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  • •  North Bristol SusCom & Intro to Event •  Strategic Transport Investments to 2036 •  Current Project Updates: M4 Junc(on 18a // Bromley Heath Viaduct //

    RPS •  What can your business do?: Support for Workplaces // Travelwest //

    Travel to Work Survey •  Open discussion

  • North Bristol SusCom

    •  Company set by a group of North Bristol based employers

    •  Now have 25+ members who

    employ over 40,000 people // educate c. 30,000 students in North Bristol

    •  Encourage Sustainable Commu(ng - reduce conges(on, reduce pollu(on, improve quality of life, increase produc(vity, aSract employees/ students to the area

  • North Bristol SusCom

  • North Bristol SusCom

    •  This event is one of many we are running with South Gloucestershire Council/Travelwest to engage businesses on sustainable transport issues

    •  Events include:

    •  Filton – Growth in North Bristol, October 2016 •  Filton 20 Business Park - November 2016 and March 2017 •  Emersons Green – November 2016 •  Aztec West, February 2017 •  Bristol Business Park, February 2017 •  Yate, March 2017 •  Warmley, Today •  Cribbs Causeway, March 2017

    •  Iden(fy key issues and opportuni(es – feed into Joint Transport Study, Access Fund project and North Bristol SusCom’s Group Travel Plan.

  • SpaIal Planning to 2036 •  Joint Spa(al Plan (JSP) looking at where and

    how we can accommodate 105,000 new homes and 82,500 jobs to 2036 across the West of England – linked to Joint Transport Study (JTS).

    •  66,000 home already forecast and planned for – JSP looking at the addi(onal 39,000 and where they will go.

    •  Suggested Strategic Development Loca(ons

    nearby include: •  Yate/Chipping Sodbury – up to 2,600

    dwellings •  Coalpit Heath – up to 1,500 dwellings •  North and East Keynsham – up to 1,100


    •  Employment growth is focused on Strategic Employment loca(ons – Bristol & Bath Science Park

  • SpaIal Planning to 2036

  • Strategic Transport Investments to 2036

    •  In 2015, the four West of England Councils started a major study (Joint Transport Study – JTS) to shape the future of our transport network over the next 20 years.

    •  Summary document produced and contains recommended package of £7.5bn worth of investments to tackle current issues and future requirements.

    •  Clear need to reduce single car

    occupancy and increase public transport and ac(ve travel journeys.

  • Strategic Transport Investments to 2036

    •  Package of investment includes ‘smarter choices’ ac(vity to promote walking, cycling and new technology to move around

    •  alongside corridors of

    integrated ‘mul( modal’ investment to tackle conges(on and promote a shik in trip making from the private car onto more sustainable modes

  • Strategic Transport Investments to 2036 Corridors in the Joint Transport study include: •  Weston-super-Mare to Bristol via the A38 •  Bath to Bristol Corridor Current issues include:

    -  High travel demand across car, bus and rail modes.

    -  Experiences severe conges(on throughout the day

    -  Restricted access to South Bristol Proposals include -  Metrobus service along ring road -  New Park and Ride -  New rail sta(on -  Comple(on of the ring road/Callington link

  • Strategic Transport Investments to 2036 Corridors in the Joint Transport study include: •  North Fringe and Severnside to Bristol •  Yate and the East Fringe to Bristol Current issues include:

    -  Not well connected by public transport -  Experiences substan(al traffic conges(on -  Noise and air pollu(on problems Proposals include -  New highway and cycle link to new

    junc(on on M4 from the A4174 Ring Road

    -  New Park and rides (A420 and ringroad), new road and cycle link north from motorway junc(on and extension of Metrobus to Yate

  • Current Project Updates

    •  M4 Junc(on 18a •  Bromley Heath Viaduct •  RPS

  • Project Updates: M4 JuncIon 18a

    Study will look at the need for and opIons for a link between the M4 (Junc(on 18a) and the A4174 ring road. •  Phase 1: Define Objec(ves and Stakeholder Engagement – November 2016 to January 2017 •  Phase 2: Op(on Development – Feb to July 2017 with stakeholder engagement in May •  Phase 3: Statement of Business Case August 2017 to March 2018 with public and stakeholder

    engagement in August/September.

    The drak scheme objec(ves can be summarised as: •  Relieve conges(on to M4 J19 and M32 J1 and on A4174 Ring Road •  Improve safety by reducing conges(on and reducing queueing •  Unlock economic poten(al •  Improve network resilience and journey (me reliability •  Improve air quality in NE Fringe (broadened in feedback to wider environmental improvements) •  Protect and improve access for non-car modes (strengthened with feedback from stakeholders)

  • M4 JuncIon 18a

    The scheme(s) will be tested/appraised in various ways: •  On its own ie. with new M4 J18A and link to Avon Ring Road only •  With a northward link to Yate added •  With the south-eastern quadrant of the Ring Road also completed •  With the Impact of changes to Severn Bridge tolls •  There are so many other schemes in the Joint Transport Study that other op(ons may be

    tested, including public transport Any proposed designs will be future proofed to allow for addi(onal improvements. Assuming a sa(sfactory scheme is iden(fied then, aker working through all the stages of DfT scheme approval, and securing the necessary funds, the link might be built between 2023 and 2026.

  • Project Update: Bromley Heath Viaduct

  • Bromley Heath Viaduct

    Key Headlines: •  The southern Bromley Heath Vidauct needs essen(al repairs – funding secured through

    the Challenge Fund, part of a wider package of improvments along the A4174 ring road •  Council has also secured funding to improve pedestrian and cycle path across the viaduct •  Works will beging in June/July 2017 and will last 12 months •  Council has wriSen to Department for Transport and West of England Partnership for

    addi(onal funds to accellerate the works and reduce the dura(on from 52 weeks down to less than 30

    •  Businesses can also write in to suport the Council‘s request for addi(onal funding •  The viaduct currently carries 55,000 vehicles and 500 cyclists a day •  Works will be going on underath the viaduct so will not be visible to those queuing •  The Metrobus service to Emersons Green will now not start un(l aker the Bromley Heath

    works are completed.

  • Bromley Heath Viaduct: Traffic Management

    The current two lanes in both direc(ons over the viaducts will reduce to one lane in each direc(on. A cross over and road link is being created for the dura(on of the work.

  • Bromley Heath Viaduct: Traffic Management

    Traffic Management: •  This is one of the busiest sec(ons of the A4174 and will cause significant delays. •  The crossover on this sec(on could cause tailbacks of up to 8km and delays of up to 2

    hours at peak (mes on the road network and puong stress on the M4 and M32. •  Extensive queuing to beyond Emersons Green and beyond junc(on with M32. •  As part of the traffic management plan, alterna(ve routes are being assessed and will be

    publicised and signposted once determined. •  The Council’s sustainable travel team will visit businesses to encourage them to:

    •  hold mee(ngs away from peak commute (mes •  explore flexible working paSerns for staff •  working from home etc. during this work, •  looking at alterna(ve transport methods •  offering incen(ves including visits from Dr Bike


  • Bromley Heath Viaduct: VisualisaIon

  • Project Updates: RPS •  The purpose of the scheme in Warmley is to discourage all day commuter parking

    par(cularly where this causes safety or access issues, whilst minimising the impact of any new wai(ng restric(on scheme on local residents.

    •  The following two slides are the plans that are due to be implemented over the next month or two for the residents parking scheme around Tower Road North and the surrounding area.

    •  LeSers are due to go out informing objectors about the decision. •  The order needs sealing by the legal team and we have a tenta(ve opera(ve date

    following that sealing of May 2nd. This assumes there are no delays due to resource availability or weather; road markings being dependent upon that.

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