North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) Facilitated by Kathy Stillerman NCEES Coach for East Middle 2/16/11

North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) Facilitated by Kathy Stillerman NCEES Coach for East Middle 2/16/11

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North Carolina Educator Evaluation System


Facilitated byKathy StillermanNCEES Coach for

East Middle 2/16/11

Today’s Session

•What is NCEES?•What are SBOE & DPI expectations?•How does this impact the current evaluation process?•How are we deploying NCEES in I-SS?•How can I access NCEES?•How can I enter my Fall 2010 Self-Assessment?•How can I share my Self-Assessment with the administrator?

What is NCEES?What is NCEES?

• Web-based management system for evaluations of– Teachers– Administrators

• Used in conjunction with North Carolina– Professional Teaching Standards– Executive Standards– Evaluation Process

• Has capacity to address all aspects of evaluation process

• DPI & McREL developed it

SBOE & DPI ExpectationsSBOE & DPI Expectations

• 9/2/10 SBOE authorized full deployment of NCEES for all LEAs starting 2011-12– 25 districts are fully deploying NCEES this school year

• I-SS will fully deploy next year

• Minimum requirement by DPI for all LEAs, is that Summative Evaluation is entered into NCEES for 2010-11 school year for– Teachers & Administrators on Summative

What About Current What About Current Evaluation Process?Evaluation Process?

• Continue with current paper process throughout this year

• Principal submits all required documents to I-SS Human Resources

• Teachers required to have a Summative Evaluation will complete summative evaluation with administrator using NCEES

The Big Picture for This YearThe Big Picture for This Year

• NCEES Coaches, train teachers in use of specific components of NCEES software – February ERPD

• Accessing NCEES & Self-Assessment

– March ERPD• Summative Evaluation & Preliminary PDP

– What to expect?

– Follow up coaching• All teachers and administrators on summative

evaluation complete Summative Evaluation on NCEES

The Big Picture for Next YearThe Big Picture for Next Year• Full implementation of NCEES• August

– NCEES Coaches, train teachers in process & use of NCEES software • Review

– Accessing NCEES – Self-assessment

• Introduce Instrument & Process for:– PDP—Observations--Peer Observations--Record of Teacher Activity

– Provide additional coaching for teachers new to district & follow up coaching to current staff

Accessing NCEESAccessing NCEESClick on DPI link on I-SS homepageClick on DPI link on I-SS homepage(Lower left of page)(Lower left of page)

In Pull Down Menu “Choose Department”In Pull Down Menu “Choose Department”Select “Professional Development” Select “Professional Development” (Middle top of page)(Middle top of page)

Select “Evaluation Process/Training Select “Evaluation Process/Training Materials” Materials” (Left side)(Left side)

Select “Online Evaluation Systems”Select “Online Evaluation Systems”(Left Side)(Left Side)

Select Teacher Evaluation System Select Teacher Evaluation System DirectionsDirections (Middle of page)(Middle of page)

Click on Blue Link to Access NCEESClick on Blue Link to Access NCEES

On Feb 17th, NCEES link live on I-SS home page under “Staff”

NCEES Login DirectionsNCEES Login Directions


10 digit #1. Select I-SS in District menu2. Enter 10 Digit UID # in Username provided you by

NCEES Coach3. Enter in “123456”

your 1st time Password4. Click “Login”

Lose your UID,contact Site Coach

Pages 5 Teacher Directions

Secure & Nonsecure WarningSecure & Nonsecure Warning

Click Yes any time you encounter this

Security Information window in NCEES

Resource DocumentsResource Documents

Note theseTeacher Directions

are the most current.(Some images are not the same

as what you will see in NCEES)

Changing Password Changing Password (p6)(p6)

Do not changeProfile at this time

In green row

Write passworddown

Adjusting Settings Adjusting Settings (p7) DPI has deleted (p7) DPI has deleted Setting OptionSetting Option

User Agreement User Agreement (p7)(p7)

Accessing Self-AssessmentAccessing Self-Assessment (p8) (p8)


Calendar Calendar (p 10)(p 10)

Fritz Ludlow

ABC Elementary

Start Time, Status, School Year Start Time, Status, School Year (p10)(p10)

Fritz Ludlow

ABC Elementary

Note: End Time will be entered when Self-Assessment is completedSelf-Assessment Status will be checked when assessment is completed.

Before you begin entering your Fall Before you begin entering your Fall 2010 Self-Assessment Data into Rubric 2010 Self-Assessment Data into Rubric let’s review the next few slideslet’s review the next few slides(p11)(p11)

This sectionused duringobservations

You can add Comments, Files, Links, You can add Comments, Files, Links, Artifacts after each Standard Artifacts after each Standard (p11)(p11)

Places to write in Artifacts

Saving Work in ProgressSaving Work in Progress

• You can stop your work at any time and click on the Save icon at top of page. Your work will be saved in its present state until the next time you log into NCEES (p12)

• You may not have time to finish entering your self-assessment today and the save function will allow you to return at a later time to complete the Self-Assessment process

Self-Assessment Completed Self-Assessment Completed (p12)(p12)

Fritz Ludlow

ABC Elementary

Enter End Time (Top of Rubric)Click box next to Self-Assessment Status (I completed my self-assessment)

Click Save Icon at top of pageClick Done Icon at top of page

Click the Principal can view my self-assessment

if you are going to share

Begin to enter Self-Assessment Begin to enter Self-Assessment DataData

• Remember – To check all descriptors that correspond to

your Fall 2010 Self-Assessment– If you do not finish today: SAVE

To View Self-AssessmentTo View Self-Assessment• From mxWeb home page• Click on NCEES icon• Click on Observations (Green)• Click on Self-Assessment under Blue

Evaluator Tab (following screen appears)

• Click on Rubric for Evaluating Teachers to view Self-Assessment

Next 3 slides have screen shots of these directions

Sharing Self-AssessmentSharing Self-Assessment with with AdministratorAdministrator (p13) (p13)

Then click Observations

Click on Click on Self-Assessment Self-Assessment underunder Blue Evaluator Tab to View Blue Evaluator Tab to View

Then click on Rubric for

Evaluating Teachersto view

Self Assessment

When you are done for the day:When you are done for the day:

• Click Save icon

• Logout– Click logout arrow at top right of page

• Questions contact the NCEES Coach at your school first– If needed they will contact I-SS NCEES

Coach Jed Stus• Who will contact DPI or McREL if needed

Next StepsNext Steps

• NCEES Coach provide or coordinate follow up coaching and support to teachers– To complete Self-Assessment process by

March 9th

• March 16th introduce summative process on NCEES to teachers

I Forgot My Password I Forgot My Password

Enter 10 Digit UIDClick “Lost Password”

• Copy & Paste UID into new window• Click Next; an email will be sent to you• Open I-SS email in new tab • Copy secret code in email & paste into Reset

code window• Click Reset now• New password provided• WRITE IT DOWN• Go to NCEES• Log in with 10 digit UID & new password• Change password by following directions on

pg 6 of Principal or Teacher Manual