Non-Resident Recruitment @ IUPUI Trends & Initiatives

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Non-Resident Recruitment @ IUPUI Trends & Initiatives. Chris J. Foley The Office of Undergraduate Admissions Sara Allaei The Office of International Affairs November 2011. General Comments. Building new markets take 3-4 years to take hold. Planning for NR recruitment began in Fall 2007. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Non-Resident Recruitment @ IUPUITrends & InitiativesChris J. Foley The Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Sara AllaeiThe Office of International AffairsNovember 20111General CommentsBuilding new markets take 3-4 years to take hold.Planning for NR recruitment began in Fall 2007.First full year of NR recruitment began in Spring/Fall 2008 for Fall 2009 class.New NR freshmen have increased by 68% since 2006.Overall NR enrollment has increased by 73% since 2006.Key Domestic Recruitment GoalsIncrease transfer as well as freshmen enrollmentsIncrease prospect poolIncrease applicant poolIncrease % of applications completedIncrease yield on admittedIncrease retention

Domestic Recruitment InitiativesContinue previous initiativesExpand recruitment in Chicago-Milwaukee and West CoastAdded regional recruiters in Chicago & LAWill focus on high school and community collegeContracted with Royal & Co to expand and improve yield on names purchasesFoster more campus visitsDrive-in/Fly-in programNon-Resident Overnight Experience

Domestic Recruitment InitiativesIncrease participation in Jaguar Alumni Group (JAG) programIncrease number of feeder community college programs in California, Illinois, Florida, and WashingtonIncrease personalized post-admissions communicationsBetter coordination between diversity programs and non-resident initiatives (our non-residents are generally twice as diverse as our in-state students)

Key International Recruitment GoalsIncrease transfer as well as freshmen enrollmentsIncrease Prospect PoolIncrease Applicant PoolIncrease % of Applications CompletedMaintain Yield on Admitted StudentsMaintain 1st Year Retention and Increase Graduation Rates

Top Undergraduate Countries

International Recruitment InitiativesContinue development of IUPUI brand worldwideMaintain web profiles in languages of key target countries, increase IUPUI student reviewsDistribute scholarship announcements and new recruitment video to EducationUSA and other advising networksParticipate in selective media opportunitiesEngage current international studentsInternational Ambassadors ProgramInternational Peer Mentoring Program

International Recruitment InitiativesIncrease number of international transfer programsExpand enrollment from US feeder CCs: Seattle CCs, Vincennes, coordinate new domestic outreachImplement dual degree programs with SYSUEstablish new transfer programs with foreign institutionsExpand outreach to intensive English programsEstablish quarterly campus visit program for students enrolled at ELS Language CenterDevelop outreach program to regional IEPs

International Recruitment InitiativesExpand recruitment of government-sponsored undergraduate studentsExpand International High School Counselor Summer Fly-in campus visit programExpand participation in Faculty International Recruitment Travel Grant ProgramExpand participation of international alumni in yield eventsImplement new International Admissions system with capability for direct upload of documentsUndergraduate International Enrollment by Residency

Student Support ImplicationsInternational undergraduates require unique support system OIA adding a 2nd International Student Advisor positionLanguage support/proficiency development consider development of specialized EAP courses tied with block registration to key gateway coursesCross-cultural training for staff and facultyFaculty development related to teaching international students

Chris J. Foley The Office of Undergraduate Admissionscfoley@iupui.eduSara AllaeiThe Office of International Affairssallaei@iupui.edu19