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Niraj Itc Foods

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Marketing case study presentation on ITC Foods

Text of Niraj Itc Foods

  • 1. ITC Foods (Growth & Future prospects) -Niraj Agarwal -Nidhi Kalyani -Nidhi Musaddi -Pallavi Maheshwari -Poulomi sengupta 1
  • 2. Alternative Choices Expand its existing line of businesses. Acquire properties in India or abroad. Enter into unrelated businesses. Use the existing business to enter into new territory. 2
  • 3. Foods Leveraging the existing divisions Tobacco Division (Extensive distribution system) Printing & Packaging Division Hotels Division (State of the art (Cuisine expertise) packaging at cost effective rates) Foods Division 3
  • 4. Political Economic Competition Price sensitivity regulation Growth sector Tax policies Social Technology Lifestyle R&D Attitudes & Beliefs Packaging Education Distribution
  • 5. SWOT ANALYSIS -Already established packaging business. -Established Brand -Extensive Distribution Network -Unrelated diversification -Cash rich company - Efficient Procurement system (E-chopal) -Professional Management SWOT -Not its core competency -Large market -Competition from organized as well as unorganized -Booming IT Sector sector 5
  • 6. Agricultural sanchalaks Internet produce kiosks Strong supply chain management lower net cost of procurement
  • 7. PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS Infrastructural inadequacies Power back-up through Power supply batteries charged by Solar energy Telecom connectivity Upgrading BSNL exchanges Bandwidth Installation of VSAT Imparting skills to the first time equipment internet users in remote and inaccessible areas 24x7 helpdesks E-Choupal' E choupal services today reach out to over 4 Next 5 year Now million farmers in over 40,000 villages through nearly 6500 kiosks across ten states States covered 10 15 Choupal sagar in 2004 Choupal Pradarshan Khet brings the best Villages covered 40,000 100,000 agricultural practices to small and marginal farmers No. of e-Choupals 6,500 20,000 Farmers e-empowered 4 million 10 million
  • 8. Promising Business Idea Create customer value Market of adequate size -Hygiene -Growing Market -Product Range -Target Market :Niche, -Specialized Middle -Income, -Products Children Families Feasibility & Profitability Sufficient Degree of Innovation -Enough Resources -Hygiene -Cash Rich -Better packaging from -Utilization of reserves others &surplus -customization -Inter-connected business 8
  • 9. Causes Change in peoples lifestyle Increase in income Acceptability towards the product Globalization 9
  • 10. Effects Diversify its product line Expected break even by 2007 Utilization of existing infrastructure Introduction of E-chaupal 10
  • 11. Competition Monitor Biscuits- Britannia, Parle Confectionery- Wheat- HLL, Perfetti, Parle Pilsbury R 2 E- MTR, Kohinoor
  • 12. Challenges Competition from unorganized sector. Maintaining price & quality with rising commodity prices. VAT and taxes. 12
  • 13. The Road ahead Expansion in the rural markets through Chaupal Sagars Enter into fruit pulp market domestically

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