O Praise Him - David Crowder Band

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O Praise Him - David Crowder Band Chord Chart


  • O Praise HimDavid Crowder CAPO III

    VERSE 1:G Dsus/F# C2Turn your ear to heaven and hear the noise inside G Dsus/F#The sound of angel's awe, the sound of angel's songs C2and all this for a KingAm7we could join and singC2All to Christ our King

    PRE-CHORUS 1:Dsus/F# C2 How constant how divineDsus/F# C2 This love of ours will riseDsus/F# C2 Oh how constant how divineDsus/F# C2 This song of ours will rise, will rise

    GO praise HimDsus/F#O praise HimEm7He is holyC2 Am7He is holy

    VERSE 2:Turn your gaze to heaven and raise a joyous noiseThe sound of salvation come, the sound of rescued onesAnd all this for a KingAngels join to singAll for Christ the King

    PRE-CHORUS 2:How infinite and sweetThis love so rescuingOh how infinitely sweetThis great love that has redeemedAs one we sing

    CHORUS 3:Alleluia (O praise Him)Alleluia (O praise Him)He is holy (O praise Him)He is holy


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