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From Culinary to Adventure, October's Leisure Group Travel brings you the latest in group travel.


  • OCTOBER 2009

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  • FEATURES12 Student Travel Planning Guide

    21 Europe Outlook 2010 by randy mink & jeff gayduk


    26 Sampling Vermont by randy mink


    31 Taste of Louisiana by randy mink


    40 Amish Country Fixins by colleen kitka


    46 Western Adventures by elana andersen

    con ten t s16

    ONTHECOVER:AwhaleofatimeinQuebec.Photo courtesy of Tourisme Qubec

    Vol.19, No. 5 October 2009

    COLUMNS6 On My Mind

    by jeff gayduk

    8 On Culinary Travelby holly hughes

    10 On Cruisesby cindy bertram

    50 On Technologyby john kamm


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    16 Consumer Trends BodeWell For Adventure Travel Niche by jim forberg

    18 Adventure Travel Summit





    Orleans M

    etropolitan CVB

    /Sarah Essex

    Moab Area Travel C


    Todays groups want something to write home about

  • Vol.19, No. 5 October 2009

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    Our latest e-magazine targets the fast growing religious travel marketplace, withdestination ideas, packages and inspiration onfaith-based group travel. InSite on Religious

    Travel is both a website and e-magazine, withthe best of the best content and directory resources

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    InSite On Religious Travel

    GREAT DESTINATION ARTICLES DONT STOP WITH THE PRINT EDITION -LeisureGroupTravel.com features online-only destination features,breaking news and commentary from four travel blogs. Check out our OnlineExclusives for the inside track on hot group travel destinations. Articles areavailable in new digital page flip and pdf formats for easy downloading and storage! From the home page of LeisureGroupTravel.com scroll down the leftmargin to the Online Exclusives section.

  • on my mind jeff gayduk

    FEW WOULD ARGUE THATniche and affinity group travel is thefuture of our industry. Traditional groupplanners need not look further thantheir current client base to recognizethat their core group of seniors are exit-ing their prime travel years. Weve allhad a dose of truth serum over the lastdecade as the younger generation oftravelers just doesnt hop on the nextbus to Branson.Riding on the see-saw as we balance

    the needs of conventional grouptravelers while ushering in new wavesof travelers with unique wants and

    desires, we have been diligent aboutcreating niche market coverage inLeisure Group Travel and on Leisure-GroupTravel.com. Each issue of themagazine contains fresh ideas on howto diversify your business to reachsome of these fast growing markets.August, for example, had an expansivesection on Religious Travel, and thisedition covers both Adventure andStudent Travel.Its long been my philosophy that

    destination knowledge is worthless ifyou dont know how to fill up a coach,so weve taken a leadership role inproviding this sort of education in hopesof bringing these niche markets to life,and help you determine where yourbest opportunity lies.

    CARVING UP NICHE MARKETSIn a bold move during the worst

    recession our nation has experiencedin the last 70 years, we are developinga cutting-edge series of print andonline publications and resources forselect niche group markets. We haveselected four core market segments Sports, Students, Reunions andReligious Travel all very powerfulsegments of the group travel industry,all growth-oriented markets. Our staffis hard at work establishing our seriesof planning guides, e-magazines anddirectories for these niche travel markets.

    The planning guides provide vision with advice, checklists and how-toideas that explore the mechanics ofdeveloping and executing niche mar-ket events and trips. The e-magazinesprovide a timely dose of inspirationon new destinations, packages andbest practices, and the directories pro-vide a backbone of destination infor-mation with key contact informationon CVBs, attractions, tour/receptiveoperators and hotels to facilitate plan-ning. Of course, were linking allthese together to provide a uniquecombination of how to, where to andwhy to resources, each of which arecustom-designed for their respectivemarket segment.So which niche market do you fancy?

    Is religious group travel in your future?Are you keen on marketing your serv-ices to student/youth groups? Does thegrowing reunion market interest you?Or are sports events your bag? Our ob-jective is to help you develop your niche& affinity group business with thesecomponents as a core resource.Other ideas and niche markets will

    surely grow over time, as this is just thebeginning of the process. In the mean-time, go to LeisureGroupTravel.comand click on the Niche Group Travellink under Online Exclusives to learnmore about these products.

    Happy Traveling,

    Jeff Gayduk, Publisher

    The Riches are in the Niches

    Jeff was lured into the advertising world

    by hundreds of See Ruby Falls billboards

    he encountered on family trips from Illinois

    to Florida.

    6 October 2009 LeisureGroupTravel.com

    Our objective is to help you develop yourniche & affinity group business


    Octobers LeisureGroup Travel is dedicated to my father, John Gayduk, who left this world onAug. 26 at the age of 89. My dadwould give you the shirt off his backif he thought you could use it morethan he, and had an innate abilityto make the best of any circumstance.Our cross-country family trips spurredme to explore my passion for travel.He will be missed.

  • on culinary travel holly hughes

    TWENTY YEARS AGO, WHEN Iwas editing travel guides from a desk inNew York, it was a radical move to hirelocal food writers to provide restaurantreviews. Publishing wisdom decreedthat the same writer who trampedthrough museums and thumped motelmattresses could also throw together alist of eateries, mixing tried-and-truewhite-tablecloth standards with an up-scale diner or two for budget travelers.Zagat only published one slim guide, toManhattan; Michelins red guides onlycovered Europe. I never imagined thatsomeday thered be a market for myinternational travel guide, 500 Placesfor Food &Wine Lovers.Oh, how things have changed.I blame Peter Mayles 1991 bestseller

    A Year In Provence. Once it was enoughsimply to drive through the South ofFrance, admiring its scenery and sam-pling local cafes. Now, every visitor toProvence or Tuscany has to lug home asuitcase weighed down with bottles ofolive oil, jars of preserves and obscureitems of cookware.The change took us all by surprise. By

    1998, when the term culinary tourismwas first coined, it labeled a trend thatwas already in full swing. Now thereseven an International Culinary TourismAssociation (www.culinarytourism.org),founded in 2003 as a clearinghouse fortravel professionals interested in bookingthe best dine-arounds, winery tours,farm visits and spa dining.There was a time when cooking

    classes and chef demos were only forspouse programs nowadays, bothhalves of the couple show up, spatulas

    in hand (all those aspiring Rachael Raysand Anthony Bourdains!). And its notenough just to labor over a hot stove most cooking schools also usher theirstudents into local markets, onto thefishing docks to see (and smell!) thedays catch hauled off the boats, or intothe very fields, orchards and gardenswhere their ingredients grow.Even Anthony Bourdain nowadays

    appears more often on the Travel Chan-

    nel than the Food Network. As MichaelPollan (author of the bestseller The Om-nivores Dilemma) noted recently in theNew York Times Magazine, while theTravel Channel offers more culinarytravel shows, the Food Network itselffeatures fewer how-to cooking showsand more eating travelogues.The new culinary tourism is dis-

    tinct from gourmet tourism. It used tobe that travelers bragged about scoringa hard-to-get reservation at a five-starrestaurant when they came home fromvacation. The new trophy restaurants?No-name backstreet finds that arentlisted in any standard travel guide mom-and-pop diners, seafood shacks,ethnic storefronts, the dives only localsknow. Authenticity is the name ofthe game.

    A NEWWORDIn 2008, the New Oxford American

    Dictionary declared locavore the New

    Word of the Year a sure sign that foodand place are ever more inextricablylinked in peoples minds. At first, beinga locavore referred to how daily eatinghabits relate to ones home community,supporting sustainable agriculture andlocal farmers. But it didnt take long fortravelers to jump on the locavore band-wagon too. Learning about local foodshas become an essential part of pre-tripresearch, from identifying native crops

    (blueberries andlobster in Maine,oysters and okrain Louisiana) tomaking a checklistof regional dishes to sample. Whet-ting your appetite before a trip is halfthe fun. Bird-watchers keep their ownlife lists why shouldnt a barbecue-lover work on a life list of famousshacks, from North Carolina to Texas?Its a moving target, though. Restau-

    rants close, chefs move, menus change.The same goes for wineries, microbrew-eries and farm tours new stars riseevery season. I expect that my next edi-tion of 500 Places For Food &WineLovers will feature a raft of must-see culi-nary destinations that dont even existtoday. Staying ahead of the curve is achallenge but the research sure is fun.

    Catching the Wave of Culinary Tourism

    8 October 2009 LeisureGroupTravel.com

    Holly Hughes is the author of Frommers 500

    Places for Food & Wine Lovers (Wiley Publishing,

    Inc., 471 pages, $19.99).

    Learning about local foods has become an essential part of pre-trip research

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  • on cruises cindy bertram

    WHAT BEGANWITHTWOseatings in the main dining room, sim-ple lunches and no alternatives beyondroom service has changed dramatically.Dining onboard today is about flexibil-ity and choi...