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Details on the only Occult Publishing Guild in operation . Open to authors and publishers of occult material. Another IGOS first.

Text of Occult Publishing Guild - IGOS - International Guild of Occult Sciences

International Guild of Occult Sciences College and Research Society

Occult Publishing Guild IGOS

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Chapter Three Basic Standards Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six General Information Active Support Copyright Theft

Chapter Seven Opportunities Passed


Chapter One The Need for an Occult Publishing GuildOne of the major problems with occultism in general, is the total lack of interest in working together for mutual benefit. Occult organizations seem hostile to each other. IGOS has always sought contact with other Orders. Occultists in general have a personality that seems to be apart from normal society and society structures. Contact with other organizations can have great benefits, on all kinds of levels. I find a new trend that Occult Orders are willing to share information and have contact with each other. IGOS now has several working relations with other Orders and see more coming. One area of contact that certainly has major benefits for occultists and Orders alike is, Occult Publishing. This is a small club of dedicated publishers. There are probably less than ten in the United States and the number worldwide is tiny. Occult Publishers need a Guild of their own, something that sets standards and policies for occult publishers in general. Serious occult publishers should be communicating with each other, sharing information, selling each others books, discussing3

possible project co-operation, obtaining rare texts, translating, cost sharing and much more. There are a great many areas of co-operation occult publishers could be involved with. Just the open free flow of information would be a great first step. This would move occult publishing to the Next Level, just as the occult itself needs to do.

Chapter Two Occult Publishing StandardsThere is a great need for standards within occult publishing, because of the massive lack of ancient materials, grimoires and such. There is a lot of repeat publish happening. The same books are being published over and over. There is also a HUGE problem with limited edition publishing. This practice is hurting occultism in a major way. The problem of obtaining certain texts for study is a major problem. Purchasing limited editions are difficult and very costly, especially after selling out. This Limited Edition practice is no longer necessary. In modern times, this is just a sales trick for getting high prices for a text. There is no reason not to keep a book in print, with modern digital publishing. There are basically no costs involved in doing this and it actually pays to, with the future sales you will be making.


If a publisher wishes to offer limited editions, this is no problem in general, as long as there is an in print version available of some type. This in print edition can be priced the same as limited editions, if the publisher feels it will hurt the sales of the limited edition. After selling out of the limited edition, the in print edition can be reduced in price. If not, this is strictly an abuse of publishing, making huge profits by scaring the occultist into thinking that the limited edition is the only way to obtain the knowledge. This is an old business trick that needs to stop. If publishers want to publish fancy leather bound editions, so let it be. But, there must be other editions kept in print indefinitely. An Occult Publishing Guild would make this happen. I do not see Special Edition sales hurt by doing this. If sales are decreased in the short term, sales in the long term would more than make up for this. There is nothing wrong with Special Limited Editions, there seems to be a buyer for fancy texts but, not only limited editions, especially if this involves a classic grimoire that is in the public domain. If a publisher offers only limited editions of a public domain text, they can expect others to publish their version of this text. This seems be me, to be a waste of time. There are thousands of texts waiting to be published, both old and from new writers. Yet, it is still difficult to get published and many thousands of classic recent texts, from the last 10 to 50 years, are no longer in print. This is not what the new age of knowledge and understanding is all about. It is hurting occultism in a dramatic way. This coupled with silly long term copyright laws, is producing less and less new product. In the rare case that a publisher wants to print an up-dated version of a classic text, with new insights added. The publisher of the original should welcome this. This would assist occultism greatly. New insights are often gained, years after an original text is published. With this stated, it really needs to have new insights or it is just copyright theft, pure and simple. If a publisher wants to use text from the original book,5

it should ask to do so. In a case like this, publishers need to ask permission to use the original text and credit the original writer. As an occult publisher, you should welcome this. It should create new demand for the original text that you have kept in print. In general, this should rarely be done. To bring occultism to the Next Level, we need new texts, new translations of books never seen before, not a redone version of the same old text. In regards to public domain books, we see all over the Net now. These are free for any publisher to use as they please. Many publishers are offering these occult public domain texts. I think Occult Publishing Guild Members should do the same. These texts need to be kept in print as well. Who knows what will happen with these texts, even if they are in the public domain. The Occult Publishing Guild should be the organization to make sure these texts are available to the public at low cost or in deluxe editions. Even if the other publishers in the Guild, are publishing it already, it is fine for each publisher to have their own edition of these public domain texts. One may want to offer a deluxe leather edition and the other a simple paperback. I see no problem with this in general. We do need to stay away from too much repeat publishing here as well. The members of an Occult Publishing Guild should make available ALL occult public domain texts. Whether this is a few publishers that split them up or one or two that publish most. Trade associations are common in the regular business world. It is time occultism has some too.


Chapter Three Basic StandardsThe following should be the basic standards an Occult Publishing Guild would offer. I am sure there are more to add to this but, this is a good start. Open communication between publishers is a must. Mutual co-operation on all levels.

Publishers agree to keep all texts in print for as long as possible with support of the Guild, if needed. This can be in any fashion best for the publisher but, it must be available to the general public. Publishers agree that versions of classic grimoire public domain texts, are good for occultism. These need to have a large amount of original content and not be copies of already published grimoires. Publishers should be willing to sell Guild Members texts and receive the usual profit for doing this. No one way streets here. All need to sell each others products and the publisher will act as a Drop Shipper for these sales. This makes the entire process easy and only adds profits for both. Publishers should seek out ways of working together and mutually assisting each other. No one will speak badly about the others books. Any problems need to be handled within the Guild law system. Guild Members will7

speak positively of each others books and post these positive comments on book sites like Amazon and others. Publishers will assist each other in stopping copyright theft. Regular occult public domain texts are free for all publishers to use as they choose.

These are just basic standards all publishers need to agree to. More can be added or these edited but, this is what is required to assist occultism in the years to come. The usual tactic of having occult publishers working against each other needs to stop. The mutual benefits and increased profits far outweigh petty infighting.

Publishing QualityAll publishers should try to publish their titles in the highest quality possible. Because occult texts are sought after books for many hundreds of years, providing quality texts is important. These are not requirements of membership but they are goals the Guild would like all members to try and achieve. All titles should be printed in hard and soft covers. Electric versions of books should be made of each title for future use if not used as a type of edition in first printing. Acid free paper should be used whenever possible.8

Chapter Four General Information The Publishing Guild is a free service. A web site will be built for the Guild that will serve as a general meeting place and for spreading the latest information and news. The Guild is International and we welcome new members from around the world. Membership is open to all publishers no matter the size of their publishing company. Proof of publishing activities is required. Members must agree with and comply with Guild Policies and actively support the membership in actions, not only words. Members not meeting the Guilds standards or not actively working with the Guild will be excommunicated. Members will sign a Non-disclosure agreement to protect all. Membership will be open to occult authors that have proof of publishing and distribution. A fee of $20.00 a year is required of individual author members. The policies apply to authors and publishers.


Chapter Five Active SupportIt is very cri