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  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Speed and power, without compromise. Thats how Id sum up my impressiono the new Nikon D800. Established medium-ormat image quality isnow inside a phenomenal, incredibly responsive Nikon machine. At 36.3megapixels, the D800 produces unprecedented image quality and resolution

    within a body that boasts revolutionary technological advances. The 3D colormatrix metering III, wide dynamic range and the improved AF perormancein low light are just a ew eatures that are glaring improvements. The D800allows me to concentrate on the light, the composition and my subjectwithout having to think about much else. In years past, wedding photographywas traditionally captured with medium-ormat equipment or maximumimage quality. When the 35mm ormat was adopted within the genre, it waswidely accepted that image quality was compromised in lieu o speed andconvenience. Now, my wedding portraiture will have a depth its never shownbeore, and my style o shooting will be enhanced rather than compromised,thanks to the D800.

    When Im shooting beauty and jewelry in the studio or ashion on location,36.3 megapixels changes the industry standard: in image quality, dynamicrange, color rendering and the nal print. The detail rom the D800 producesthe look o a medium-ormat camera, but gives me the eel and response o aD-SLR. The improvements in rendering skin tone and specular highlights, aswell as abric and hair detail are superior to anything that has come beore.Autoocus quickly tracks models in motion. Nikons 91K-pixel RGB sensorhas noticeable improvements in metering accuracy, while the larger LCD iseasier to read. The camera body eels solid and ergonomically simple, whilealso eeling lighter and smaller than previous high-resolution Nikons. Newcameras always inspire me to test and explore, and all the useul eaturesin such a compact package will open huge creative possibilities or my high-quality prints and video.

    To me, cameras are more like paintbrushes than technology. The goal isnot megapixels or technique but the image, and while camera modelsare important, they are not the be-all or end-all. But ater a lietime usingcountless cameras, I have ound a new best riend. It was not love at rstsight. The sharpness and detail were initially intimidating, exposing my fawslike never beore. Subtle camera movements showed and dierences oacuity between aperture choices on various lenses were apparent. But now Iam enthralled with this technology. Why? Because the images almost eel asthough they were made with a 4x5 view camera! Special eatures like time-lapse photography and the improved HD video quality and fexibility also addtremendously to the cameras personality. Ater spending a month with theD800, Ill never be the same again. Perhaps the best compliment I can expressis that now I will think dierently about the images I make.

    As a modern architectural photographer I am always looking or a lightweight,compact and reliable camera system ullling the requirements o my personalartistic and client expectations. The Nikon D800 will set new standards orthe high-end 35mm D-SLR market. I have never worked with a 35mm digital

    camera that produces images with such exceptional quality and detail tillnow. Particularly, the live view mode enables extremely precise compositionsand easy ocusing in dim lighting, which simplies my workfow. Superiorquality lenses such as the PC NIKKOR tilt & shit lineup are indispensable orarchitectural photography. From my hands-on experience I ound that theyperectly match with the newly invented system and produce breathtakinglyclean, clear and sharp les. This camera gives me the photographic fexibilityto work at unusual shooting locations and capture images in an exceptionalrange o light. It denitely takes my photographic versatility and image qualityto a new level. What a new companion!

    The D800 On Ass ignment

    Rob Van PettenFashion (U.S.A.)

    Cli MautnerWedding (U.S.A.)

    Jim BrandenburgNature (U.S.A.)

    Benjamin Antony MonnFine art/Architecture (Germany)

    Printed in Holland Code No. 6CE11030 (1202/A)K

  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Lens: Af/2.8G E

    Exposur1 secon

    White btemper

    Sensitiv Picture C



  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Lens: AF70-200m

    Exposur1/200 s

    White b Sensitiv Picture C


  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Lens: AF70-200m

    Exposur1/15 se

    White b Sensitiv Picture


  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 200mmf/2G ED VR II

    Exposure: [M] mode,1/200 second, f/10

    White balance: Colortemperature (5,500 K)

    Sensitivity: ISO 100 Picture Control: Portrait


    Lens: A105mm

    Exposur1/500 s

    White b Sensitiv Picture C


  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure



    What does it take to render images perectly? Sharp resolution? Subtle textures? Color delity? Tones

    so nuanced that the viewer wants to reach out and touch them? All o this is possible with the D800,

    Nikons newest FX-ormat D-SLR. Its groundbreaking 36.3 megapixels and the powerul EXPEED 3

    image-processing engine oer imaging potential that rivals some o the best studio cameras, but withthe agility and durability o a Nikon digital SLR body. Depict the slightest change in light or shadow,

    on a piece o jewelry or in the glow o human skin. Still images reach a completely new height

    with unprecedented depth and details, both indoors and out, and this is only the beginning. Nikons

    exclusive 91K-pixel RGB sensor enables the Advanced Scene Recognition System to detect human

    aces even when shooting through the optical viewnder, adding even more o an edge to your AF, AE

    and i-TTL fash perormance. I your workfow demands broadcast quality video with high-delity audio

    recording, D-Movie will satisy even the most demanding clients. Moreover, the D800 shoots 1080p Full

    HD in both FX- and DX-based ormats, oering cinematographers a liberating versatility. All o this worksin conjunction with outstanding mechanical precision, as well as the exceptionally sharp and versatile

    NIKKOR lens lineup. Turn your imagination into stunning still images and spectacular video. Create

    something monumental. With the D800, you can.

  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    High-megapixel still images are detail-rich

    but data-heavy. With the D800, however,you dont have to sacrice speed or this

    privilege. Dedicated to understanding

    speed and its role in image making, Nikon

    engineers designed a powerul EXPEED 3

    image-processing engine exclusively or

    digital SLRs. From image processing and

    card recording to image playback and

    image transer, EXPEED 3 manages massive amounts o

    data at aster speeds than EXPEED 2. Even with specialized

    processing eatures like Active D-Lighting and high ISO noise

    reduction, capture speed is not aected. EXPEED 3 is so

    powerul that it handles data-intensive tasks such as Full

    HD video recording at 30p with ease. Youll also notice the

    dierence in your still images and videos through minimized

    noise and even richer colors and tones. In addition to these

    undamental advantages, the D800 reduces the kind o

    color phase shit that some cameras have diculty with in

    similar situations.

    High-megapixel sensors can really test the quality o your

    lenses, but you can be condent that the combination o

    brilliant NIKKOR lenses and Nikons intelligent processing

    measures will signicantly reduce lateral chromatic aberration

    to give you incredibly natural-looking results. Unlike other

    correction methods that simply eliminate chromatic

    aberration, Nikons method compensates or these color

    dierences in a resolving index or each color, making it

    particularly eective in producing images with stunning edge-

    to-edge sharpness. Moreover, because these corrections

    are made regardless o the NIKKOR lens used, this eature

    contributes substantially to achieving the sharpest images


    Tonal gradation is where an image transorms rom sim

    representing lie to taking on a lie o its own. The D800

    exactly that, with cutting-edge image processing that in

    vital energy into your images. Black is rendered as pitch

    black, and shadow details are subtle and rich. Even und

    harsh, high-contrast light, where some cameras can ai

    D800s gradation remains smooth with abundant detail

    tone all the way up the scale to pure white.

    Resolution, color and dy namic range: the perect trinity

    The D800 renders levels o texture, nuance and detail to your

    photography that, until now, have been the exclusive domain

    o the complicated medium-ormat system. Dene every

    eyelash, every line in tree bark, and every shimmer o light.

    Savor the exceptional depth in your still images with the

    astounding 36.3 eective megapixels, you can. Enlarge them

    as big as A1 poster-sized prints (59.4 x 84.1 cm/23.4 x 33.1 in.)at 200 dpi, or crop aggressively to reach the composition you

    desire, all without sacricing the detail and tonal range o the

    original. In order to maintain clean, high-resolution images,

    14-bit A/D conversion within the sensor and a high signal-to-

    noise ratio deliver phenomenal images in a diverse array o

    situations. The image sensors incredible potential does not

    stop with photography, either. For cinematographers ready to

    put their exceptionally sharp NIKKOR lenses into action, the

    D800s 36.3 eective megapixel data is eciently processed

    or exquisite 1080p broadcast quality video at 30p.

    Combining both high-resolution perormance and a wide

    ISO sensitivity range has nally become a reality. Nikon

    engineers have developed intelligent new methods to

    manipulate light transmission to the sensors photodiodes:

    rom the optical low-pass lter and on-chip gapless microlenses to the image sensors internal design, every measure

    has been taken to maximize and improve light transmission

    in order to deliver crisp, brilliant images with signicantly

    less noise. All this is possible under a wide variety o lighting

    conditions, enabling you to get the most out o your NIKKOR


    High-resolution, studio-quality images shouldnt be restricted

    to the studio. The D800 sets a new benchmark or high-

    resolution D-SLR cameras, with crisp clean images

    across a wide ISO range. Flexibility like this opens up new

    imaging opportunities or both still photographers and

    cinematographers alike during the magic hour, the time

    just beore dawn or at dusk when available light is otenbeautiul but scarce. Even at high ISO settings, the cameras

    intelligent noise reduction systems manage noise without

    sacricing ne details, giving the D800 the edge. The

    dierence can even be seen in low-contrast subjects such as

    hair and grass textures, which are oten essential elements

    o cinema as well as high-resolution portraits and landscape

    images. High image quality at higher ISOs also means

    that you can shoot still images handheld more condently,

    knowing that ast shutter speeds will reduce blur.

    Reducing alse color and moir is the main job o the optical

    low-pass lter located in ront o the image sensor. However,

    this benet is generally gained with a small sacrice o

    sharpness. Moir occurs in scenes containing repetitive

    details, such as strong vertical lines in architecture. Finding

    the right balance between benets and sacrices is the keyto higher image quality, and that is what the D800s optical

    low-pass lter delivers. As a result, the astounding 36.3

    megapixels unleash their potential through an optimized

    balance between sharpness and eectively prevented moir

    and alse color. Furthermore, the multi-layer structure o the

    D800 low-pass lter utilizes layers o antirefective coating

    that have been optimized or the camera, contributing to

    sharper and clearer images.



    Nikon FX-ormat CMOS sensor with 36.3 eectivemegapixels

    Standard ISO 100 to ISO 6400, range expandable toISO 50 to 25600 equivalent

    Optical low-pass lter optimized or sharpnessA strategic approach to turn light to your advantage

    EXPEED 3 image-processing engine: speed, versatility,and high perormance

    14-bit A/D conversion and 16-bit image processingrich tones and natural colors

    Lateral chromatic aberration reduction: Take ulladvantage o your NIKKOR lens collection

    &EXPEED 336Megapixels

    Rich tones and natural colors thanks to the EXPEED 3 image-processing en

    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Exposure: [A] mode, 6 second, f/8 White balanc

    Sensitivity: ISO 100 Picture Control: Standard


    ISO 100 ISO 6400


    Lateral chromatic aberration reduction


    Fine details can be maintained throughout the wide

    ISO sensitivity range.

  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Nikons revolutionary Advanced Scene

    Recognition System, introduced with the

    fagship D4 camera, is also employed in the

    D800. At its core is a 91K-pixel RGB sensor

    that meticulously analyzes each scene

    with the ne resolution. The RGB sensor

    can recognize your scenes colors and

    brightness with unprecedented precision,

    then use that inormation to implement various automatic

    controls and give you more natural-looking results. The real

    breakthrough, however, is that the sensor can detect human

    aces with startling accuracy when shooting through the

    optical viewnder. Along with ace detection, detailed scene

    analysis is utilized to support more accurate autoocus, auto

    exposure and i-TTL fash exposure results in a diverse range

    o compositional and lighting

    situations. The improved subject

    tracking is most noticeable

    when using 3D-tracking, whichcan maintain a ocus on moving

    subjects smaller in size than

    with previous generations.

    Auto-area AF and 3D-tracking are AF-area modes unique

    to Nikon that use your subjects color and brightnessinormation to detect ocus. With the D800 and its more

    precise inormation and subject recognition advancements,

    expect big steps orward or both AF-area modes when

    taking high-quality still images. In auto-area AF, the camera

    can genuinely detect human aces and ocuses on them

    immediately useul when aces are a priority and theres

    no time to choose ocus points. When using 3D-tracking,

    the sensors ne resolution combines with a specically

    optimized AF algorithm to realize unprecedented subject

    tracking precision, recognizing detailed patterns to keep your

    subject in sharp ocus.

    Proessional photographers who shoot still images know that

    Nikons metering system delivers supremely well-balanced

    exposures. Thanks to the 91K-pixel RGB sensor, the D800

    has ar more detailed scene inormation at its disposal

    including detected ace inormation. This data helps the

    3D color matrix metering III deliver more desirable auto

    exposures, especially when there are human aces present.

    When the D800 recognizes a human ace in a backlit

    situation, the camera determines the overall exposure while

    prioritizing the acial exposure, which might otherwise be

    underexposed. When a ace is lit rom the ront and appears

    much brighter than the background, the camera recognizes

    the situation and avoids blowing out the acial details.

    Nikons i-TTL system has long been considered the

    most accurate fash control system in photography,but now ace detection and highlight analysis by

    the 91K-pixel RGB sensor pushes perormance

    even urther. With the D800s enhanced

    i-TTL balanced ll-fash, you can more

    precisely illuminate peoples aces in relation

    to their surrounding brightness using either the built-in fash

    or an external hot-shoed Nikon Speedlight. For weddings

    and ashion shoots, or any photography that

    relies on the highest-quality still images, this

    new standard redenes what a fash system

    should be. Face detection also makes a

    dierence when Active D-Lighting is used to

    retain highlights and shadows in high-contrast

    lighting situations. Faces will be optimally

    exposed both in the sun and in the shade.

    The D800s auto white balance is incredibly accurate in

    diverse range o shooting situations, aided by unique Ntechnology that eectively identies your light sources,

    natural and articial. With the 91K-pixel RGB sensor and

    image sensor working together, the camera renders w

    as white with supreme accuracy. Or i you preer, the a

    white balance can be set to refect the warmth o amb

    incandescent lighting.

    Accurate AF detection is crucial

    or extremely high-resolution still

    images in every situation. The

    51 sensor points in the D800s

    AF sensor module work down to

    -2 EV (ISO 100, 20C/68F), the

    approximate physical limit o human

    visibility through an optical viewnder. For even more

    powerul detection, you can rely on the cameras 15 cross-

    type sensors in the center to detect both vertical and

    horizontal lines when using any AF NIKKOR lenses o /5.6

    or aster. Whats more, AF can be

    activated with eleven ocus points

    in the center with open aperture

    o /8*, which is a big plus when

    you combine a telephoto lens

    with a 2.0x teleconverter to shoot

    distant subjects.

    *Cross-type sensor is limited to the centerAF point only. AF may not be achieved in low-

    contrast or low-light conditions.

    Whether its a still lie, a portrait, a landscape or a candi

    street scene, your subject matter varies, but its importa

    doesnt. Thats why the D800 oers our AF-area mode

    each specically tailored to adapt to various subjects. S

    point AF is ideal when you need pinpoint ocus on stati

    subjects. Dynamic-area AF has three options (9-point,

    21-point and 51-point) and is ideal or shooting moving

    subjects. The selected AF point and the surrounding po

    keep your subject in sharp ocus even i it briefy leaves

    selected points. 3D-tracking allows you to maintain oc

    subjects that are moving erratically rom side to side. A

    area AF detects human ac

    and prioritizes their sharpne

    you an ideal choice or c




    Advanced Scene Recognition System with 91K-pixelRGB sensor

    More balanced results in i-TTL balanced ll-fash andActive D-Lighting

    More accurate ace detection in auto-area AF and

    subject tracking in 3D-tracking

    Light source identication or auto white balance inimages

    Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX autoocus sensor moduleor razor-sharp detection in low light

    Versatile AF-area modes

    The Advanced Scene Recognition System

    91K-PIXEL RGBSENSOR Detailed scene analysis wi th constant ace detection or more accurate auto control&36Megapixels


    3D color matrix metering III or more accurate exposures

    Accurate auto exposure results, even in backlit situations, thanks to the Advanced

    Scene Recognition System.

    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Exposure: [A] mode, 1/80 second, f/5 White balance: Auto 2 Sensitivity: ISO 100 Picture Control: Standard

    Cliff Mautner

    Auto 1 to render white as pure white.

    Cliff Mautner

    Auto 2 to render the warmth o

    incandescent lighting.

    Cliff Mautner

    The D800 can autoocus your subject

    as low as -2 EV.

    Cliff Mautner

    Image sensor91K-pixel RGB sensor



    Face detection onimage plane

    Light sourceidentication


    Face detection with91K-pixel RGB sensor

    Phase-detection AFAuto-area AF3D-tracking

    Exposure control3D color matrix metering III

    i-TTL balanced ll-fash



    Playback zoom oace

    Live viewexposure controlLive view metering

    Flicker reduction

    Contrast-detect AFFace-priority AF

    Subject-tracking AF

  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure



    Broadcast quality video in two D-Movie ormats&D-MOVIE36Megapixels

    Many lmmakers, multimedia proessionals and still

    photographers need the highly mobile, lightweight andcompact orm o a D-SLR in order to cover large events or

    make documentaries, music videos or movies. For these

    proessionals, the D800 is ready to create true cinematic

    experiences. By using the B rame data compression method,

    you can record 1080p Full HD video at 30p in H.264/MPEG-4

    AVC ormat with unmatched moving image integrity or up to

    29 min. 59 s* o recording in a single clip. Thanks to Nikons

    latest image-processing optimizations, the monumental

    power o 36.3 megapixels transorms to sharp, exquisitely

    rendered videos. Expect exceptionally smooth gradation

    in blue skies, with minimum block noise and beautiully

    natural movement rendered clearly and sharply. The D800s

    intelligent image sensor reads out movie images at aster

    rates than ever, signicantly reducing the rolling shutter

    distortion that can occur during panning shots or when

    shooting ast-moving lateral subjects like trains. Thanks to

    EXPEED 3, your movies will take on a distinctive look o their

    own, even with dimly lit scenes. Combine these benets and

    youll begin to realize exactly the new creative opportunities

    possible or photographers and cinematographers alike.

    *Maximum recording time varies according to rame rate, rame size and image

    quality settings. Maximum recording time or time-lapse photography is 20 min.

    The D800 is

    designed to stimulatecinematographers to

    explore dierent moods

    and perspectives by

    enabling Full HD and HD

    video recording in two

    rame ormats; Nikon

    FX- and DX-based movie

    ormats in just one camera. When using wide-aperture

    NIKKOR lenses, the large image area o the FX-based

    ormat* renders exquisitely shallow depth o eld with

    beautiul bokeh eects. The DX-based ormat uses an image

    area similar to 35mm movie lm, allowing cinematographers

    to shoot with picture angles that they are accustomed

    to. Having the advantage o two D-Movie ormats in one

    camera and an arsenal o NIKKOR lenses makes the D800

    an incredibly versatile movie-making tool.

    With the D800, it is easier than ever to reduce ficker eects

    during live view and video recording. Simply use auto in the

    ficker reduction menu to automatically identiy the ficker

    requency at the beginning o live view and switch to the one

    that will work best. You can also manually switch between

    50 Hz and 60 Hz.


    Frame size Frame rate

    1,920 x 1,080

    30p (29.97 ps)

    25p (25 ps)

    24p (23.976 ps)

    Frame size Frame rate

    1,280 x 720

    60p (59.94 ps)

    50p (50 ps)

    30p (29.97 ps)

    25p (25 ps)

    Full HD video quality and minimized rolling shutter eect:Dynamic movie shooting in diverse lighting situations

    Multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie: Creative movie-makingreedom in FX- and DX-based ormats

    Smoother video recording under fuorescent or mercurylamps: Auto ficker reduction

    Frame size and rame rate

    The D800s live view operation has

    evolved even urther, optimizing cameracontrol to become more intuitive or

    shooting video as well as still images.

    Simply clicking the live view selector

    switches between live view modes

    designed specically or still images or movies. Live view

    photography lets you shoot still images while conrming the

    exposure level on the LCD monitor*. You can even magniy

    images up to approx. 23x to check the exact ocus. For

    movie live view on the other hand, the D800 incorporates

    a dedicated exposure control or quality video shooting,

    enabling smooth exposure transition when shooting moving

    subjects. You can also shoot video with ull manual control.

    When needed, press the shutter-release button while lming

    to instantly capture still images in 16:9 aspect ratio. Each

    time you use live view, or either still photography or movie

    shooting, your image area and camera setting inormation

    will be clearly indicated, allowing you to conrm quickly.

    During movie shooting, you can now simultaneously check

    videos on an external monitor* using an HDMI connection,

    in addition to the cameras TFT monitor. And or those who

    need the purest video output or proessional quality editing,

    you can now record uncompressed movie live view ootage

    directly to an external storage device via HDMI interace.

    *When video is output through HDMI interace simultaneously with recordingto a CF/SD card, output image through HDMI interace will be smaller than

    1,280 x 720.

    The D800 is designed or crisp stereo recording with a

    external stereo microphone input. Attach the compact

    Stereo Microphone to record clear sound while signic

    reducing mechanical noise. An external headphone jac

    enables you to eectively monitor and control audio in

    isolation. While the audio level indicators oer visual

    conrmation o audio level, the microphone sensitivity c

    be controlled precisely in 20 incremental steps.

    Capture a variety o scenes and subjects at a breathtak

    pace. The D800s time-lapse photography lets you set

    intervals and rame rates in order to dramatically relay s

    moving activity at dramatic speeds. The D800 allows yo

    to shoot time-lapse photography with replaying rates r

    24 times to 36,000 times aster than normal. Time-laps

    photography les can be saved as a movie le.

    The D800 has addressed useul eedback rom

    videographers with convenient custom controls or D-M

    operation. Instead o rotating the command dial, poweraperture enables smoother aperture controls during m

    live view using a button designated via custom menu, w

    can be very convenient to conrm depth o eld. Index

    marking helps you locate important rames or later-sta

    camera editing and replay by attaching markers during

    recording. Markings are indicated along with the timelin

    which is easy to conrm visually.

    Audio levels can be visually conrmed both beore and during movie sho

    Note: Movie les o time-lapse photography will be saved in 16:9 aspect rarecommended to conrm image area in movie live view beore starting timphotography.

    Live view selector or optimized still images and movies

    View simultaneous live view output on external monitors andrecord uncompressed video via HDMI

    Comprehensive high-delity audio recording control

    Time-lapse photography

    Versatile custom settings or D-Movie

    16Note: Options support both high and normal image quality.

    *Exposure preview display and resulting image may vary, depending on thesettings used.

    *The aspect ratio o movies is 16:9 whichever ormat is selected. Also, in the FX-based movie ormat, the width o the image area is approx. 91% o that in the stillimage FX ormat.

    FX-based ormat DX-based ormat

  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure




    See every important element in your rame clearly and

    precisely. The D800 oers approx. 100% rame coverage (inFX ormat) rom its slim pentaprism, giving you the visually

    comortable FX-ormat advantage and an unobstructed view

    when shooting still images. The viewnder image is not

    only large and bright the ocusing screen is also careully

    designed to help you sense sharp ocus intuitively, be it

    manual or autoocus.

    Card recording speed is yet

    another crucial element o a

    smooth and productive shooting

    experience. The D800 CF memory

    card slot is compatible with the

    latest UDMA 7. The SD card slot

    is compatible with SDXC (Secure

    Digital eXtended Capacity) and UHS-I. You can also use twocards simultaneously or a number o unctions, such as

    recording JPEG and RAW data on separate cards, recording the

    same data simultaneously on two cards or backup and more.

    For a more productive tethered and transer workfow, the

    D800 is compatible with USB 3.0. When connected to

    equipment eaturing USB 2.0, speed is reduced to that o

    USB 2.0.

    The D800s shutter unit has been tested to well over

    200,000 cycles o release to prove durability and precision.

    While the shutter unit designed to run at a speed range o

    1/8,000 to 30 s, its intelligent sel-diagnostic shutter monitor

    automatically monitors actual

    shutter speeds in order to correct

    possible variances that can occur

    over time.

    For true digital SLR

    excellence, the cameras

    mechanical structure, power

    and precision are vital to

    ensure indispensable speed

    and reliability. Thats why

    Nikon utilized its engineering

    expertise to rene the

    powerul sequential control

    mechanism that drives the

    shutter, mirror, and aperture independently. As a result,

    shutter release can be operated with mirror-up position

    during live view. Because mirror-down movement is no

    required, you can expect even quieter still live view sho

    And as power aperture control operates via the steppin

    motor, the sound o mechanical adjustment is reduced

    quieter and smoother control.

    A comprehensive re-working o the D800s circuits now

    enables approx. 900 shots* o still image

    shooting. All on one charge o an EN-EL15

    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

    *Based on CIPA Standards.

    Attach the MB-D12 to the

    camera body to extend

    battery stamina. The pack

    accommodates a variety o

    batteries (see specications)

    and utilizes the same integral magnesium alloy constru

    and weather sealing as the D800 body itsel. You also g

    approx. 6 ps continuous shooting speed* in DX ormat

    MB-D12 has its own dedicated shutter-release button a

    command dials or vertical composition shooting.

    *When using batteries other than EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

    The D800 is designed to respond immediately. Once the

    strategically located switch is turned on, the camera starts

    up in approx. 0.12 seconds* and your nger is in position

    or shutter release. Release time lag is minimized to

    approx. 0.042 seconds*, equivalent to that o the D3S, with

    continuous approx. 4 ps capability in FX ormat, approx.

    5 ps in 1.2x and DX ormat and approx. 6 ps capability in DX

    ormat** with MB-D12.

    *Based on CIPA Guidelines.

    **When used together with batteries other than EN-EL15.

    The D800s large and sharp color LCD monitor

    delivers bright, crisp image playback with

    a much larger capacity or accurate color

    reproduction. Using an antirefective structure,

    you can count on clarity equal to that o the

    D4, even under bright conditions. Moreover, imonitor brightness is set to Auto, the camera

    automatically adjusts LCD brightness according

    to the environmental lighting conditions

    measured by the ambient brightness sensor,

    allowing easy use o live view in both bright and

    low-lit places very useul when shooting video

    and stills. The ability to magniy playback images

    up to 46x (Large-size images in FX ormat) is

    extremely helpul or spot ocus conrmation.

    Many important parts o the D800 have been designedto achieve better durability and lighter weight. The result

    is a camera approx. 10% lighter than the D700, yet just

    as rugged. A magnesium alloy construction

    protects the sophisticated technologies

    against accidental shock, and weather and

    dust sealing has been extensively applied and

    severely tested, making the D800 as reliable

    on the road as it is in the studio.

    Approx.100% optical viewnder, 8-cm (3.2-in.) color-rich LCD, magnesium alloybody, dual card slots&RELIABILITY36Megapixels

    Glass prism optical viewnder with approximately 100% rame coverage

    Precision 8-cm (3.2-in.), approx. 921k-dot, wide-viewing-angle LCD monitor with automatic monitor brightness control

    Lightweight yet durable construction

    High-speed CF and SD dual card slots

    Ecient power management

    MB-D12 Multi-Power Battery Pack (optional)

    High-speed data transer with USB 3.0

    High-precision, high-durability shutter

    Fast response time High-precision sequential control mechanism


    LCD monitor with an integrated structure o glassand panel realizes a clearer image

    Conventional modelsAir space between glass and panel causes refections atthe suraces o each part, resulting in some light loss.

    Ambient brightness sensor


    D800Surace refection is reduced and light loss greatlydecreased by the integrated structure o glass and panel.







  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Angle, shape, contour, and

    texture: all o these designacets came into play

    when crating the D800s

    shutter-release button.

    Your index nger can rest

    comortably or longer

    periods o time, allowing

    you to concentrate when it matters, while the designated

    movie-record button means youre ready to trigger movie

    shooting in an instant.


    The D800 can shoot two

    rames in a single shutterrelease, but at dierent

    exposures: one overexposed

    and one underexposed.

    The camera then instantly

    combines them to create

    an image covering a wider

    dynamic range. The range can be widened by up to 3 EV or

    dierent looks, all ull o saturation and tonal gradation, while

    the smoothness o the edge where the two exposures meet

    can be adjusted or a more natural appearance.

    Note: Tripod use is recommended.

    The D800 comes equipped with an auto option or min

    shutter speed that automatically controls the balancebetween shutter speed and the ISO sensitivity based o

    ocal length o the lens being used. This can be particul

    useul when using a zoom lens, because the camera ca

    automatically choose the shutter speed to reduce came

    shake. Whats more, through the operation o ISO butt

    and sub-command dial, auto ISO sensitivity control can

    immediately turned on or o, without needing to enter


    The D800 oers our image area options: FX ormat (35

    24.0 mm), 5:4 (30.0 x 24.0 mm), 1.2x (30.0 x 19.9 mm)

    DX ormat (23.4 x 15.6 mm) with all cropped image are

    visually masked in the viewnder. DX ormat oers app

    1.5x, and 1.2x crop oers approx.1.2x telephoto eect.

    When a DX NIKKOR lens is used, DX ormat is automa


    Captured images and movies can be altered and edited

    camera and on the fy i required, all without the need t

    resort to a computer. Retouch menus include an array o

    useul eatures such as NEF (RAW) processing, resize,

    distortion control, sheye, miniature eect, red-eye

    correction, lter eects and image overlay, as well as th

    ability to designate the start and end point o movie clip

    at once, in order to save them more eciently.

    Customize the look

    o your stills andvideos through Picture

    Controls by ne-tuning

    parameters such as

    sharpening, saturation,

    and hue. The D800 now

    allows you to access

    Picture Control instantly

    and directly rom a

    dedicated button rather than entering the menu. When live

    view shooting, you can visually conrm how customized

    Picture Control settings will look and easily adjust the


    With the D800, you can always

    check the LCD monitor orthe viewnder or both the

    cameras position in relation

    to the horizontal plane and its

    pitch (orward or rear rotation).

    This can enhance compositional

    accuracy, particularly when

    shooting still lies, landscapes

    and architecture.

    The D800s white balanceproves its reliability even when

    using an external fash and live

    view in the studio environment.

    The monitor hue o live view

    and resulting images white

    balance can be individually

    set so that the dierence

    between the two is minimized. Furthermore, or even more

    control, color temperature can be manually set in 10-kelvin

    increments or in mired units.

    Control your desired AF

    mode (continuous or single

    servo) and AF-area mode

    (single-point, dynamic-

    area, 3D-tracking or auto-

    area AF) without ever

    taking your eye away rom

    the viewnder. By using

    a dedicated AF-mode button and command dials, you can

    switch between modes without interrupting your creative


    Important camera settings

    can be controlled and adjusted

    rom buttons placed on

    the top deck. Along with

    dedicated buttons or ISO,

    white balance and image

    quality, a new bracketing

    button has been strategically

    placed to aid such eatures as HDR. In addition, the release

    mode dial also improves mode visibility and operability.

    Strategic layout o buttons and dials or fuid operation&ERGONOMICS36Megapixels

    Improvements around the shutter-release button

    Four-button layout and release mode dial on the

    cameras top deck

    Accurate conrmation o level shooting: Dual-axiselectronic virtual horizon

    Shoot with multiple ormats in one camera: Image aoptions

    Choosing AF mode and AF-area mode combinations

    Expand dynamic range: HDR (High Dynamic Range)

    Rened color temperature control: Minute control overwhite balance

    Image enhancement options: In-camera editing

    Direct access to Picture ControlShoot achieving reduced blur with zoom lenses in dAuto shutter speed control or auto ISO sensitivity co



    Shutter speed: 1/25 second Aperture: f/4 Focal length: 24mm Sensitivity: Auto (ISO 900)

    Cliff Mautner

    Shutter speed: 1/100 second ApertuFocallength:120mm Sensitivity:Auto

    Cliff Mautner

    Picture Control button

    LCD monitor display

    Viewnder display

  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure



    AdmontBenedictineMonastery Library

    The dening strength to match outstanding resolution or stills and videos Get studio quality lighting virtually anywhere

    To best draw out the ull potential that a 36.3 megapixel camera can oer, lens quality is o vital importance.

    Even subtle dierences in optical perormance make a dierence when utilizing such a large pixel count.

    NIKKOR empowers photographers and cinematographers in every eld, allowing them to better see the

    essence o their vision and render it as sharp as possible without sacricing delicate tones or nuance. From

    /1.4 primes to ast /2.8 zooms to /4 zooms with VR, the latest line o NIKKOR lenses many loaded

    with the renowned Nano Crystal Coat is ully optimized to deliver the image quality the Nikon D800

    truly deserves. Moreover, DX lenses can also be used or the D800: simply attach one and the camera

    automatically recognizes it and sets the required crop.

    Fast, versatile and portable, with Nikon Speedlights in your hands, your lighting possibilities are endless.

    The dierence is a level o accuracy and fexibility that only the Nikon Creative Lighting System delivers. Its

    advantages are best experienced via Advanced Wireless Lighting. Using high-precision i-TTL fash control with

    strategic, intuitive operations, you can make lighting as powerul and comprehensive as your

    imagination can take it. Whether you shoot in the studio or in ar-fung locations, there is a

    Nikon Speedlight solution to inspire your creativity.

    Nikons SB-910 oers versatile i-TTL or on-camera or wireless fash control, a rened

    operability and a powerul guide number o 34/111.5 (ISO 100, m/t, STD, FX ormat with

    zoom head set at 35mm). The SB-910s menus and controls have been improved or more

    operational ease. When a hard-type incandescent or fuorescent color lter is attached, the

    SB-910 detects it and adjusts white balance instantly.

    D800 with R1C1SB-400SB-700

    &NIKKOR LENSES36Megapixels &NIKON SPEEDLIGHTS36Megapixels


    Unparalleled lighting perormance SB-910 Speedlight

    The wide range o sharp and accurate NIKKOR lenses can handle nearly any proessional need.

    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Exposure: [M] mode, 1/2 second , f/8 White bala nce: Color temperatu re (5,000 K) Sensitivity: ISO 100 Picture Control: Stand ard

    The Advanced Wireless Lighting System, using three groups o Nikon Speedlights.

    Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED Exposure: [M] mode, 1/2 second, f/8 White balance: Auto 1 Sensitivity: ISO 800 Picture Control: Portrait



  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure


    Capture NX 2 (optional): Optimal or processing images taken with the D800

    To accommodate the imaging power o the D800s 36.3 eective

    megapixels, the latest Capture NX 2 now eatures powerul 64-bit

    processing. Capture NX 2 drastically simplies an array o image

    enhancement procedures, letting you concentrate on making your

    pictures the best they can be. Instead o complicated layering and

    memorization, simply place a Color Control Point wherever you

    want to reprocess. Color Control Points use intuitive slider controls

    to make quick and easy adjustments to image characteristics

    such as brightness, contrast, saturation and tones. Change, adjustand experiment all you like, sae in the knowledge that all changes are non-

    destructive and an original always remains intact.

    ViewNX 2: Browse, edit, share and more

    This bundled, all-in-one sotware implements an easy-to-use interace or

    all your photos and movies. Take advantage o an array o editing unctions,

    including basic editing o RAW les and even D-Movies. ViewNX 2 also works

    eortlessly with Nikons photo-sharing and storage service, my Picturetown,

    with labels to help you nd that special photo quickly and easily.

    Camera Control Pro 2 (optional): Extremely versatile remote camera controls

    For those that want to operate their camera via computer, Camera Control Pro 2

    lets you control camera settings and various eatures rom a distance. Aside

    rom controlling exposure mode, shutter speed, and aperture, the sotware

    now oers numerous improvements to make the D800s live view operation

    exceptionally smooth. Creative control opportunities include remote start

    and stop or movie shooting and switching between live view or stills and

    movies. You can also adjust the monitor hue o live view photography and the

    resulting images white balance individually, which

    can be quite helpul when working in the studio. You

    can also display audio level indicators during movie

    shooting. And with the optional Wireless Transmitter

    WT-4A/B/C/D/E, image les can be transerred using

    either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.

    Comprehensive approach or managing 36.3 MP les&NIKON SOFTWARE36Megapixels


    Camera Control Pro 2

    ViewNX 2

    Capture NX 2

    1Power switch

    2Eyelet or camera strap

    3Shutter-release button

    4AF-assist illuminator/Sel-timer lamp/Red-eye reduction lamp

    5Lens mount

    6Built-in fash

    7Mirror8Flash pop-up button

    9Built-in microphone

    !Release mode dial lock release

    "Flash sync terminal cover

    #Flash mode button/Flash compensation button

    $Mounting index

    %Ten-pin remote terminal cover

    &Meter coupling lever

    (Lens release button

    )AF-mode button

    ~Focus-mode selector

    +Fn button

    ,Depth-o-eld preview button

    -Sub-command dial

    .Playback button

    /Delete button/Formatting memory cards button

    :Eyepiece shutter lever;Viewnder

    Metering selector

    ?AE/AF lock button

    @AF-ON button

    [Main command dial

    \Multi selector

    ]Memory card slot cover

    ^Focus selector lock


    {Live view selector

    |Live view button

    }Memory card access lamp

    *Ino button

    aAmbient brightness sensor orautomatic monitor brightness control


    cOK buttondThumbnail button/

    Playback zoom out button

    ePlayback zoom in button

    fProtect button/Help button/Picture Control button

    gMenu button

    hImage quality button/Image size button/Two-button reset button

    iRelease mode dial

    jControl panel

    kExposure mode button/Formatting memory cards button

    lMovie-record button

    mExposure compensation buttonTwo-button reset button

    nFocal plane mark

    oAccessory shoe (or optional f

    pBracketing button

    qISO sensitivity button/

    Auto ISO sensitivity control burWhite balance button

    sBattery-chamber cover

    tContact cover or optional MB

    uTripod socket

    vConnector cover

    wConnector or external microp

    xUSB connector

    yHeadphone connector

    zHDMI mini-pin connector

    Viewnder display

    Top control panel

    N O M E N C L A T U R E





    6 98

    1 "










    . / : ; ?< = > @













    h i j l m



    s t u

    Nikon engineers have developed a unique alternative or those seeking the ultimate

    in denition. The D800E incorporates an optical lter with all the anti-aliasing

    properties removed in order to acilitate the sharpest images possible.

    This is an ideal tool or photographers who can control light, distance and their

    subjects to the degree where they can mitigate the occurrence o moir. Aside

    rom the optical lter, all unctions and eatures are the same as on the D800.

    Note: The D800E carries an increased possibility that moir and alse color will appear, compared to the D800.IR cut and antirefective coating properties o the optical lter remain the same with both versions.

    For urther details, please visit Nikons website.

    The ultimate attention to detail

  • 8/3/2019 Nikon D800 and D800E Brochure



    1. Check thatany cardreaders orotherdevices withwhichthe cardwill beusedsupport2 GB cards.

    2. Check thatany card readers orotherdevices withwhichthecard will beusedare SDHC-compliant.Thecamerasupports UHS-I.

    3. Check thatany cardreaders orotherdevices withwhichthecard will be

    usedareSDXC-compliant. The camerasupports UHS-I.

    1. Includes images takenwithnon-DX lenses whenOnis selectedorAutoDX crop.2. All gures are approximate. Filesizevaries withscene recorded.

    3. Maximum numberoexposures thatcanbe storedinmemory buerat ISO 100. Drops ioptimal quality is selectedorJPEG compression, ISO sensitivity is setto

    Hi 0.3or higher, HighISO NR is onwhen autoISO sensitivity control is onorISO sensitivity is settoISO 1600or higher, orlongexposurenoisereduction, Active

    D-Lighting, or autodistortioncontrol is on.4. Figures assumeJPEG compressionis set toSizepriority. Selectingoptimal quality increases thele sizeo JPEG images; numbero images andbuercapacity


    5. Includes images takenwithDX lenses whenOnis selectedor AutoDX crop.

    SD memory cardsTheollowingcardshavebeen testedandapprovedorusein thecamera.Cardswithclass6or asterwritespeedsare recommendedormovierecording.Recordingmayendunexpectedlywhencardswithslowerwritespeedsareused.

    Approved memory cards

    CompactFlash memory cardsTheollowingTypeI CompactFlashmemorycardshavebeen testedandapprovedoruseinthecamera.TypeIIcardsand microdrivescannotbeused.

    Memory card capacityThe ollowing table shows the approximate number o pictures that can be stored on an 8 GB Toshiba R95 W80MB/s UHS-ISDHC card at dierent image quality, image size, and image area settings.














    SC-28, 29TTL RemoteCord

    ML-3ModuliteRemoteControl Set




    MC-21Extension Cord


    MC-25AdapterCord 2-pinremoteaccessories



    GPS unit**





    RemoteControl Set



    TV monitor**



    DK-17C EyepieceCorrectionLens

    (-3, -2, 0, +1, +2m -1 )

    DK-19Ru bb er E ye cu p D K- 18

    EyepieceAdapter DG-2EyepieceMagnier



    DR-5Right-Angle ViewingAttachment



    PC cardadap ter**

    CompactFlashcard reader**

    SD memory cardreader**


    SD memory card** Personal computer**


    CaptureNX 2

    CameraControl Pro 2

    ViewNX 2*


    EN-EL15Recharge ableLi-ionBattery*

    EP-5B PowerConnector




    WT-4A/B/C/D/EWireless Transmitter


    USB CableClip*


    HDMI cable (TypeC)**


    EH-6bAC Adapter

    *Suppliedaccesso ries **Non-Nikonp roducts


    MH-25Battery Charger*

    MB-D12Multi-PowerBattery Pack


    EN-EL18Rechargea bleLi-ionBattery

    MH-26Battery Charger


    GP-1GPS Unit

    SD-9High-PerormanceBattery Pack

    MC-DC2Remote Cord


    S Y S T E M C H A R T


    S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

    TypeTy pe Sin gle -le ns re fex digi tal camer aL en s m ou n t N ik on F m o u nt ( w ith A F c ou p li ng a n d A F co n ta c ts )

    EectivepixelsE ec ti ve p ix el s 3 6. 3 mi ll io n

    ImagesensorI ma ge s e ns o r 3 5 .9 2 4 . 0 mm C M OS s e ns or ( N ik o n FX o rm at )Tot al pi xels 3 6.8 millio nDust-reductionsystem Imagesensorcleaning,ImageDustOreerencedata (requiresoptionalCaptureNX


    StorageImagesize(pixels) FXformat(3624):7,3604,912(L),5,5203,680(M),3,6802,456(S)

    1.2(3020):6,144 4,080(L),4,608 3,056(M),3,072 2,040(S)DXformat (2416):4,800 3,200(L),3,600 2,400(M),2,400 1,600(S)5:4(3024):6,144 4,912(L),4,608 3,680(M),3,072 2,456(S)

    FX-formatphotographstakeninmovielive view*:6,7203,776(L),5,040 2,832(M),3,360 1,888(S)

    DX-formatphotographstakeninmovieliveview*:4,800 2,704(L),3,600 2,024(M),2,400 1,352(S)

    F il e format NEF (RAW) : 12o r14b it , l os sl ess c ompres sed , c ompressedoruncompres sedTIFF(RGB) JPEG:JPEG-Baselinecompliantwithne(approx.1:4),normal(approx.1:8)orbasic(approx.1:16)compression(Sizepriority);OptimalqualitycompressionavailableNEF(RAW)+JPEG:Singlephotographrecordedinboth

    NEF(RAW)andJPEGormatsPictureControlSystem Canbeselectedrom Standard,Neutral,Vivid,Monochrome,Portrait,Landscape;

    selectedPictureControlcanbe modied;storageorcustomPictureControls

    M ed i a S D ( Se c ure D ig ita l) a n d U HS - I co mp li a ntS D HC a n d SD XC m e mo ry c ard s; T y pe ICompactFlashmemorycards(UDMAcompliant)

    Dualcardslots EithercardcanbeusedorprimaryorbackupstorageororseparatestorageoNEF(RAW)andJPEGimages;picturescan becopiedbetweencards

    Filesystem DCF(DesignRuleorCameraFileSystem)2.0,DPOF(DigitalPrintOrderFormat) ,Exi(ExchangeableImageFileFormatorDigitalStillCameras)2.3,PictBridge

    ViewinderV ie w n de r E ye - le ve l p en tap r is m s in g le - le n s re f ex v i ew n d erFramecoverage FX(3624):Approx.100%horizontaland100%vertical1.2(3020):Approx.

    97%horizontaland97%vertical DX(2416):Approx.97%horizontaland 97%

    vertical5:4(3024):Approx.97%horizontaland 100%verticalM ag n i c at i on A pp rox . 0 .7 ( 50 m m /1 .4 l e ns a t i n n it y , -1 .0 m


    Eyepoint 17 mm (-1.0 m-1;romcenter suraceoviewndereyepiecelens)

    D io p te ra dj u stm en t -3 to + 1 m-1

    Focusingscreen TypeBBriteViewClearMatteMarkVIIIscreenwithAFareabracketsandraminggridR ef ex mi rr or Q ui ck r et ur nDepth-o-eldpreview Whendepth-o-eldpreviewbuttonispressed,lensapertureis stoppeddownto

    valueselectedbyuser(A andMmodes)or bycamera(P andSmodes)

    L en s a pe r tu re I n sta nt re turn , el e ct ron i ca ll y c on t ro ll e d

    LensCompatiblelenses CompatiblewithAFNIKKORlenses,includingtypeGandDlenses(some

    restrictionsapplyto PC-NIKKORlenses),DXlenses[usingDX(24x16)imagearea],AI-PNIKKORlenses,andnon-CPUAIlenses(exposuremodesA andM only);IX-NIKKORlenses,lensesor theF3AF,andnon-AIlensescannotbe used

    Theelectronicrangendercanbeused withlensesthathave amaximumapertureo/5.6or aster,employingelevenocuspoints withlensesthathave amaximumapertureo/8 oraster

    ShutterT yp e E le c tro ni ca ll y -c on t ro ll e d ve r ti c al -t rav e l o c al -pl a ne s h ut terSp ee d 1/ 8, 00 0 to 3 0 s in s te ps o 1/ 3, 1/ 2 or 1 E V, b ul b, X 25 0

    Flashsyncspeed X=1/250s;synchronizeswithshutterat1/320sorslower(fashrangedropsatspeedsbetween1/250and1/320s)

    ReleaseReleasemodes S(singlerame),CL(continuouslowspeed),CH(continuoushighspeed),Q(quiet

    shutter-release), (sel-timer),MUP(mirrorup)Frameadvancerate WithEN-EL15batteries

    (FX/5:4)CL:approx.1 to4 ps,CH:approx.4 ps,(DX/1.2)CL:approx. 1to 5ps,CH:approx.5ps

    Otherpower sources(FX/5:4)CL:approx.1 to4 ps,CH:approx.4 ps,(1.2)CL:approx.1 to5 ps,CH:

    approx.5ps, (DX)CL:approx.1to5 ps,CH:approx.6 psS el - ti me r 2 s , 5 s, 1 0 s, 2 0 s; 1 t o 9 e xp os ur es a t in te rv al s o 0 .5 , 1, 2 o r 3 s

    ExposureM ete ri n g T T L ex p os ure m ete ri ng u s in g 9 1K -p i xe l R GB s e ns orMeteringmethod Matrix:3DcolormatrixmeteringII I ( typeGandD lenses);colormatrixmetering

    III(otherCPUlenses);colormatrixmeteringavailablewithnon-CPUlensesi user

    provideslensdata Center-weighted:Weightof75%givento 12-mmcircleincenterorame;diametero circlecanbechangedto 8,15or 20mm,or weightingcanbebased onaverageo entirerame(non-CPUlensesuse12-mmcircleoraverageof entireframe)Spot:Meters 4-mmcircle(about1.5%offrame)

    centeredonselectedocuspoint (oncenterocuspointwhen non-CPUlensisused)Ra ng e Ma tr ix o rc en te r- we ig ht ed m et er in g: 0 t o2 0 EV

    Spotmetering:2 to20EV

    Exposurem etercoupling CombinedCPUand AIExposuremodes Programmedautowithfexibleprogram(P);shutter-priorityauto(S );aperture-

    priorityauto(A);manual(M)Exposurecompensation-5to +5EV inincrementso1/3,1/2or 1EV

    Exposurebracketing 2to9 ramesinstepso1/3,1/2,2/3or1 EVExposurelock LuminositylockedatdetectedvaluewithAE-L/AF-LbuttonI SO s e ns it i vi t y I SO 1 0 0 to 64 0 0 i n ste ps o 1 /3 , 1 /2 o r1 E V ; c an a l so b e s e t to ap p ro x . 0. 3 , 0. 5 , 0. 7

    or1EV(ISO50equivalent)belowISO100ortoapprox.0.3,0.5,0.7,1or 2EV(ISO

    25600equivalent)aboveISO6400;auto ISOsensitivitycontrolavailableActiveD-Lighting Canbeselectedromauto,extrahigh,high,normal, loworoADLbracketing 2ramesusingselectedvalueoronerameor3 to5ramesusingpresetvaluesor


    FocusAutoocus NikonAdvancedMulti-CAM3500FXautoocussensormodulewithTTLpha

    ne-tuning,51ocus points(including15cross-type sensors;/8supported bsensors),andAF-assistilluminator(rangeapprox.0.5to3m/ 9t1

    D e te c ti on ra ng e -2 to + 19 E V ( I SO 1 0 0, 2 0 C /6 8 F )Lensservo Autofocus(AF):S ingle-servoAF(AF-S );continuous-servoAF(AF-C);p

    focustrackingautomaticallyactivatedaccordingtosubjectstatus Ma

    (M):Electronicrangendercan beusedF oc us p oi nt C an b e se le ct ed ro m 51 o r 11 oc us p oi nt sAF-areamodes Single-pointAF,9-,21-or51-pointdynamic-areaAF,3D-tracking,auto-F o cu s l oc k F o cu s c an b e l o ck e d by p res si n g sh u tte r- rel ea s e bu t to n h al wa y ( si ng le

    orby pressingAE-L/AF-Lbutton

    FlashBuilt-infash Manualpop-upwithbuttonreleaseandaguidenumberoapprox.12/3

    withmanualfash(m/t,ISO100,20C/68F)Flashcontrol TTL:i-TTLfashcontrolusing91K-pixelRGBsensorisavailablewithbui

    andSB-910,SB-900,SB-800,SB-700,SB-600or SB-400;i-TTLbalance

    ordigitalSLRis usedwithmatrixand center-weightedmetering,standfashordigitalSLRwith spotmetering

    Flashmodes Front-curtainsync,slowsync,rear-curtainsync,red-eyereduction,redreductionwithslowsync,slowrear-curtainsync;autoFP high-speedsy

    supportedFlashcompensation -3to+1EVinincrementso1/3,1/2or1EVF l as h b ra c ke t in g 2 to 9 ra me s i n s te p s o1 / 3, 1 / 2, 2 / 3 o r1 E VFlash-readyindicator Lightswhenbuilt-infashoroptionalfash unitisullycharged;blinksat

    redat ulloutputAccessoryshoe ISO518hot-shoewithsyncanddatacontactsandsaetylockNikonCreative AdvancedWirelessLightingsupportedwithbuilt-infash,SB-910,SB-900

    LightingSystem(CLS) SB-700asa masterfashandSB-600 orSB-R200as remotes,orSU-800commander;built-infashcanserve asmasterfashin commandermodehigh-speedsyncandmodelingilluminationsupportedwithallCLS-comunitsexceptSB-400;FlashColorInormationCommunicationandFVloc

    withallCLS-compatiblefashunitsS y nc te rmi na l I SO 5 1 9 sy n c te rmi n al w i th l o ck i ng th rea d

    WhitebalanceWhitebalance Auto(2types), incandescent,fuorescent(7types),directsunlight,fash

    shade,presetmanual(upto 4valuescan bestored)and colortemperat(2,500Kto 10,000K);ne-tuningavailableor alloptions

    Whitebalancebracketing 2to9ramesinstepso1,2or3

    LiveviewM o de s L i ve v i ew p h oto gra ph y ( st il l i ma g es ), m o vi e l iv e v ie w ( mo v ie s)

    Lensservo Autofocus(AF):S ingle-servoAF(AF-S );ful l-timeservoAF(AF-F)ManuaAF-areamodes Face-priorityAF,wide-areaAF,normal-areaAF,subject-trackingAFAutoocus Contrast-detectAFanywhereinrame(cameraselectsocuspointauto

    whenace-priorityAFor subject-trackingAFisselected)

    MovieM et er in g T TL e xp os ur e me te ri ng u si ng m ai n im ag e se ns or

    Framesize(pixels) 1,9201,080;30p,25p,24p1,280720;60p,50p,30p,25p;actuaandramerate or60p,50p,30p,25p,and24pare59.94,50,29.97,25,and23.976psr

    optionssupportbothhigh andnormalimagequality

    File ormat MOVVideocompression H.264/MPEG-4AdvancedVideoCodingAudiorecordingormat LinearPCMAudiorecordingdevice Built-inmonauralor externalstereomicrophone;sensitivityadjustable

    M o vi e o pt i on s I n de x m ark in g, t i me - la p se p h oto gra ph y

    MonitorM o ni tor 8 -cm ( 3. 2- in .) , a pp rox . 9 21 k-d ot ( V GA ) T FT L C D wi th 17 0 vi e wi ng a n gl e, a


    PlaybackP l ay b ac k F u ll - ram e a nd th um bn a il ( 4 , 9 o r7 2 im ag e s) p l ay b ac k w ith p la y ba ck z o o

    playback,photoand/ormovieslideshows,highlights,histogramdisplaimagerotation,andimagecomment(upto 36characters)

    InteraceU SB S up er Sp ee d USB (U SB 3 .0 Mi cr o- B co nn ec to r)

    HDMIoutput TypeCmini-pinHDMIconnector;canbeusedsimultaneouslywithcamA u di o i np u t S tere o mi n i-p in j a ck ( 3 .5 -mm d i am ete r)A u di o o utp ut S tere o mi n i-p in j a ck ( 3 .5 -mm d i am ete r)

    10-pinremoteterminal Canbe usedtoconnectoptionalremote control,GP-1GPS UnitorGPS

    compliantwithNMEA0183version2.01or 3.01(requiresoptionalMC-3AdapterCordandcable withD-sub9-pinconnector)

    SupportedlanguagesSupportedlanguages Arabic,Chinese(SimpliedandTraditional),Czech,Danish,Dutch,Engli


    PowersourceB at te ry O ne E N- EL 15 R ec ha rg ea bl e Li -i on B at te ryBatterypack OptionalMB-D12Multi-PowerBatteryPackwithoneEN-EL15/EN-EL18*Re

    Li-ionBattery oreight R6/AA-sizealkaline,Ni-MHor lithiumbatteries*RequiresBL-5BatteryChamberCover(availableseparately)

    ACadapter EH-5bACAdapter;requiresEP-5BPowerConnector(availableseparate

    TripodsocketT ri po d so ck et 1 /4 i n. ( IS O 12 22 )

    Dimensions/WeightDimensions(WH D)Approx.14612381.5mm/5.74.8 3.2in.Wei g ht A p pro x. 1 ,0 0 0 g/ 2 l b 3. 3 o z wi th b a t te ry an d SD m e mo ry ca rd b u twi tho u

    approx.900g/1 lb15.7oz (camerabodyonly)

    OperatingenvironmentOperatingenvironment Temperature:0 to40C/32to 104F;humidity:lessthan 85%(noconde

    AccessoriesSuppliedaccessories EN-EL15RechargeableLi-ionBattery,MH-25BatteryCharger,DK-17Eye



    *Photographstakeninmovieliveviewhaveanaspectratioo16:9;ADX-basedormatisusedorphotographstakenusingthe DX(24x16)imagearea; anFX-basedormat isused orall otherphotographs

    (ISO100,/1.4 lens,20C/68F)



    TheSD,SDHCand SDXClogosaretrademarksofthe SDCardAssociation.PictBridgeisa trademark.CompactFlashisaregisteredtrademarkof SanDiskCorporation.HDMI,the HDMIlogoandHigh-DenitionMultimediaInterfacearetrademarksorregisteredtrademarksofHDMILicensing,LLC. TheUSB-IFlogosare trademarksofUniversalSerialBusImplementersForum,Inc.Products andbrandnames aretrademarksorregisteredtrademarksof theirrespectivecompanies.

    Imagesinviewnders,on LCDsandmonitorsshownin thisbrochurearesimulated.


    E xt re me Pro S DC FX P 1 6 G B, 32 GB , 6 4 G B, 12 8 G B

    Extreme SDCFX 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB

    Extreme IV SDCFX42 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB

    Extreme III SDCFX3

    Ultra II SDCFH 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB

    Standard S DC FB 2 GB , 4 GB


    Proessional UDMA

    600x8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB


    3 00 x 2 G B, 4 GB , 8 G B, 1 6 G B


    233x2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB


    80x 2 GB, 4 GB

    Platinum II8 0x 2 GB , 4 GB , 8 GB , 1 6 G B

    60x 4 GB

    I ma ge qu al it y I ma ge si zeFile size2 No. o images2 Buer capacity3

    FX(36x24)1 DX (24x16)5 FX (36x24)1 DX (24x16)5 FX (36x24)1 DX (24x16)5NEF (RAW), Losslesscompressed, 12-bit

    32.4 MB 14.9 MB 133 303 21 38

    NEF (RAW), Losslesscompressed, 14-bit

    41.3 MB 18.6 MB 103 236 17 29

    NEF (RAW),Compressed, 12-bit

    29.0 MB 13.2 MB 182 411 25 54

    NEF (RAW),Compressed, 14-bit

    35.9 MB 16.2 MB 151 343 20 41

    NEF (RAW),Uncompressed, 12-bit

    57.0 MB 25.0 MB 133 303 18 30

    NEF (RAW),Uncompressed, 14-bit

    74.4 MB 32.5 MB 103 236 16 25

    TIFF (RGB) L 108.2 MB 46.6 MB 71 165 16 21

    M 61.5 MB 26.8 MB 126 289 18 26

    S 28.0 MB 12.5 MB 277 616 26 41

    JPEG ne4 L 16.3 MB 8.0 MB 360 796 56 100

    M 10.4 MB 5.1 MB 616 1200 100 100

    S 5.2 MB 2.7 MB 1200 2300 100 100

    JPEG normal4 L 9.1 MB 4.1 MB 718 1500 100 100

    M 5.3 MB 2.6 MB 1200 2500 100 100

    S 2.6 MB 1.4 MB 2400 4600 100 100

    JPEG basic4 L 4.0 MB 2.0 MB 1400 3000 100 100

    M 2.7 MB 1.3 MB 2400 5000 100 100

    S 1.4 MB 0.7 MB 4800 8900 100 100

    SD card s SDHC cards2 SDXC cards3


    2 GB1

    4 GB , 8 GB , 1 6 G B, 32 GB 6 4 G BToshiba

    Panasonic4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB,

    16 GB, 24 GB, 32 GB48 GB, 64 GB

    Lexar Media 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB

    Platinum II

    4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GBProessional

    Full-HD Video 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB