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  • 1.Overview of Presentation International Sport Marketing Issues History of Nike Athlete Representation/Endorsement Deals Event Sponsorship Nike as a company in the global age Examples of Nike Advertisements Why is this important to sport managers? Concluding Remarks

2. International Sport Marketing Marketing has shifted in the last 20 years from country-specific to more international. Sport marketing follows the same trends. World is becoming smallermore competition, need to find new markets for products. Nike is an excellent example of shifting priorities from the domestic market to a more global approach. 3. History of Nike 4. Overview Founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight Been in the industry for over 30 years Worlds most competitive sports and fitness company Nike employees over 23,000 people 5. The Nike Swoosh Created by graphic design student at Portland State University in 1971 Received $35 for the design and unknown amount of stock in Nike Now one of most famous logos and trademarks in the world 6. Nike International In 1972, Canada becomes Nikes first foreign market In 1974, Nike begins operating in Australia In 1977, Nike sets up manufacturing factories in Taiwan and Korea Much controversy over fair workers pay Sweatshop controversy continues today 7. Nike International 1978-Nike sells shoes in South America and distribution outlets are set up in Europe Revenues exceed $71 million dollars 8. Nike International Nikes World Headquarters are in Beaverton Oregon. Opened in 1979 9. Nike International 1980- Nike begins negotiations with China to set up production of shoes in this country Nike becomes the number one selling shoe in Canada 1981-Nike International Ltd. Is formed to service a growing market of up to 40 countries 10. Nike International 1984- Global market reaches $158 million 1985- Michael Jordan is signed and becomes the biggest endorser in Nike history 1987- Nike is introduced in the USSR 1991- International Revenue tops $860 million 11. Nike International 1994- A new Eastern European region based in Vienna is formed at the $138 million Laakdal Customer Service Center Shane Warne, Australia's preeminent cricket superstar, signs with Nike NIKE assumes distribution rights in Japan in Korea Nike signs 10 members of Brazil's soccer team along with Italy's, China's and U.S.'s soccer team. In Latin America, Chile and Argentina join the NIKEowned family 12. Nike Today Internationally recognized company with annual revenue in 2004 of almost $13.7 billion dollars. Owns subsidiaries such as Starter, Nike Golf, Converse, and others. Has some sort of presence in almost every country in the world. Endorsement deals for professional athletes reached over $500 million in 2004, as well as spending on advertising reaching $213 million in 2004. 13. Athlete Endorsements 14. Top Ten Wealthiest Athletes Tiger Woods David Beckham Shaquille O'Neal Michael Vick Lance Armstrong Derek Jeter Michael Jordan Alex Rodriguez LeBron James Kobe Bryant 15. Steve Prefontaine First major track star to wear Nike Blue Ribbon Tiger Shoes At the time held several records, including the 2,000 and 10,000 meter dash Known simply as Pre Died in a car crash in 1975 16. Michael Jordan Signed with Nike in 1984 Has own brand of Nike gear, The Jordan Brand Number 3 pick in NBA Draft One of the most well known athletes in the world 17. LeBron James Signed with Nike Prior to being drafted into the NBA Seven year deal worth $90 million Jordans First Contract in 1984 2.5 Million for 5 years Won 2003-04 NBA Rookie of the Year 18. Mia Hamm Regarded as one of the best Womens Soccer players to ever have lived Member of U.S. National Team, played in Olympics from 1996-2004, founding member of WUSA Mia Hamm Foundation and other charitable works, including excellent role model for female athletes. 19. lanceARMSTRONG liveSTRONG campaign raised millions Goal was $5 million Over $9.4 million in grants 50 Million wristbands sold as of May 2005 Eight time Tour de France champion 20. Tiger Woods Signed with Nike in 1996, giving up his amateur status Signed his first deal for a 5 years at $40 million. New Contract is $90 million Considered the best male athlete in the world 21. Serena Williams Signed a lifetime deal in 2003 Worth just over $60 Million Was one of the first women signed to Nike Goddess (now Nike Women) Consistently one of the top Womens tennis players in the world 22. Freddy Adu Signed a $1.5 Million contract in 2003 Was age 13 when he first signed Plays for DC United of Major League Soccer. Considered one of the best young players in the world. 23. Michael Vick Signed with Nike in 2004 Endorses NikePro Sphere $62 Million over 6 years Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, top QB. 24. Maria Sharapova Signed a $55 Million deal Contract is for 5 years and started in 2003, with a 3 year extension Highest contract for any women athlete 2004 Wimbledon champion 25. Kobe Bryant Signed contract with Nike in 2003 for 5 years and $40 Million Nike signed him even though he was going through a trial for rape However he has not been in a television advertisement since, for any of his corporate deals Nike has stood behind Kobe, as they do all their athletes 26. Alex Rodriguez & Derek Jeter Derek Jeter signed with Nikes Jordan Brand 10 Year $100 million deal A-Rod signed to Nike Has been with Nike for over 14 years Gets about $1 million a year 27. Yang Yang Chinese Olympic Speedskater Was Chinas first Winter Olympic Games champion in 2002 Earned gold in the 500m event, as well as the 1000m. Also finished 4th in the 1500m by a tenth of a second 28. Fernando Torres Member of Spanish National Football team One of the most sought after European football players of his generation. Currently plays for At. Madrid in addition to for Spain 29. Yelena Slesarenko Russian Womens High Jumper Won Gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics Broke former Olympic Record with a jump of 2.06m Also is current World Indoor Champion 30. Robinho Dubbed the successor to Pele, the great Brazilian soccer player Hails from Brazil, plays for Real Madrid, alongside David Beckham Only 20 years old and his signing attracted international attention from many European football clubs 31. Wayne Rooney Football player for Manchester United FC Member of English National Team, plays forward position Nicknamed Roonaldo because of his playmaking ability 32. Hicham El Guerrouj Olympic distance runnerMorocco Athens 2004 Olympic Games: Won Gold in 5000m and 1500m races Multi-time world champion in distance events, great humanitarian 33. Other Internationally Endorsed Athletes Asafa Powell-Jamaican Runner, 2004 Olympic Games Shiqiang GuoMember, Chinese National Basketball team Thomas VoecklerCyclist Sanya RichardsTrack and Field, University of Texas Diego de CunhaFootball Player--Brazil RonaldoFootball PlayerManchester United 34. Sponsorship/League Endorsements 35. Sponsorship in the United States Professional Sport Colleges and Universities Youth and Community Programs 36. Major Professional Sport Major League Baseball Majestic National Football League adidas-Solomon/ Reebok National Basketball Association adidas-Solomon/ Reebok National Hockey League adidas-Solomon/ Reebok 37. Colleges and Universities 38. Youth & Community Nike Foundation Community Giving 39. International Sponsorship Events and Leagues Soccer Manchester United 40. Events & Leagues International Inline Skating Association Marathon Tour Ironman Competitions Canadian Hockey Association Nike Tour (golf) 41. Soccer Nike arrived on the soccer by sponsoring the 1994 Word Cup Continue to look up to adidas, but gaining ground Sponsors numerous national teams Sponsors Manchester United 42. Manchester United Widely regarded as the worlds most famous football club Nike entered a $553 million, 13-year sponsorship deal in 2000 Uniteds fortunes have waned since then 43. Other Causes Livestrong 44. Ambush Tactics 2002 Boston Marathon Olympics 1992 1996 45. Nike as a Sport Marketing Case Study 46. Nike in the Overseas Marketplace Appeal of Nike brand overseas Running Football (soccer) Other brands that Nike owns Advertising Marketing Campaigns Athlete Representationusing local stars to appeal to international customers 47. Nike as an Global Powerhouse Over half of business is in international markets. Growing number of subsidiaries (Bauer Hockey, Starter, etc.) Footwear market-share leader in Europe Success in international events (Olympics, World Cup, Tour De France) Product placement 48. Global Competition Adidas-Solomon/Reebok Merger in 2005 to attack Nikes position in the domestic and international marketplace FILA K-Swiss Puma New Balance Other smaller brands in Europe and around the world 49. Evolution of Product Lines Footwear Clothing/Merchandise Subsidiary product lines Cole Haan Starter Nike Golf Converse Bauer NIKE Hockey Hurley Surfing 50. Why is Nike so Successful? Superior Advertising Brand Recognition Quality Products Subsidiary Development Marketing Strategy Employees of Company (commitment) Business strategy (recognizing opportunities) 51. Nike Global Commercials TV advertisement from Australia TV advertisement from Europe TV advertisement from Canada 52. Global Commercials, Cont. Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. Needless to say, Nike excels in these commercials that appeal to the world market. Ole Brazil Airport Nutmegs Are You Ready Nike Streetball 53. Global Commercials, Cont. Football commercials appeal to the largest population of sporting individuals. Other commercials like basketball and baseball commercials are more for American tastes