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  • Higher Standards Superior Performance

  • THE NSF AUTOMOTIVE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM offers services for the entire automotive supply chain. The Auto Parts Certification Program verifies the quality and performance of a range of auto parts via testing and inspection to

    identify high quality parts that are equivalent to OE parts in form, fit and function. Manufacturers of NSF International

    certified automotive parts are eligible to pursue additional certification and to use the NSF International sustainability

    mark if they meet certain environmental requirements.

    Auto Parts Distributor Certification closes the supply chain gap between parts manufacturers and repair shops

    by addressing the key role distributors play in providing quality parts, ensuring full parts traceability and recall

    processes. The Repair Shop Certification Program enables repair shops to demonstrate that an independent, third-

    party organization evaluated and certified the capability of their facility, procedures, training and internal processes

    to execute higher quality, consistent and safer repairs.


    One of the largest U.S. certifiers of aftermarket automotive parts

    Thousands of certified aftermarket automotive sheet metal and plastic parts

    Globally recognized as one of the premiere registrars of auto manufacturing facilities

    One of the top 3 ISO/IATF registrars in the U.S.

    Hundreds of auto-focused auditors supporting the program

    Thousands of auto clients including OEM and major parts manufacturers

    NSF INTERNATIONAL is a global independent organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the automotive, water, food, health sciences and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment (nsf.org). The NSF mark appears on millions of food, water, consumer and automotive products. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide.


    Aftermarket parts are newly manufactured parts for cars and trucks that do not originate from the original car manufacturers dealers. The NSF mark will help you identify high quality

    automotive parts.


    Equivalent in form, fit and function to the

    OE part

    Manufacturing facilities go through a

    rigorous approval process before parts

    are certified

    Certified parts are test-fitted on vehicles

    Ongoing testing of parts and facility


    Avenue for feedback

    Publicly listed

    Limited lifetime warranty

    Full traceability of parts

    Meet all legal requirements


    Exterior lighting parts

    Front steel bumpers

    Rear step bumpers

    Vehicle energy absorbers

    Reinforcement bars (rebars)

    Vehicle bumper brackets

    Exterior sheet metal components

    Exterior plastic components

    Exterior proximity sensors

    consumers Body shops distributors Insurers> Can get quality repairs

    for their vehicles using NSF certified replacement parts

    > Benefit with lower costs from a competitive marketplace with affordable, high-quality options for repair parts that come with a limited lifetime warranty

    > Repair shops benefit because NSF certified parts are fit tested on vehicles to ensure they fit the first time, reducing time spent on repairs

    > More vehicles to repair, results in more work for body shops and fewer vehicles being totaled

    > Marketplace credibility with insurers and repair shops

    > Reduced return rates, resulting in greater efficiency

    > Increased use of aftermarket parts leading to more sales

    > Can make quality repairs using NSF certified replacement parts

    > Using cost-effective alternative parts can reduce the number of vehicles that are totaled based on repair cost


  • NSF certified parts have the quality and price point the

    industry is looking for. Techs and shop owners are becoming more accepting of aftermarket

    parts, and theyre more confident because they can see the quality.

    Cesar Nunez, Sales ManagerC&J Collision Parts & Glass Distributors

    Higher Standards Superior Performance


    The process does not stop with certification.

    Certification is just the beginning of a journey of

    continuous improvement and sales of the highest

    quality parts on the market. Manufacturers are audited

    against the highest standards in the industry on an

    unprecedented quarterly basis. In addition, NSF

    certified parts are purchased from the U.S. distribution

    system and tested at NSFs world-class laboratory on

    an ongoing basis. NSF certified parts, systems and

    processes are at an all-time high in terms of quality.


    Around the world, NSF International represents technical excellence in public health and safety, and the NSF mark is

    a symbol of this expertise.

    The trusted NSF mark can be found on millions of consumer, commercial and industrial products, including bottled

    water, dietary supplements, food equipment, home water treatment products, home appliances, plumbing and

    faucets, and even pool and spa components. This mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of

    the most respected independent certification companies in existence today NSF International.

    > After a facility is approved and a part passes all form, fit and performance tests, it receives the NSF mark.

    > Marking on parts is required for traceability, which is critical for any part that has poten-tial safety and/or liability implications.

    > The NSF mark ensures that it is fully trace-able from the point of final inspection back to the raw materials from which the part is made.

    > NSF certified parts are marked with two-part tamper-proof stickers, ensur-ing full trace-ability and guaranteeing that a part is truly NSF certified.

    > Decertified parts must be pulled from the shelves and have the marks removed.

    NSF is trusted worldwide to protect the safety and reliability of food, water, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive products, as well as other consumer goods. We have certified millions products to date and test over 24,000 products annually.

    NSF certified collision repair parts come with a limited

    lifetime warranty.


    In-plant quality control testing

    Manufacturer must have a current ISO or IATF registration and

    maintain an in-process quality assurance program

    Process for tracking and responding to complaints and returns,

    maintaining part traceability

    Part-marking system that includes part number, bar code,

    manufacturer name, and/or logo and a product recall procedure

    After certification, NSF conducts quarterly facility audits to test

    that parts manufacturers and products continuously meet the

    requirements of the program

    NSF Vehicle Test Fit

    Vehicle test fit is required for

    exterior parts

    Fit tested on vehicles to ensure

    they fit the first time, reducing time

    spent on repairs

    NSF Dimensional Testing

    All parts are compared to the OE service

    parts for dimensional conformance

    based on:



    Hole placement

    T H R O U G H O U T T H E S U P P LY C H A I N

  • NSF Material Testing

    Material tests are performed on all parts and

    compared to OE service parts based on:

    Yield strength

    Tensile strength

    Material strength/thickness


    UV testing

    Coating adhesion


    The NSF Automotive Parts Distributor Certification

    Program closes the supply chain gap between parts

    manufacturers and repair shops by addressing the key

    role distributors play in providing quality parts.


    The NSF Automotive Repair Shop Certification

    Program enables companies to identify shops that

    have been evaluated by an independent third-

    party organization which certified that their facility,

    procedures, training and internal processes are

    capable of executing high quality, consistent repairs.

    NSF Performance Testing Bumpers and reinforcement bars have an additional requirement for a dynamic functional test. Quasi static pole test determines the peak force a part can carry when mounted at the parts mounting points.

    Lamps are tested for illumination per

    FMVSS 108.

  • For more information, visit

    nsfautomotive.com or contact:

    autocert@nsf.org or +1 (734) 769-8010

    NSF International789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 USA



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