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  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications



    Stunning photography is jus

    Printed in Holland Code No. 6CE80030 (0801/A)K

    Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 SpecificationsType

    Ty pe Si ngle -l ens ree xdi git al ca me raL en s mo un t N ik on F m ou nt ( wi th A F co nt ac ts )Effectivepictureangle Approx.1.5xlens focallength(NikonDXformat)

    EffectivepixelsE ff ec ti ve p ix el s 1 0. 2 mi ll io n

    ImagesensorI ma ge s en so r 2 3. 6 x 15 .8 m m CC D se ns orTo ta l pi xe ls 1 0. 75 mi ll io nDust-reductionsystem ImageSensorCleaning,AirowControlSystem,ImageDustOff referencedata(optional


    StorageImagesize(pixels) 3,872x2,592[L],2,896x1,944[M],1,936x1,296[S]F il e fo rm at N EF ( RAW) : 12 -b it c om pr es se d

    JPEG:JPEG-Baselinecompliantwithne (approx.1:4),normal(approx.1:8),orbasic(approx.1:16)compression

    NEF(RAW)+JPEG:Singlephotographrecordedinboth NEF(RAW)andJPEGformatsMe dia SD me mo ry car ds, SDHC compli an tFilesystem DCF(DesignRuleforCameraFileSystem)2.0,DPOF(DigitalPrintOrderFormat),Exif2.21

    (ExchangeableImageFileFormatfor DigitalStillCameras),PictBridgeTex t i np u t U p t o 3 6 c ha r ac t er s o f a lp h an u me r ic t e xt i n pu t a va il a bl eD at e i mp r in t D at e , Da t e an d Tim e, D a te C o un t er , o r Of f s e le c ta b le

    ViewfinderVie w n d er E y e- l ev e l pe n ta - Da c h mi r ro r s in g le - le n s re ex v i ew n d erF r am e c ov er a ge A p pr o x. 9 5 % h o r iz on t al a n d 9 5 % v er t ic a lM a gn i c at io n A p pr o x. 0 . 8 x ( 50 m m f /1 .4 l e ns a t i n n it y ; -1 .0 m-1)Eyepoint 18 mm (-1.0 m-1)Diopteradjustment -1.7to+0.5m-1

    Focusingscreen TypeBBriteViewClearMattescreenMarkVR e ex mi rr or Q ui ck r et ur nLensaperture Instant-return,electronicallycontrolled

    LensCompatiblelenses AF-SandAF-INIKKOR:Allfunctionssupported

    TypeG orD AFNIKKORnotequippedwithan autofocusmotor:Allfunctionssupportedexceptautofocus

    Non-TypeGor DAF NIKKORnot equippedwithanautofocusmotor:All functionssupportedexcept3DcolormatrixmeteringII andautofocus

    IX-NIKKORandAF-NIKKORfor F3AF:NotsupportedTypeD PCNIKKOR:AllfunctionssupportedexceptsomeshootingmodesAI-P NIKKOR:Allfunctionssupportedexcept3D colormatrixmeteringIINon-CPU:Autofocusnotsupported.Can beusedin exposuremodeM,but exposure

    meterdoesnot functionLenswith maximumapertureof f/5.6orfaster:Electronicrangendercanbe used

    ShutterTyp e E le c tr o ni c al ly c o nt r ol le d v er t ic a l- t ra v el f o ca l -p l an e s hu t te rS pe e d 1 /4 , 00 0 t o 3 0 s i n s te p s of 1 / 3 E V; B u lb , Tim e ( op t io n al Wi re le s s Re mo t e Co n tr o l ML -L 3

    required)Flashsyncspeed X=1/200s;synchronizeswithshutterat1/200sorslower


    Releasemode Singleframe,Continuous,Self-timer,Remotecontrol(optionalWirelessRemoteControlML-L3required)Frameadvancerate Upto3fps(byselectingmanualfocusmode,rotatingthemodedialtoSorM,selectinga

    shutterspeedof 1/250sor faster,andusingdefaultsfor allothersettings)S el f- ti me r C an b e s el ec te d fr om 2 , 5, 1 0 an d 20 s d ur at io n

    ExposureM e te r in g T T L e xp o su r e me t er i ng u s in g 4 20 - se g me n t RG B s en s orMeteringmethod Matrix:3DcolormatrixmeteringII(typeGandD lenses);colormatrixmeteringII(other

    CPUlenses)Center-weighted:Weightof 75%givento 8-mmcircleincenterof frameSpot:Meters 3.5-mmcircle(about2.5% offrame)centeredon selectedfocuspoint(on

    centerfocuspointwhennon-CPUlens isused)R an ge Ma tr ix o r ce nt er -we ig ht ed me te ri ng : 0 -2 0 EV(ISO100,f/1.4lens, 20C/68F)Spotmetering:2- 20EVExposuremetercouplingCombinedCPUExposuremode DigitalVari-program(Auto,Auto[ashoff] ,Portrait ,Landscape,Child,Sports,Close

    up,Nightportrait),Programmedauto(P)with exibleprogram,Shutter-priorityauto(S),Aperture-priorityauto (A),Manual(M)

    Exposurecompensation -5to +5EV inincrementsof1/3EVExposurelock LuminositylockedatdetectedvaluewithAE-L/AF-LbuttonISOsensit ivity ISO100-1,600instepsof1EV.Canalsobesettoapprox.1EV(ISO3200equivalent)(RecommendedExposureIndex)aboveISO1600ActiveD-Lighting Canbeselectedfromon(auto)oroff

    FocusA u to f oc us N i ko n M ul t i- C AM 5 3 0 a ut o fo c us s e ns o r mo d ul e w it h T T L ph a se d e t ec t io n , 3 f oc us p o in t s

    andAF-assistilluminator(rangeapprox.0.5-3 m/1ft.8 in.-9ft.10 in.)D e te c ti on r a n ge - 1 t o +1 9 E V (I SO 1 0 0, 2 0 C /6 8 F )Lensservo Autofocus:Single-servoAF(S),Continuous-servoAF(C),Auto-servoAF(A),Predictive

    focustrackingautomaticallyactivatedaccordingtosubjectstatus insingle-andcontinuous-servoAF

    Manualfocus:Electronicrangendercanbe usedF oc us p oi nt S el ec ta bl e fr om t hr ee f o cu s po in tsAF-areamode Single-pointAF,dynamic-areaAF,ClosestsubjectAFF o cu s l oc k F o cu s c an b e l o ck e d by p r es si n g sh u tt e r- r el e as e b ut t on h a lf w ay ( s in g le - se r vo A F ) o r b y


    FlashBuilt- inash Guidenumberof12/39(m/ft. , ISO100,20C/68F)or13/43inmanualmode(m/ft. , ISO

    100,20C/68F)Auto,Portrait, Child,Closeup,Nightportraitmodes:Autoash withautopop-upP,S, A,M:manualpop-up withbuttonrelease

    Flashcontrol TTLfordigitalSLRusing420-segmentRGBsensor:i-TTLbalancedll-ash(withmeteringotherthanspot)and standardi-TTLash(withspot metering)are availablewithbuilt-inash,SB-800,SB-600,orSB-400, andCPUlenses

    Auto aperture:AvailablewithSB-800 andCPUlensesNon-TTLauto:Supportedash unitsincludeSB-800,SB-28,SB-27,SB-22S,SB-80DX,


    Flashmode Frontcurtainsync,slowsync,rear-curtainsync,red-eyereduction,red-eyereductionwithslowsync

    Flashcompensation -3to+1EVinincrementsof1/3EVFlash-readyindicator Lightswhenbuilt-inashorSpeedlightsuchas SB-800,SB-600,SB-400isfully charged,

    blinksafterashis redat fulloutputAccessoryshoe StandardISO518hot-shoecontactwithsafetylockNikonCreative FlashColorInformationCommunicationsupportedwithbuilt- inashandCLSLightingSystem(CLS) compatibleSpeedlight

    AdvancedWirelessLightingsupportedwithSB-800,or SU-800ascommanderS y nc t e r mi n al H o t Sh o e Sy n c Te r mi n al A d ap t er A S -1 5 ( Op t io n al )

    WhitebalanceWhitebalance 8modes(whenAutoisselected,TTLwhite-balancewithmainimagesensorand

    420-segmentRGBsensoris available),ne-tuningpossible

    MonitorMonitor 2.5-in. ,approx.230k-dot, low-temperaturepolysil iconTFTLCD,brightnessadjustment

    andwithautomaticdefeatvia EyeSensor

    PlaybackP l ay b ac k F u ll f r am e a nd t h um bn a il ( f ou r o r n in e i ma g es ) p la yb a ck w i th p l ay b ac k z oo m, s t op - mo t io n

    moviescreatedwiththe D60,slideshow,histogramdisplay,highlights,andautoimagerotation

    InterfaceUSB Hi-Speed USB

    Datatransferprotocol:MTP,PTPVid eo o ut pu t C an b e se le ct ed f ro m NT SC a nd PAL

    Supported languages

    Supportedlanguages Chinese(SimpliedandTraditional),Dutch,English,Finnish,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Swedish

    PowersourceB at te ry O ne R ec ha rg ea bl e Li -i on B at te ry E N- EL 9A C a da p te r A C A da p te r E H- 5 a (o p ti o na l, u s ed w i th o p t io n al P o we r C on n ec t or E P -5 )

    TripodsocketT ri po d so ck et 1 /4 i n. ( IS O 12 22 )

    Dimensions/WeightDimensions(Wx HxD) Approx.126x94x64 mm(5.0x3.7x2.5in.)Wei gh t A pp ro x. 4 95 g ( 1 lb . 1 oz .) w it ho ut b at te ry , me mo ry c ar d or b od y ca p

    OperatingenvironmentTem pe ra tu re 0 - 40 C ( 32 -1 04 F )H umi di ty L es s th an 8 5% (n on c on de ns in g)

    AccessoriesSuppliedaccessories RechargeableLi-ionBatteryEN-EL9,QuickChargerMH-23,USB CableUC-E4,Rubber(maydifferbycountryorarea)EyecupDK-20,CameraStrapAN-DC1,BodyCap BF-1A,EyepieceCapDK-5,Accessory

    ShoeCoverBS-1,SoftwareSuiteCD-ROM The SD logo is a trademark of the SD Card Association. The SDHC logo is a trademark. PictBridge is a trademark. Products and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Images on LCDs and monitors shown in this brochure are simulated. Courtesy of Santa Caterina Hotel, Italy.

    Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. JANUARY 20082008 NIKON CORPORATION

  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications


    Real Camera,

    The D60 is exclusively designed or use with AF-Sand AF-I NIKKOR lenses, that are equipped with

    an auto ocus motor.

    From automatic fun to creative fulfillme Are you looking for a real digital SLR thats easy to use?

    Do you want mobility without sacrificing capability?

    Would you like simple operation and enough features to

    step forward creatively? If so, then get to know the Nikon

    D60. Now you can experience the best of both worlds:

    enjoy one-button simplicity with AUTO, or try many

    exciting levels of creative control. There is room for

    everyone to explore the thrill and magic of photography.

    Have fun, and dont worry its a Nikon.

    Inspiring pictures without complication

    NIKKOR lenses or consistently sharp images

    Innovative dust-reduction system

    Compact and easy to navigate

    Fast, simple in-camera editing

  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications


    Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Exposure mode: [M] 1/60 second, f/5.6White balance: Cloudy ISO sensitivity: 200

    Real Beauty, Real Simplicity


    Air low Control Ducts

    See what a di erence Nikonmakes

    Built on 90 years o optical expertise

    and decades o award-winning camera

    designs, the Nikon amily o cameras

    covers every type o picture-taker

    rom seasoned pro essionals to

    travelers on vacation. The D60 is the

    latest example o Nikon innovation,

    trans orming complex technology

    into a un, power ul and easy-to-use

    camera. Nikon delivers the cutting-edge

    technologies you would expect rom

    a digital SLR ast response, creative

    versatility, breathtaking image quality

    while eliminating complications and

    rustrations so that taking pictures is

    enjoyable and stress- ree. With 10.2

    megapixels, the D60s image sensor

    delivers high-resolution pictures with

    rich, aith ul color and detail that are

    ready or stunning enlargements. It also

    gives you the reedom to crop pictures

    exactly as you want them. And with

    Nikons 3D Color Matrix Metering II, you

    can expect beauti ully exposed pictures

    under almost any lighting condition, with

    Nikons original digital image processing

    concept, EXPEED, comprehensively

    optimizing your pictures, shot a ter shot.

    Nikon Integrated DustReduction System

    Dust in ront o your camera sensor

    can mean distracting spots on

    your pictures. Thats why Nikon

    does everything

    to ensure clear

    pictures, including

    minimizing the

    build-up and

    appearance o dust.

    Nikons exclusive

    Air ow Control

    System is one o the

    two main protections against dust. It

    leads air within the mirror box towards

    small ducts near the base, preventing

    internal dust rom settling in ront o

    the image sensor. The D60s second

    orm o de ense is the Imaging Sensor

    Cleaning unction, which was originally

    built or the D300. Every time you tur

    the camera on or o , this unction

    uses vibrations to steer dust away

    rom the optical low-pass flter in ron

    o the sensor (deactivation and manua

    activation are also possible).

    Nikon enginee

    have also dealt

    with dust and

    other tiny parti

    in many other

    ways to preven

    such image-

    degrading mat

    rom attaching

    the flter or being seen by the sensor

    when you are taking pictures.

    With all these measures in place,

    you can concentrate on getting the

    shot while exploring the wide array o

    NIKKOR interchangeable lenses that

    Nikon digital SLR opens up to you.

    1. Air low Control System

    The Airflow Control System diverts the airinside the mirror box, minimizing dust infront of the image sensor.

    2. Image Sensor Cleaning

    Specialized vibrations efreduce dust on the sensor

    low-pass filter (OL

    Less dust on the image sensor means clearer images.

    Conceptual diagram

  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications



    Vibration Reduction Lens Sharp Pictures, Indoors and Out

    Even a small amount o

    camera shake could blur

    your pictures, turning a great imageinto an instant disappointment.

    Shooting in low light or with telephoto

    lenses that ampli y small camera

    movements are just two examples.

    With Nikons VR (Vibration Reduction)

    lenses, however, you can shoot in

    these situations and remain confdent

    that your pictures will be sharper than

    ever be ore.

    Every VR NIKKOR lens has its own

    specialized Vibration Reduction

    system built right inside. Unlike

    similar systems that are built into the

    camera body, each o NIKKORs lensintegrated systems uses specialized

    technologies that are optimized to

    match the optical design and common

    subject matter or a specifc lens

    model. Not only does this minimize


    related to


    shake more

    accurately and

    e ectively,

    VR built into

    the lenshas another

    signifcant beneft: a visibly steadier

    image through the viewfnder

    something that in-camera systems

    cannot o er. A stable viewfnder

    image makes composing easier and

    substantially more com ortable.Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED Exposu re mode: Digital Vari-Program[Landscape] 1/250 second, f/10 White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity: 200

    VR On

    VR O

    AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Exposure mode: [M] 1/10 second, f/5.6 White balance: Cloudy ISO sensitivity: 400

    Defning strength NIKKOR lenses

    A cameras lens is your eye on

    the world, and the quality o that

    lens will directly a ect the quality

    o your pictures. Thats why

    every NIKKOR lens is

    developed and designed

    by Nikons passionate,


    engineers. They start

    by choosing the most

    appropriate materials

    and then create the

    glass in their own

    glassworks unusual

    among camera makers.

    Some o the worlds most

    sophisticated technologies help

    Nikons experienced lens designers

    make the worlds fnest quality

    lenses, so that by the time any

    NIKKOR lens reaches your camera,

    it has been individually tested,

    inspected and fne-tuned to per orm

    at its best. With this truth in mind, its

    no wonder so many pro essional

    photographers around the world have

    relied on NIKKOR lenses or decades.This same level o lens per ormance

    can be yours, too. NIKKOR lenses

    mean amazing pictures and incredible

    tools to help you to capture your

    special moments

    per ectly.

    Two new examples o

    NIKKOR quality are the

    18-55mm VR and the

    55-200mm VR lenses.

    Compact and a ordable,

    both deliver tack-sharp

    pictures with accuratecolors and dramatic

    contrast. Quick, quiet

    and precise automatic

    ocusing assures sharp pictures or

    every scene you capture. And with

    Nikons VR (Vibration Reduction)

    technology located in the lens, you

    can count on more consistently sharp

    handheld pictures.

    AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mmf/4-5.6G IF-ED

    With VR lenses,you can count onsharper handheld shots.

    AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mmf/3.5-5.6G VR

    Real Quality, Really Sharp


    Metering sen


    VR lens unit


    VR mechanism

    An extensive selection of AF-Sand AF-I NIKKOR lenses are

    engineered to make the mostout of the D60s excep-

    tional performance.

  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications


    Rich, Smooth Detail with ActiveD-Lighting

    Sometimes, even aper ectly exposed scene

    will not render an ideal

    photograph. With di fcult lighting

    conditions, important details can be

    lost in the highlights and shadows.

    But with Nikons Active D-Lighting,

    the D60 can correct these exposure

    issues instantly and automatically,

    while you shoot. Simply set Active

    D-Lighting be ore you start shooting.Active D-Lighting is available when Matrix is selected for metering.

    Multi selector

    AE-L/AF-L button

    Built-in flash

    Command dial

    Mode dial

    Real Nikon, Real Difference

    Active D-Lighting button

    own pictures as the background.

    Graphic ormat uses visual displays

    to show shutter speed and aperture,

    as well as the mode dial every time

    you turn it to a new setting. TheD60 even recognizes whether you

    are holding the camera horizontally

    or vertically, and then automatically

    displays camera in ormation on the

    LCD monitor accordingly.

    Intuitive Menu Navigation

    The D60 lets you alter settings and

    unctions in many ways. For all

    the choices it o ers, the menu is

    still amazingly simple and intuitive,

    with navigation made easy thanks

    to a care ully considered design. I

    you are everunsure about a

    specifc eature

    or unction,

    simply press

    the O button

    or detailed

    in ormation. Its

    like having

    an onboard

    instructor to

    answer your


    The D60s

    convenient assist images help youselect appropriate camera settings.

    These use ul re erence images help

    explain the e ect that each unction

    has on your photos very help ul or

    exploring new eatures and making

    the most o the camera.

    Long-li e Battery

    The long-lasting rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL9 o ers up to

    500 shots per char ge with the 18-55mm VR lens (CIPA Standards)

    to keep the D60 shooting.EN-EL9

    Eye Sensor


    Active D-Lighting ON

    Active D-Lighting OFF

    Eye Sensor

    The Eye Sensor activates every time

    you look through the viewfnder,

    turning o the in ormation display

    on the LCD or

    com ortable


    1. Press the I butthe information shown to chooseting with theL

    2. Check the assist played and thenL button to sele

    Handy assist imag

    Selectable In ormation display ormats

    Verticalposition displayLCD informationdisplay auto- matically changes toa vertical

    layoutfor easierviewing




    ash illumination

    under almost any

    conditions, even

    di fcult lighting

    situations such as

    backlit subjects. With

    AUTO mode, you just

    point, shoot and let the camera do the

    rest. Its that simple.

    Display Format Options

    The in ormation display in the 2.5-in.

    LCD monitor lets you check essential

    camera in ormation quickly and easily.

    Choose whatever display ormat fts

    your taste best: each o the Graphic

    and Classic ormats have three color

    variations to suit your pre erences,

    while Wallpaper uses one o your

    Compact, Light and Com ortable

    At only 495g, the D60 is compact,

    light and ready to go wherever li e

    takes you. The D60s size is not the

    only actor to consider; its shape is

    ergonomically designed to ft in your

    hand naturally and com ortably. Nikons

    experienced engineers know that

    operating a camera shouldnt distractyou. Thats why each button and

    texture on the cameras exterior has

    been care ully considered or the

    most e fcient and uid operation


    The D60s bright, clear optical

    viewfnder is also designed with the

    user in mind, its help ul indicators

    and intuitive icons helping you

    achieve ideal composition with the

    optimal settings.

    Nikons Intelligent Built-in Flash

    Simply BrilliantProper ash lighting used to require

    skill, time and patience. With the D60,

    however, ash photography is simple,

    instant and accurate. Thanks to Nikons

    cutting-edge i-TTL ash technology, all

    the complicated calculations happen

    automatically, giving you balanced

    Even in AUTO, the D60's built-in flash gives beautiful,natural-looking results with perfect exposure.

    Bright, clear viewfinder offers useful camera information.

  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications


    Landscape: Ideal or beauti ul scewith great perspectives and optimi

    greens and blues.Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR ExpDigital Vari-Program [Landscape] 1/100 second, f/9 WhiAuto ISO sensitivity: 100

    Programmed Auto: Choose rom onautomatically selected shutter speed/

    ture combinations. Also allows control oversure compensation, metering, and other eaLens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Exp1/50 second, f/3.8 White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity:

    Portrait: Keep your main subject in sharpocus with a so t background or more

    pleasing portraits.Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-EDExposure mode: Digital Vari-Program [Portrait] 1/500 second, f/5.6White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity: 160

    Night Portrait: Capture your mainsubject in low light while retaining a

    natural-looking background exposure.Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-EDExposure mode: Digital Vari-Program [Night Portrait] 1/125 second,f/4 White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity: 100

    Aperture-Priority Auto: Simply select theaperture to control the depth-o - ield, and

    the camera determines the ideal shutter speed.Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-EDExposure mode: [A] 1/160 second, f/5 White balance: CloudyISO sensitivity: 200

    Auto (Flash O ): Captures scenes usingonly available lighting. Ideal or muse-

    ums, weddings or any situation where a lash isprohibited or inappropriate.Lens: AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II Exposure mode:Digital Vari-Program [Auto (Flash Off)] 1/15 second, f/4.2White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity: 1600

    Close Up: Find beauty in small details byocusing sharply on a small area with a

    so tly blurred background. Ideal or lowers andcoins or other small treasures.Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Exposure mode:Digital Vari-Program [Close Up] 1/30 second, f/5.6 White balance:Auto ISO sensitivity: 100

    Shutter-Priority Auto: You determine theshutter speed to reeze or blur motion,

    while the camera decides the ideal aperture.Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Exposure mode: [S]1/15 second, f/3.5 White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity: 200

    Child: Delivers resh, natural skin tonesor stunning shots o children. Clothing

    also vividly rendered.Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Exposure mode:Digital Vari-Program [Child] 1/50 second, f/5.6 White balance: AutoISO sensitivity: 800

    AUTO: Simply press the shutter releasebutton, and the camera handles all

    the settings.Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Exposure mode:Digital Vari-Program [Auto] 1/100 second, f/5.6 White balance: AutoISO sensitivity: 200

    Creative shooting is just a quick turn awayWith the D60, you will always be prepared to shoot a wide variety osubject matter. Just turn the mode dial to ft your shooting situationand beauti ul results are yours instantly.

    Real Versatility, Real Ease

    Manual: Choose both the shutter spand the aperture on your own. Re e

    the electronic analog exposure display orwith appropriate exposures.Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Exposure msecond, f/4 White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity: 200

    Sports: Freeze ast-moving subjectseasily, and discover great momentshidden in the action.

    Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-EDExposure mode: Digital Vari-Program [Sports] 1/320 second, f/4.2White balance: Auto ISO sensitivity: 400

    Quick responses, captured momentsAmazing moments can pass by quickly, butthe D60s ast 0.19-second startup, split-second shooting time lag and ast, accurateauto ocus capture more o these moments

    with precision. The cameras high-speedcontinuous shooting also helps capture

    ast-moving action at up to 3 pictures persecond* or as many as 100 (JPEG) pictures.

    *The astest rame ratescan be achieved bychoosing manual ocus,rotating the mode dial toS or M and selecting ashutter speed o 1/250 sor aster, using de aults

    or all other settings.

  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications


    A wide variety of in-camera Reto ch Men s

    Even after a picture is taken, the D60 offers ways to explore your

    creativity further. With a wide

    range of options to choose from,

    the quick, simple and extensive

    Retouch Menu allows you to

    create a duplicate image with

    amazing photo effects, leaving the

    original picture intact. And its all

    done in-camera without the need

    for a computer.

    Real Creativity, Really Quick

    The ri ht to ch Q ick Reto ch

    Sometimes you want to make sure that your picture has

    the best balance o contrast and saturation. For this, choose the Quick Retouch

    eature. It creates an automatically retouched copy that has been optimized or

    better-looking pictures.


    B e f o r e

    After Ori ina animation Stop-motion Movie

    Want more un out o digital

    photography? Try making a stop-

    motion movie rom a series o

    consecutive pictures. Simplyselect the rst and last rames

    rom a sequence o shots. You can

    easily re-edit be ore saving it as

    a movie by changing the starting

    image or removing speci c

    images. There are also several size

    and rame rates to choose rom.

    Cross Screen

    First choose the imageyou want to alter. Thenadjust the number opoints, ilter amount, ilterangle and length o points

    or the look you desire.

    Expect m ch more from yo rpict res In-camera NEF (RAProcessin

    Nikons NEF (RAW) ormat lets

    you enjoy an incredible amount ocreative reedom and control over

    camera settings even a ter the

    actual shot is taken. I time is tigh

    or you are unsure o which setting

    to use, its even possible to shoot

    rst with NEF (RAW) and make

    adjustments later. Thats right: you

    can take pictures, and then change

    the image quality, image size,

    white balance or even exposure

    compensation. All operations are

    quick, simple and do not require a


    With the D60, NEF (RAW)processing is a breeze.

    Use the creative optionsfor beautiful, stress-free


    Stop-motion movies can be played on the cameras LCDscreen, as well as on a computer (AVI format).

    Exp ore f rther Fi ter Effects

    The D60s Filter E ects let you

    experiment with color and light. Each

    o the Red/Green/Blue Intensi er

    e ects let you enhance the color o

    your choice. Try the Cross Screen

    eature to create starbursts radiating

    rom scene highlights.

    For other options, use

    Color Balance to modi y

    the entire image, or

    experiment with

    Skylight and Warm


    E x p o s u r e c o m p e ns a t i o n: +

  • 8/14/2019 Nikon Digital SLR Camera D60 Specifications


    Transfer and see picturesinstantly with NikonTransfer and ViewNX

    Nikons easy-to-use image viewing

    so tware, supplied with the D60, ensures

    quick and simple image trans er and

    browsing on your computer. You caneasily sort images with labels, ratings or

    keywords, which means you will no longer

    spend hours searching or speci c pictures.

    ViewNX also allows you to rotate images

    and play your pictures as a slideshow.

    The fo owin SD memory cards have bee tested and approved for se in the D60: Lexar128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GBPlatinum II: 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB*1, 4 GB*2

    Professional: 1 GB, 2 GB*1

    Panasonic64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB*1, 4 GB*2

    SanDisk64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB*1, 4 G Toshiba64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB*1, 4 G*1. If card will be used with a card reader or other devic

    the device supports 2 GB cards.*2. SDHC compliant. If card will be used with a card rea

    device, check that the device supports SDHC.

    Memory Card Capacity and Ima e Q a ityThe following table shows the approximate numbepictures that can be stored on a 1 GB Panasonic PRSPEED memory card at various image quality andsize settings.

    NumbImagequal i ty Images ize Fi les ize*1 Numberof consecuavailableshots

    shots ava

    RAW 9.0 MB 79 6L 4.8 MB 129 1

    FINE M 2.7 MB 225 1S 1.2 MB 487 10L 2.4 MB 251 1

    NORMAL M 1.3 MB 431 S 0.6 MB 888 10L 1.2 MB 487 1

    BASIC M 0.7 MB 839 1S 0.3 MB 1,500 10

    RAW+BASIC /L 10.1 MB *3 70 6

    *1. All figures are approximate and assume average file *2. Maximum number of frames that can be taken before

    stops. The actual number of photos may vary with thmemory card. Additional photographs can be taken asufficient space becomes available in the memory bu

    *3. Total file size of NEF (RAW) and JPEG images.

    Reveal close-up details in bloom

    Nikon o ers a wide

    variety o NIKKOR

    lenses or every type

    o shooting situation. For example, theAF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED helpsyou to capture a world o detail that

    most lenses and the naked eye o ten

    miss. Watch as your main subject

    stands out in striking relie against a

    beauti ully blurred background. With

    the Micro NIKKOR 60mm, exceptional

    macro photography is just a step away.

    Lens: AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED Exposure mode: [A] 1/200 second, f/8White balance: Cloudy ISO sensitivity: 400

    Real Gear, Real Opportunities

    The right light: soft, special,simple

    Nikon Speedlights are some o

    the worlds most advanced fash

    equipment, with technology that

    makes it incredibly simple to have

    dramatic and natural lighting in almost

    every situation. The compact yet

    power ul SB-400 Speedlight increases

    your lighting power exponentially,

    enabling fash photography rom

    much urther distances. The SB-400

    Speedlight is also capable o bounce

    fash, bouncing light o

    the ceiling or a so t,

    natural e ect that lessens

    distracting shadows behind

    your subject.


    Over 40 million NIKKOR lenses have been sold worldwide.

    SB-400 attached to the D60

    Editing power made simple:Capture NX

    Using exclusive U Point

    Technology, image

    enhancements like

    boosting the blueness o the sky areeasy and immediate. Just choose

    the area or enhancement and move

    the slider. Thats it. Practical, intuitive

    and amazingly simple thats

    Capture NX.

    Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VRExposure mode: [S] 1/80 second, f/5White balance: Flash ISO sensitivity: 100

    Bounce flash using the SB-400

    Direct flash

    ACAdapterEH-5/5a ACAdapterConnectorEP-5 CaptureNXUSB CableUC-E4*


    S Y S T E M C H A R T






    EyepieceAdapter DK-22




    Quick ChargerMH-23*2

    RechargeableLi-ion Battery EN-EL9*2

    Wireless RemoteControl ML-L3

    DiopterAdjustment ViewfinderLenses (-5 to+3m-1) DK-20C



    TheD60is exclusively designedforusewitandAF-I NIKKOR lenses thatareequippe

    autofocus motor.FieldscopeDigital







    TV Monitor*3

    Personal Comp

    PC CardAdapter*3 SD Memory CardReader*3

    SD Memory Card*3Semi-SoftCaseCF-DC1


    CameraControlPro2 Softwa

    *1: TheEye Sensorfunction may notrespond appropriately whenthis accessory is used. Ifthis is thecase, selectoff forShootinginfo autooff inthe setupmenu. *2: Suppliedaccessories *3: Non

    CaptureNXUSB CableUC-E4*2

    PowerConnector EP-5AC AdapterEH-5a

    RubberEyecup DK-20*2