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November 20, 2014 Big Cypress Basin FY2016 Budget Discussion

November 20, 2014 Big Cypress Basin FY2016 Budget Discussion

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Text of November 20, 2014 Big Cypress Basin FY2016 Budget Discussion

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November 20, 2014 Big Cypress Basin FY2016 Budget Discussion Slide 2 2 By January 15, each water management district shall submit a preliminary budget for the next fiscal year for legislative review Distribution includes President of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chairs of legislative committees and subcommittees with substantive or fiscal jurisdiction over water management districts SB1986 Revised Budget Requirements Slide 3 3 By March 1, Legislature may submit comments on preliminary budget to the districts Districts shall respond in writing by March 15 Outcome of legislative review process (including any amendments to preliminary budget submission) becomes basis for tentative budget submission on August 1 SB1986 Revised Budget Requirements Slide 4 BCB Field Station FY2016 Budget Unmet Needs Slide 5 FY16 Field Station Unmet Needs Priority 1 Contract Spraying $50,000/year Priority 2 Aquatic Chemicals $150,000/year Priority 3 Tuff Booms $35,500/year for five years Priority 4 Contract Mowing $75,000/year Priority 5 Vehicle / Equipment replacement $260,000 Slide 6 FY16 Flood Control Unmet Needs Priority 4 Contract Mowing $75,000/year @ 4 mowing cycles per year Current average contract rates (other field stations) - $16/acre flat mowing - $ 120/acre side slope mowing 4 mowing cycles annually consisting of a combination of ROW flat, ROW side slope, and structures SFWMD case studies show contracting mowing is considerably cheaper than mowing with District staff This will free up existing staff to work on an aquatic weed harvester and other items as needed. Slide 7 FY16 Field Station Unmet Needs V1531 1994 Aquamog SRX109 Hours 15,050 ISSUES Operational Flexibility Need crane to relocate Relocation uses at least 4 employees, more if need to divert traffic Cylinder rebuild, A/C work, exhaust, spud tires, hydraulic leaks Replace Aquamog with an Aquatic Harvester and trailer = $150,000 Pony Series II from Aquatic Weed Harvester Company; manufactured in Spooner, WI One man operation for loading and unloading Boat handles larger payload before off loading Slide 8 FY16 Field Station Unmet Needs V1678 1996 GMC Sierra C3500 w/ Utility Body & Crane Mileage 89,861 ISSUES No power Suspension Exhaust leaks/manifold Overloaded TRUCK w/ CRANE & UTIL BODY - $95,000 WELDER/GEN SET/AIR COMPRESSOR - $15,000 V43517 2011 Ford F450 w/ Utility Body & Crane $190K average per fiscal year estimated over next 10 years Slide 9 FY16 Field Station Unmet Needs DescriptionAmount Aquatic Spray Labor (contractor) $ 50,000 Aquatic Chemicals150,000 Tuff booms (5 years) 35,500 Contract Mowing75,000 TOTAL OPERATIONAL$310,500 Aquamog Replacement150,000 V 1678 Replacement95,000 Welder/Genset/Air Compressor (V 1678) 15,000 TOTAL FLEET REPLACEMENTS$260,000 FY16 TOTAL$ 570,500 Slide 10 FY16 Revenue Update Revenue SourcesFY15 BudgetFY16 Forecast FY16 PreliminaryVARIANCE BCB Ad Valorem Taxes$9,031,618 $0 BCB New Construction Revenue$361,528$461,528 $0 Estimated USACE Reimbursements$123,920$1,113,259$605,078($508,181) Interest$150,000$80,000 $0 Right of Way Permit Fees$8,000 $0 Sale of Scrap Metal$1,500 $0 Service Center Lease Revenue$64,664$66,281 $0 Prior Fiscal Year Re-Budget$1,025,000$0 District Contribution$3,058,465$0 District - Picayune$1,347,806$122,131$107,100($15,031) BCB Recurring Revenue Total$15,172,501$10,884,317$10,361,105($523,212) Slide 11 FY16 Recurring Expenses Update Recurring ExpensesFY15 Budget FY16 Forecast FY16 PreliminaryVARIANCE Flood Control Operations$2,780,010$2,759,494$3,329,994$570,500 Collier County Secondary System MOU$1,000,000 $0 Restoration Operations$1,832,873$2,134,714$1,700,571($434,143) Restoration Projects$338,238$338,234 $0 Modeling & Monitoring Support$236,813$125,611 $0 BCB Service Center - Staff & Facilities$454,474$454,505 $0 BCB Capital Program Support$415,362$281,466 $0 Property Appraiser, Tax Collector & Self Insurance Fees $347,319 $356,550 $0 Recurring Expenses Total$7,405,089$7,450,574$7,586,931$136,357 Intergovernmental Agreements / Contractual Services$1,977,000$2,000,000 $0 Slide 12 FY16 Capital Projects Update BCB Capital ProjectsFY15 Budget FY16 Forecast FY16 PreliminaryVARIANCE Henderson Creek Weir #2 Retrofit$60,000$2,000,000 $0 Miller Weir #3 Rehabilitation$842,200$0 Fall Protection$237,900$0 Golden Gate #1, 6 & 7 Scouring / Slab Repair$190,000$0 COCO 1, 2 3 & Faka Union #4 Scouring Repair$190,000$0 North Area Communications Tower$250,000$0$50,000 Golden Gate Weir #4 Replacement$127,800$50,000$678,333$628,333 Cypress Canal Weir #4A1 Retrofit$0 $50,000 Cork 1 & 2 and CR951 1 & 2 Electrification$250,000$0 BCB Field Station Design & Construction$6,558,465$500,000 $0 Henderson Creek Diversion$1,000,000$3,200,000 $0 Capital Projects Total$9,706,365$5,750,000$6,478,333$728,333 Slide 13 Decision Points & Next Steps Decision Points Confirm changes to be incorporated, if any Next Steps Finalize District Governing Board policy on personnel & benefits Finalize FY16 preliminary budget for January submission to DEP and Governors staff Update 10 year financial forecast for next meeting based on preliminary budget Slide 14 Governing Board Feedback Discussion & Guidance