North East Transport Consultative Forum 31 st October 2011 Nestrans’ Regional Transport Strategy Review

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Slide 2 North East Transport Consultative Forum 31 st October 2011 Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy Review Slide 3 Background RTS was published in 2007, approved by Ministers 2008 Separate Delivery Plan published in 2010 Focus on delivery of approved strategy, but update a) to reflect updated policy advice and b) to better align it to the new Strategic Development Plan which will extend to 2030. Slide 4 Updates to national, regional and local policy Publication of the Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR) Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 Cycling Action Plan for Scotland Scottish Governments Economic Strategy ACSEF & Energetica Slide 5 Progress in delivering the RTS Nestrans invests around 3million per year in strategic transport schemes plus around 1million revenue expenditure Work with partners to deliver key infrastructure such as Laurencekirk Railway Station, cycling facilities, public transport schemes Progress with four Action Plans Facilitating and leading joint working (eg bus forum, freight forum) Coordinating strategic traffic models Supporting Partners in bringing forward key elements of the strategy airport, harbours, AWPR Slide 6 Results Rail patronage up Increasing numbers cycling Rate of traffic growth reducing Reduced casualties in accidents Increasing numbers using technological options Improving accessibility through better integration Slide 7 Strategic Development Plan and Local Development Plans Extending the RTS timeframe Planning for economic growth, diversity and population forecasts Ensuring a fit for purpose transport infrastructure Aspirational, yet realistic Slide 8 The RTS refresh Review of actions / policies identified in the RTS: Rapid Transit Park and Ride on the A93 and A944 Feasibility of a city centre shuttle bus Shuttle bus linking the port, bus and rail stations Transport Management Organisations Slide 9 A Refreshed RTS ? Covering the period 2011- 2030 Focus on rolling forward existing, agreed strategy Include the projects identified in Cumulative impact study Technology further opportunities Pedestrianisation or pedestrian priority? Role of travel planning and Getabout partnership Active travel as a key component of planning, especially masterplans School zones and school travel plans Infrastructure to support a shift to alternative fuels Slide 10