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  • In the heart of wine country, Rune Hilt, the proprietor of a small restaurant tucked away on Castle Street in downtown Geneva, N.Y., locks up at 1 a.m. after a long Friday night of serving far from typical expected food in a tavern. The Red Dove Taverns local wines, beers and ingredients attract a boisterous crowd of college students and Upstate New Yorkers looking for a new and tasty place to eat.

    Both proprietors, Rune Hilt and Giulietta Racciatti, describe The Dove kitchen as a bistro, gastropub or tavern. The low hanging, colorful chandeliers and simple chalkboard menu add to the simple yet artsy vibe at the Dove. Tall, thin vases of fresh flowers sit atop the tables. The funky dcor and red lighting sets the relaxing atmosphere as friends and family sit around dark-wooden tables to enjoy the local foods offered from the ever-changing menu.

    To be honest, I didnt expect to find a place like this in a small, wine town, Nicole R., the blogger of Nibbling Gypsy wrote. It had a gastro-pub vibe. Another upstate New Yorker, Russ A., writes in his restaurant review on Yelp,

    The ambiance is bistro like; dark and homey.

    The niche to the Red Doves lure is its infinite menu, according to its website. With the use of the freshest ingredients, the menu remains locally sourced and seasonal, says Nibbling Gypsy. The local producers include Red Jacket Orchards, Normal Bread, Windy Ridge Farm, Bellwood Farm and Autumn Harvest.

    The bakery simplicity is the core of the Dove; Normal Bread, a local producer of bread and bakery goods thats situated just three blocks from

    The lights begin to rise, the music fades in and there in the center of the stage isyour roommate? And, after scanning the stage, it clicks that everyone on stage recognizable. Theres that kid from your French class, and the girl you met last weekend at Sideshow. No need to wake up, your mind isnt playing tricks, this is Koshare, where all of your friends and classmates have the opportunity to get up on stage and dance.

    Back in September, Koshare had open auditions for all students to come and participate in Hobart and William Smiths largest club. Each student auditioned and was placed in at least one dance. For the

    past three months, these students have been diligently working, learning choreography, setting spacing, making costumes and staging lights. Finally this weekend, Nov. 18 and 19, they are ready to perform for an audience of classmates, faculty and community members.

    Koshare has a total of three shows, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and a matinee on Saturday at 2:30 pm. It is a free performance and make sure to get there earlyeager students and family members have been known to arrive up to two hours beforehand to get one of those

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    Four HWS Students Offered TFA Positions

    By Carrie Stevens 12Editor-in-Chief

    Red Dove Turns Heads, Serves Local Food

    Koshare Dance Collective To Debut 2011 Performance

    By Meghan Gaucher 14Herald Contributor

    Although Lucia Berliner 12 comes from a family of educators, she never considered becoming a teacher until this past summer. Both of my parents are teachers, my grandma was a teacher on my dads side, both of my grandparents were professors on my moms side, my uncle is a teacher, and my aunt is a principalit was a non-option.

    For the past 10 summers, Berliner has worked with young children, but only after spending this past summer in Hobart and

    William Smiths Office of Communications did she discover a latent passion.

    I didnt expect to miss working with kids as much as I did, and that was when I remembered Teach For America and reconsidered, she explained. When I learned that that they recently started an Early Child Education program, I was sold and I had to apply.

    In addition to Berliner, three HWS seniorsKristen Kush, Charlotte Lysohir and Gideon Porterhave been offered Teach For

    Photo courtesy of HWS Communications

    Since its establishment in 1990, Teach For America works to eliminate educational inequality across the country.

    Photo courtesy of Flickr

    Located in downtown Geneva, The Red Dove uses local ingredients to create a seasonal menu.

    Dancers in the piece Bardo perform in last years Koshare. This year, 112 dancers are participating in 21 pieces.

    Kevin Colton/Photographer

    By Caley Goldblatt 12Herald Contributor

    Models Str ut Their Stuf f

    Studio Renew Opens

    Advice from Dr. Blackwell

    Rockin the Smith

    Sur vive Registrat ion

    A Home Away From Home

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  • America (TFA) positions after graduation this coming May.

    Established in 1990, TFA is an education revolution that places top college graduates in low-income urban and rural schools across the country. Each year, the program selects individuals with promising leadership skills and a passion for helping others to serve two-year terms.

    The application progress is rigorous, and thousands of prospects are cut at each round. After completing an extensive online applicationwhich includes uploading a resume, writing a personal statement, and acquiring two letters of personal recommendationstudents partake in additional admissions process prerequisites including a two-hour online test, phone interview and final in-person interview.

    Berliner believes the third roundcompleting a one-on-one interview with a TFA recruiter and presenting five-minute lesson planwas the most challenging. At this point, youve already made it through the beginning, so you actually think you might have a chance, but you know that tons of people get knocked out.

    During monitored group discussions, one of the final application stages, Berliner said there are typically 10-12 candidates, and last year about 11 percent of applicants were accepted. According to The New York Times, TFA received 46,359 applicants in 2010 (up 32 percent over 2009), and a total of 4,500 seniors were selected.

    The thing that was the hardest about the application process was putting so much time and energy into identifying why you want to be part of something like Teach For America. You hear the horror stories of people dropping out after two days, and you need to really soul-search to figure out if you are strong enough to walk into a classroom and work with

    kids who may or may not have already lost faith in the American education system. After youve completely invested yourself in a mission and dream, its really difficult to face the reality that you might not get in.

    According to TFA, 15 million American children live in poverty, and the organization works to rid the nation of educational inequality; the program wants all children to have equal opportunities to receive an education. In total, TFA employs 33,000 corps members who teach more than 10 different subjects in elementary (pre-K to 6), middle (6-9) and high schools (9-12) in 43 geographical regions.

    After studying in school so much about social inequalities and conflicts, I began to realize that much, if not all, of these problems stemmed from a lack of education, said a double major in sociology and urban studies and minor in studio art. Education is supposed to be the great equalizer. But in reality, right now, education is doing more to keep kids starting in underprivileged situations in those same situations forever. I realized that if I could identify what I thought was the main issue in our country, then that was what I needed to pursue and try to change.

    Lyshoir will teach early childhood education in the District of Columbia area, specifically its inner district. For her placement, Berliner was assigned to pre-K through 8th grade in the Mississippi Delta area. Kush will teach high school chemistry in the greater Newark, N.J. area, and Porter will teach special education in Kansas City.

    For students who are interested in learning more about TFA, on Monday, Nov. 21, Amanda Ward 11, a current TFA teacher based in Memphis, Tenn., will be on campus to meet with students interested in the program.

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    elusive front-row seats. Squishing the audience in Winn-Seeley Gymnasium like sardines, Koshare is always a full house. About half of the audience ends up sitting on the floor, only a few feet away from the stage where the dancers perform. This cozy venue creates incredible audience dancer interaction, and the whole room seems to come alive when the show begins.

    This year, as with every year recently, we have more participants than ever before, says Pr