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SCAVENGER HUNT. http://www.oaisd.org/ctc/ Aubrey Holzinger. Find someone who is working the open house for CTC. Ask them how to get to the Diesel classroom – mark it on your map. See Map Included How did you figure out who was working the event? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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http://www.oaisd.org/ctc/Aubrey Holzinger


Page 2: oaisd/ctc/ Aubrey  Holzinger

Students taking Diesel/Heavy Equipment Mechanics will study the operation, maintenance, and overhaul of diesel-powered equipment while specializing in heavy equipment, trucking, and automotive applications. Electrical theory and components are also studied. Students work in the classroom learning about the various diesel engines and components. The lab provides students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with diesel engines. Each student will complete at least one engine overhaul during the school year.

Hey! You sound interested in Diesel/Heavy Equipment Mechanics! Awesome! Welcome to our open house! We hope that this SCAVENGER HUNT will help orient you to our program. Just follow the directions and you will get a taste for what it feels like to be a CTC student!

Find someone who is working the open house for CTC.

1. Ask them how to get to the Diesel classroom – mark it on your map.

See Map Included

2. How did you figure out who was working the event?

The workers were handing out maps of the building and all had either CTC shirts on or nametags.


Page 3: oaisd/ctc/ Aubrey  Holzinger

Find the chalkboard or white board where assignments and information are written. (It may not be at the front of the classroom.) In the blank chalkboard write the next assignment the class will do and one other piece of information found on the chalk board. Write one question you have about what is written on the board.


The pictures included show examples of what may be written on the board. Student may ask what a “Lab” is like in Diesel class or why you need to use critical thinking in Diesel Mechanics.

Page 4: oaisd/ctc/ Aubrey  Holzinger

Draw two to three tools or pieces of hardware you do not yet know what they are. Then make a guess at their use in diesel.


Students may struggle to draw pieces of machinery, but it will show their ability to understand what they are looking at and how curious they are to learn more. Also, drawing may help students who struggle with writing or verbal expression.

Page 5: oaisd/ctc/ Aubrey  Holzinger

Look for posters like these around the room. Find one. Copy the text from the poster below and explain what it tells you about the how students succeed in the class?


These examples show that attitude and attendance are necessary for success in Diesel Mechanics – a change from some high school classes these students may be taking.

Page 6: oaisd/ctc/ Aubrey  Holzinger

Locate a simulation in the room that you can participate in or that you can watch. Then complete the questions to the left.

Topic of simulation/ presentation: Parts of a Diesel Engine

Who participated? An instructor and several CTC students, I watched.

What were the steps? Write them by the bullets and draw them in the comic strip below.• Began on the outer shell of the engine

• Opened valves and named them

• Took apart outer shell to expose the inside

• Named the parts found inside the engine


This page again gives students a chance to observe and reflect on how they would participate in a class setting. They show understanding of process and ability to comprehend at basic level.

Page 7: oaisd/ctc/ Aubrey  Holzinger

Flip through the textbooks found in the classroom and look for worksheets posted around the classroom.Answer the following two questions by circling your response:1. This class seems:

a. Interestingb. Too difficultc. Boring

2. The text book looks: a. Hard to readb. At my level of readingc. Boring

Find an adult helper in the classroom and ask them how they work with students who have trouble, questions, or difficulty with the class. Ask them any other questions about Diesel that come to mind. Have them print and sign their name below.

Print Name:

Position at CTC:



Instructors: Jason Alberda and Kevin WiersmaParaprofessional: Dale DeLange and Al Heslinga