November Program: ROBERT O’BRIEN! - .November Program: ROBERT O’BRIEN!! Robert J. O'Brien, AWS

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    Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 7:00 pm, Lovers Lane UMC, Asbury Hall

    November Program: ROBERT OBRIEN!!Robert J. O'Brien, AWS NWS is the featured artist at the November meeting. He has been painting in the watercolor medium for over forty years and is an award winning artist and popular workshop instructor. He is a signature member of the American, National and New England Watercolor Societies as well as others. He recently

    won the Silver Medal at the 2016 New England Watercolor Soci-ety's Juried Members Exhibition at the Guild of Boston Artists.!!Robert finds beauty in the ordinary, subtle reminders of everyday life in rural New England. In his own words, he is driven to capture the vanishing landscape in my paintings before they disappear forever as a result of the steady hand of progress.!!Since 1998, Robert OBrien has traveled often to Southern France. The regions sun-splashed landscape and timeless quality of light has added a new dimension to the artists paintings.!!Be sure to cast your vote and then come to the November meeting for Roberts inspiring demo.! !


  • Bryce WeigandSWS President

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    Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together. John Ruskin!

    Jean Haines paints with water.lots of it! I hope you all enjoyed her demonstration last month as much as I did. Dollops of paint on 300 lb. paper, lots of water, some scrunched Saran wrap overlays, a critical eye with lots of practice and voila! a cluster of grapes, leaves and tendrils to tie it all to-gether. Jean really exploits the medium, mystery and magic of watercolor painting.!!Coming up this month is Robert OBrien from Vermont. Check out his website. He is a hugely ac-complished artist and we have plenty of space in the workshop at this time. Be sure to sign up im-mediately on our website under the tab of workshops. Bev and Lana will be coordinating this event with charm and humor as always!!!Our Athens paint-out over the weekend of October 7 and 8 was a big success. Thanks to Gaylord OCon, Lou Bono and Ron Stephens for making the arrangements and handling all of the coordina-tion. SWS received a nice welcoming letter from the Mayor of Athens, Jerry Don Vaught, and the hospitality and friendship of the Star Harbor Watercolor Society near Athens was also noted! Walt Davis started us off with a waterside demo early on that Saturday morning. Thanks again to all these folks for guiding us along.!!Please be thinking of a role you would like to play in the future SWS leadership. Our nominating committee is being formed in November and will be looking for those who want to involve more deeply in the guidance and direction of the Society. No task is too small no fee too large.. all are welcome in this place.!!Its hard to believe, but once the fall weather arrives, all of a sudden its Thanksgiving and the holiday season is upon us. Well be making plans for our annual holiday party in the coming weeks. If you have thoughts or visions of festivities for our group, please offer your suggestions to Connie Koval and Linda Sargent, our Social Chairs. !!In the meantime, I hope youre having time to carve out time for painting and perhaps carving a pumpkin as well.!!Bryce A. Weigand!SWS President!!

  • PAM WILSON Spotlight on Artist of the Month

    My birth father was an artist, a man with a lot of talent. He painted a mural on my bedroom wall when I was about five of all of the Disney characters in a western setting. Unfortunately, he developed cancer at the age of 31 and died 7 years later. I always felt like I had inherited some of his talent but never had the skills. Career-wise, I earned a CPA and worked in retail companies for several years (primarily Zale Corporation, Color Tile and Com-pUSA). After about 20 years in the industry, I accepted a consulting position for Deloitte and loved consulting with retail companies all over the country, Mexico and the Netherlands for the next 14 years, including Wal-Mart and JCPenney. !

    Three years before retiring in 2010, I was inspired to take watercolor painting classes, and over the past nine years I have been fortunate enough to have gained some skills from teachers who gifted me with their knowledge, including Lou Ann Bower, Pat Kochan, Cecy Turner, Jane Jones, Naomi Brotherton and Teta Smith. In addition to acquiring skills, I have had the pleasure of being a member of SWS and serving as its Workshop VP and as Trea-surer. Both roles were challenging, and I loved that I got to know so many SWS members. SWS is a very special organization, and I miss you all very much! !

    As for subject matter, I mostly enjoy painting people, often in conversation. Pat and Teta taught me to enjoy play-ing in acrylics and abstract art, which I share with my grandchildren. I enjoy learning art theories, generally learned by attending workshops with accomplished artists. My favorite thus far is Faber Birrens Color Triangle. At this time, I am fascinated with Stan Millers right and left-brain paths through a painting. !

    My goals are simple:!

    To get my photograph library better organized!

    To reduce the amount of supplies I waste!

    To attain signature status in SWS (3/5 there)!

    To continue my daddys legacy and leave my grandchildren with a heritage that reflects pursuit of a passion, perseverance, and proud accomplishment. !

    I love the Andrew Wyeth quote, One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes. !

    Happy painting!!

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  • Treat yourself to one or more of the upcoming work-shops by well-known water-color artists.

    Pricing note: First price is for SWS members. Non mem-bers pay an additional $50. In the future, prices may vary depending upon the featured artist.!SWS Members can register first for the first month of post-ing, after that non-members can register.

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    WORKSHOPS 2016-2017

    For information and to sign up, contact: Lana House-wright 214.725.5353, or Bever-ly Boren 214.460.1879,!!


    A deposit of $50 is required to hold your place in a workshop. Final payment will be required as the workshop date approaches. Watch the SWS website for details. Contact Lana Housewright or Bev Boren if you would like to be on a wait list for a workshop listed as FULL. !


    NOV 8-9-10 2016(3 DAY)



    FEB 14-15-16 2017$250 / $300



    Kathleen Conover "Chaos to Order: a recipe for success"!

    MAR 14-15-16 2017(3 DAY)

    ARTISTS SHOWPLACE$250 / $300

    IAIN STEWART www.stewartwatercolors.-com


    Iain Stewart I often use remembered atmospheric and lighting conditions in my work and would say that I paint from life and memory simultaneously. My watercolors are not only a translation of what I see, but more important-ly, an expression of how I choose to view the world.!



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    October Paintings of the Month

    October Paintings of the Month winners from left to right:!1st place: Walt Davis, Storm Coming!2nd place: Cindy Daunis, Apache Dale!3rd place: Belan Siy, Neon Doll

    Jean Haines was the featured artist for the October meeting. She came all the way from the UK to demonstrate her very fresh and loose watercolor technique. Jean is also a very popular workshop artist, and she taught two watercolor workshops that were full with many on the wait lists.

    Congratulations! to nine SWS members who achieved signature status at the 53rd Annual Membership Exhibition: Cindy Daunis, Sherry Daerr, Meghanna Joshi, Barbara McNutt, Marianne Phelps, Jackie Railsback, Cynthia Stone, Celene Terry, and Liana Yarkin.!


    Gail Delger had her paintings, Suns Coming Up and The Fish Whisperer, accepted into the Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition.Dean Mitchell was the juror. The show opens November 18th at the Mark Arts Center in Wichita, Kansas.!

    Marie Renfros painting Not Everything is Black or White was accepted into the National Watercolor Society show in San Pedro, California, giving her signature status.!

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    Marie Renfro: Not Everything is Black or White Robbie Fitzpatrick: Foot of the Bed

    Gail Delger: The Fish Whisperer

    Gail Delger: Suns Coming Up

    Robbie Fitzpatrick's watercolor Foot of the Bed has been accepted for Northlight' Books' Splash 18: Value- Light and Dark. Her watercolor Gentle Persuasion is a Finalist in the Artist Excellence competition. She is also a Finalist in the ARC Salon 2016 and has been featured in "Women in Art" in Southwest Art Magazine.

  • Don Taylor: Peace at 811


    New SWS member Don Taylor has won the following awards: The Blick award for Window to the Heavens in the 2016 MoWS Annual Exhibit; the Canson award for Artillery Man in the 2016 TWS Annual Exhibit; the Silver Award (2nd Place) for Angels on High in the 2016 Green Mountain Water-color Exhibit in Vermont; Artist's Achievement Award for Short Order in the 34th MTWS Annual Ex-hibit; Merit Award for Rat in