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  • 8/14/2019 Nippon Tei


    40 F L A V O U R Sby Fong Wai Ling

    NIPPON TEISerious about serving the best Japanese

    Nippon Tei, located on the 4th Floor of

    Suria KLCC is serious about serving

    the best Japanese food in town. The

    outlet has been operating for over 9 years in

    Suria KLCC under the management that pio-

    neered Japanese restaurants here in Malay-


    A buzzing crowd always seems to invade

    the restaurant during lunch hours of working

    days. During this time, its patrons are mostly

    made up of the ofce crowd coming from the

    many ofces around the city centre. Its really

    not hard to see why when the restaurant oper-

    ates on a fast food concept. Fast food in

    Nippon Tei equates to quick time cooking and

    prompt service as well as serving wholesome

    and healthy meal. Its also this very fact that

    garnered its steady stream of patrons from the

    moment the restaurant opens.

    Nippon Tei boosts a wide selection of

    choices from appetizers, main course to des-

    serts. One can easily nd something that sat-

    ises their idea of a good Japanese meal. Wevisited Nippon Tei on a Thursday evening. It

    was a rainy evening and the idea was to warm

    our stomach with hot miso soup and fresh su-


    The rst thing that caught our attention

    was the Nippon Tei Gozen (RM48). Tipped to

    be the most sellable item in the restaurant, it

    holds a delightful combination of sushi, sash-

    imi and tempura. Perfect for sharing and as

    an appetizer before you start your Japanese

    fanfare, the prawn tempura instantly became

    my favourite. Light and crunchy, it was almost


    My friend, a die hard sashimi lover ordered

    the Sashimi Gozen (RM53). With a choice of

    ve sashimi served, together with hot Miso

    soup and vegetable salad, there could be no

    other complaints. The llets were fresh, lightand sweet and goes perfectly well with the

    serving of rice.

    We also have the Sukiyaki set (RM28), a

    rich meal of thinly sliced beef served in a hot

    pot. The meal also comes with a bowl o f

    raw egg. According to Mr. Yan, Op-

    erations Manager of Nippon Tei, a

    lot of locals would pour the egg

    into the hot pot in a typical steam-

    boat fashion but the Japanese

    way of eating it is to dip the sliced

    beef into the raw egg and then

    having it with your rice. We tried this

    manner only to discover that it is

    indeed a delightful way of eating

    sukiyaki. The raw egg textureenvelopes the hot sliced beef

    and gives it a milky texture. It

    maybe a little intimidating in

    the rst place but do try it the

    next time you are there. Like

    they always say, Eat like how the locals do,

    We also ordered the King Prawn roll. It

    came rolling out in a grand presentation of

    sushi stuffed with prawn and salmon skin in

    between the shrimps head and its tail. Graced

    with avocado paste and mayonnaise, it added

    much satisfaction to our lavish meal.

    Finally, we had a dessert, made out of

    fresh yogurt; the Blueberry avoured yogurt

    provided us the sweet closure to our elaborate

    Japanese meal.

    All in all, Nippon Tei is serious when it

    comes to serving Japanese. All meals are care-

    fully constructed by their chef, where portionsare sufced and done in considerable cooking

    time. The restaurant also holds a pleasant, laid

    bank environment that is friendly for all.

    Lot 426/427, 4th Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: 03 2161 4169 / 2161 4176

    Opening hours: 11.30am 10pm