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Noe Granado - Teacher - Technology Applications - TST - TECH 21 Phone: 956.698.2156 Fax: 956.504.5764 Besteiro Middle School 6280 Southmost Rd. Brownsville, TX 78521 Phone: 956.544.3900 Fax: 956.544.3946 PBWorks - Classroom: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Noe Granado - Teacher - ngranado@bisd.usTechnology Applications - TST - TECH 21Phone: 956.698.2156Fax: 956.504.5764</p><p>Besteiro Middle School6280 Southmost Rd.Brownsville, TX 78521Phone: 956.544.3900Fax: 956.544.3946PBWorks - Classroom: http://www.mrgranado.pbworks.comPBWorks - Campus : E-Mail:</p><p>UTB-TSC E-mail: Completing my M.ED. In Education Technology will allow me to analyze my way of teaching. Every course listed in the program, will be a great challenge for me. The projects can be integrated into my classroom syllabus. This will enhance my instruction during class. Master Technology Teacher Certification Program and E-Learning Certification Program are the few benefits of reaching my goal, in becoming a Master In Education Technology Teacher. Teaching is a skill that requires non-stop professional developments. Being part of DEIC (District-wide Educational Improvement Council), will help me understand Curriculum &amp; Instruction in more depth. </p><p>My family size is five, which include the following members: Son- Alexis Noel Granado(9yrs), Daughter-Valerie Hazle Granado(6yrs), Daughter-Stefanie Michelle Granado(5yrs) and my Wife- Velia Granado. My hobby is fishing. Kayaking is my usual way of fishing. Fixing Computers would be my second hobby.</p></li></ul>


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