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Mr. Kumar Sanjay, CLDO

Mrs. Indira, ALIO





Pg. No.


A. 1. American Economic Review 3-4

A. 2. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 5-6

A. 3. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 7-8

A. 4. Economica 9-10

A. 5. Quarterly journal of Economics 11-12

A. 6. Review of Economic Studies 13-14


A. 1. American Economic Review: Vol. 108 No. 8 August 2018

Table of Contents

Firms, Informality, and Development: Theory and Evidence from Brazil/

Gabriel Ulyssea. Page No. 2015

Do Larger Health Insurance Subsidies Benefit Patients or Producers? Evidence from

Medicare Advantage/ Marika Cabral, Michael Gerusoand Neale Mahoney. Page No.


Aggregate Recruiting Intensity /Alessandro Gavazza, Simon Mongey and Giovanni

L. Violante. Page No. 2088

Innovation and Production in the Global Economy/

Costas Arkolakis, NataliaRamondo, Andrés Rodríguez-Clare and Stephen Yeaple. Page

No. 2128

Government Old-Age Support and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Old Age Assistance

Program /Daniel K. Fetter and Lee M. Lockwood. Pahe No. 2174

Endogenous Disasters / Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau, Lu Zhang and Lars-Alexander Kuehn.

Page No. 2212


Marking to Market versus Taking to Market /Guillaume Plantin and JeanTirole. Page No.


Inference in Regression Discontinuity Designs with a Discrete Running Variable

/Michal Kolesár and Christoph Rothe. Page No. 2277

Fiscal Rules and Discretion in a World Economy /Marina Halac and Pierre Yared. Page

No. 2305

From Final Goods to Inputs: The Protectionist Effect of Rules of Origin/

Paola Conconi, Manuel García-Santana, Laura Puccio and Roberto Venturini. Page No.


Violence and Risk Preference: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan: Comment

/Ferdinand M. Vieider. Page No. 2366


A. 2. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy: Vol. 10 No. 3 August


Table of Contents

The Role of Information in Disability Insurance Application: An Analysis of the Social

Security Statement Phase-In / Philip Armour. Page No. 4

A Letter and Encouragement: Does Information Increase Postsecondary Enrollment of UI

Recipients? /Andrew Barr and Sarah Turner. Page No. 42

Cash-Flow Taxes in an International Setting /Alan J. Auerbach and Michael P. Devereux.

Page No. 69

Does the Election of a Female Leader Clear the Way for More Women in Politics?

/Thushyanthan Baskaran andZohal Hessami. Page No. 95

Private Provision of Social Insurance: Drug-Specific Price Elasticities and Cost Sharing

in Medicare Part D/Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein andMaria Polyakova. Page No. 122

Strategic Formulary Design in Medicare Part D Plans /Kurt Lavetti and Kosali Simon.

Page No. 154

Consumer Valuation of Fuel Costs and Tax Policy: Evidence from the European Car

Market /Laura Grigolon, MathiasReynaert and Frank Verboven. Apge No. 193


Can Online Off-the-Shelf Lessons Improve Student Outcomes? Evidence from a Field

Experiment /Kirabo Jackson and AlexeyMakarin. Page No. 126

Does Managed Care Widen Infant Health Disparities? Evidence from Texas Medicaid

/Ilyana Kuziemko, KatherineMeckel and Maya Rossin-Slater. Page No. 255

The Effect of Public Pension Wealth on Saving and Expenditure /

Marta Lachowska and MichałMyck. Page No. 284

The Impact of Financial Education on Adolescents' Intertemporal Choices /

Melanie Luhrmann, Marta Serra-Garcia and Joachim Winter. Page No. 309

Projections and Uncertainties about Climate Change in an Era of Minimal Climate

Policies /William Nordhaus. Apge No. 333

Multimarket Contact in the Hospital Industry /Matt Schmitt. Page No. 361

Trickle-Down Ethnic Politics: Drunk and Absent in the Kenya Police Force (1957-1970)

/Oliver Vanden Eynde, Patrick M.Kuhn and Alexander Moradi. Page No. 388


A. 3. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics: Vol. 10 No. 3 August


Table of Contents

Matching with Moral Hazard: Assigning Attorneys to Poor Defendants / Behrang Kamali

Shahdadi. Page No. 1

Multiple Activities in Networks /Ying-Ju Chen, Yves Zenou andJunjie Zhou. Page No.


Two-Sided Investment and Matching with Multidimensional Cost Types and Attributes

/Deniz Dizdar. Page No. 86

Preferences and Social Influence /Chaim Fershtman and Uzi Segal. Page No. 124

Electoral Accountability and Interdistrict Competition /Galina Zudenkova. Page No. 143

Should First-Price Auctions Be Transparent?/Dirk Bergemann and JohannesHörner. Page

No. 177

When to Confront: The Role of Patience /Alvaro Sandroni and Can Urgun. Page No. 219

Why Voting? A Welfare Analysis /Moritz Drexl and Andreas Kleiner. Page No. 253


A Pseudo-Market Approach to Allocation with Priorities /Yinghua He, Antonio Miralles,

Marek Pycia and Jianye Yan. Page No. 272

Contracts with Framing /Yuval Salant and Ron Siegel. Page No.315


A. 4. Economica: Volume 85, Issue 339, July 2018

Table of Contents

Wage Flexibility and Employment Fluctuations: Evidence from the Housing Sector /

Jörn‐Steffen Pischke. Page No. 407

Should Congestion Tolls be Set by the Government or by the Private Sector? The

Knight–Pigou Debate Revisited / Stephen Salant and Nathan Seegert. Page No. 428

House Prices, Wealth Effects and Labour Supply /Richard Disney and John Gathergood.

Page No. 449

The Economic Consequences of Political Donation Limits /John Maloney and Andrew

Pickering. Page No. 479

Clientelism, Contagious Voting and Governance/ Abhirup Sarkar. Page No. 518

Did the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly Set Monopoly Prices? /Marcus Asplund. Page No.


Did the Euro Common Currency Increase or Decrease Business Cycle Synchronization

for its Member Countries? /William Miles and Chu‐Ping C. Vijverberg. Page No. 558

Accounting for the UK Productivity Puzzle: A Decomposition and Predictions/ Peter

Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel and Gavin Wallis. Page No. 581


A. 5. Quarterly Journal of Economics: Volume 133, Issue 3, August 2018

Table of Contents

The Impacts of Neighborhoods on Intergenerational Mobility I: Childhood Exposure

Effects / Raj Chetty; Nathaniel Hendren. Page No. 1107

The Impacts of Neighborhoods on Intergenerational Mobility II: County-Level

Estimates /Raj Chetty; Nathaniel Hendren. Page No. 1163

Interfirm Relationships and Business Performance / Jing Cai; Adam Szeidl. Page No.


High-Frequency Identification of Monetary Non-Neutrality: The Information Effect / Emi

Nakamura; Jón Steinsson. Page No. 1283

Ranking Firms Using Revealed Preference /Isaac Sorkin. Page No. 1331

Long-Range Growth: Economic Development in the Global Network of Air Links /Filipe

Campante; David Yanagizawa-Drott. Page No. 1395

Divergent Paths: A New Perspective on Earnings Differences Between Black and White

Men Since 1940 /Patrick Bayer; Kerwin Kofi Charles. Page No. 1459


The Macroeconomic Effects of Government Asset Purchases: Evidence from Postwar

U.S. Housing Credit Policy /Andrew J Fieldhouse; Karel Mertens; Morten O Ravn. Page

No. 1503

Status Goods: Experimental Evidence from Platinum Credit Cards /Leonardo

Bursztyn; Bruno Ferman; Stefano Fiorin; Martin Kanz; Gautam Rao. Page No. 1561

Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver? Evidence from the Weatherization

Assistance Program / Meredith Fowlie; Michael Greenstone; Catherine Wolfram. Page

No. 1597


A. 6. Review of Economic Studies: Vol. 85 No. 3 July 2018

Table of Contents

Efficient Risk Sharing with Limited Commitment and Storage / Árpád Ábrahám; Sarolta

Laczó. Page No. 1389

Stagnation Traps /Gianluca Benigno; Luca Fornaro. Page No. 1425

Disclosure and Choice /Elchanan Ben-Porath; Eddie Dekel; Barton L Lipman. Page No.


House Prices and Consumer Spending /David Berger; Veronica Guerrieri; Guido

Lorenzoni; Joseph Vavra. Page No. 1502

Taxation and Labour Supply of Married Couples across Countries: A Macroeconomic

Analysis /Alexander Bick; Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln. Page No. 1543

Approximate Permutation Tests and Induced Order Statistics in the Regression

Discontinuity Design /Ivan A Canay; Vishal Kamat. Page No.1577


Something in the Air: Pollution and the Demand for Health Insurance / Tom Y

Chang; Wei Huang; Yongxiang Wang. Page No. 1609

Aggregate Implications of Corporate Debt Choices /Nicolas Crouzet. Page No. 1635

Decriminalizing Indoor Prostitution: Implications for Sexual Violence and Public

Health / Scott Cunningham; Manisha Shah. Page No. 1683

Social Networks and the Process of Globalization /Georg Duernecker; Fernando Vega-

Redondo. Page No. 1716

Asset Prices and Portfolio Choice with Learning from Experience / Paul

Ehling; Alessandro Graniero; Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen. Page No. 1752

Deadly Embrace: Sovereign and Financial Balance Sheets Doom Loops /Emmanuel

Farhi; Jean Tirole. Page No. 1781

Non-parametric Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed Effects /Joachim Freyberger.

Page No. 1824

Immigration, Wages, and Education: A Labour Market Equilibrium Structural

Model /Joan Llull. Page No. 1852

A Conversational War of Attrition /Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn; Lones Smith; Katalin

Bognar. Page No. 1897