these species increases the conservation value of the

    project area and makes a gold level certification more

    likely under CCB Standards.

    Please click here to access the Biodiversity Report.

    Workshop on Strengthening

    ASEAN-Korea Forestry

    Cooperation toward Sustainable

    Forest Management

    From the 7th-8th April, Pact participated in an ASEAN

    (Association of South East Asian Nations) workshop aimed

    at improving relations between the KFS (Korean Forestry

    Service) and ASEAN member states, held in Siem Reap,

    Cambodia. The workshop was attended by a delegation

    from ASEAN member states, KFS, Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries, the FA, and local and international

    NGOs in Cambodia. A case study on OM CF REDD+ was

    presented by the FA as part of the workshop.

    Brief Highlights

    Research on Improved Cook Stoves and Forest Fires: Pact is currently conducting research on

    improved cook stoves and forest fires. Pact hopes to use this research to enhance its implementationstrategy.

    ERPA trainings with Terra Global Capital (TGC): TGC and SNR Denton are delivering the Emissions

    Reductions Purchase Agreements (ERPA) training to the FA. These trainings have been facilitated by

    Pact and serve as a great opportunity to understand the benefits and technicalities involved in the sale

    and purchase of carbon offset credits.

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