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<p>Delivering real-time transit information when and where you need it To keep your riders happy To keep your system at peak performance</p> <p>AVL and Passenger Information</p> <p>You Achieve Increased Ridershipby Dramatically Improving Transit Experience with NextBus</p> <p>Reduce travel time Reduce perceived wait times Reduce exposure to bad weather Reduce uncertainty Empower the passengers Increase safety through universally provided information</p> <p>What NextBus Provides1. We tell users, for every stop, when the next vehicle is going to arrive NextBus in 5 minutes 1. Can also display text messages Detour next week due to construction 1. Management tools You can easily understand what's not working well and fix it.</p> <p>We Collect Real-time Data--and then We Put it to Work for YouSchedule Data Route Data</p> <p>GPS Satellites))</p> <p>)</p> <p>Data Center</p> <p>Block Assignment</p> <p>Wireless Communications</p> <p>You Will Reduce Total Travel Time for your Student Riders</p> <p>Travel time=time on the bus + wait time at the bus stop NextBus reduces wait time NextBus reduces total travel time</p> <p>Portable Solution on Mobile Device Keeps Everyone Current Everywhere</p> <p>We Deliver Real-Time Information EverywhereFull-featured website ADA website Real-time Map Handheld PDAs (Blackberries iPhones etc) Internet phone website Voice (IVR) telephone system LED displays at bus stops Kiosk style displays</p> <p>Your Riders Receive Real-time Arrival Information Wherever They Are on Any Device They Choose</p> <p>NextBus Information Center</p> <p>At Bus Stops World-wide Web</p> <p>On the Go</p> <p>DATA Data Center</p> <p>At Travele r Kiosks Internet Access</p> <p>Live Map Shows Real-Time Bus Location</p> <p>NextBus Enables Communitywide and Campuswide Messages Passenger information is more than just arrival/departure times: can relay life-saving messages (e.g. Virginia Tech) Messages to rider community can be associated with a stop, route, or entire University Messages are displayed for all formats (web, phone, signs, etc)</p> <p>Determine Exact Placement &amp; Timing of Message</p> <p>Combine Urgent &amp; Long-term Messaging</p> <p>Severe weather conditions: expect delays</p> <p>Passenger website with Real-time Data</p> <p>No Passenger Ever Has to Miss a Bus Again!Pops up dialog box online telling riders when to leave to catch the bus.</p> <p>NextBus Delivers Audio Information over Ordinary Telephone Works with anyphone Simply dial number and enter stop code Rider can store number in phone Get information on the run</p> <p>Why NextBus System is Valuable for Management Determine if schedules are optimal Real-time headway management Accident analysis Web-based, so can be accessed anywhere</p> <p>Our Tools Maximize Fleet Efficiency and EffectivenessWorld-wide Web</p> <p>Schedule Adherence</p> <p>Replay Map and toolbar</p> <p>Job Assignment</p> <p>Intuitive Access to Management Tools</p> <p>Live Visual of Full Fleet in Real-Time</p> <p>Drill Down to Detailed Information on a Single Bus</p> <p>Instant Visual Assessment of On-Time Status</p> <p>You Can Analyze Past Incidents Accurately with Our Replay Feature</p> <p>Generate Management Reports to ImproveTracker monitoring Schedule adherence Headway management Missed blocks Vehicles reporting Configuration</p> <p>Maximize On-Time Performance through Schedule Adherence Reports</p> <p>Get to the Root of the Scheduling Problem</p> <p>Drill Down to Source of Early/Late Problem</p> <p>Assess the Breakdown of Early/Late</p> <p>Establish the specific Early/Late Bus</p> <p>We Use Sophisticated Data Algorithms to Deliver Real-Time Bus Info and Management Reports</p> <p>AVL from buses NextBus Data Processor! Route configurations Schedules Bus Assignments</p> <p>Accessible Info</p> <p>Key Benefits For Your Riders</p> <p>Reliable, real-time arrival information (no more ambiguity)</p> <p>Key Benefits For the Transit Operator</p> <p>Web hosted tools for monitoring fleet and measuring performance</p> <p>Key Benefits For the Community at Large</p> <p>Reduced congestion and improved air quality</p> <p>Case Study: Rutgers University ProblemExcess of traffic congestion on campus and around town Lack of ridership due to unreliable bus schedule Lack of knowledge of bus stops Large level of filed complaints by students as attendance excuse</p> <p>SolutionLess drivers on the roads Substantially increased ridership as a result of reliable predictions Real-time online map showing bus accurate bus location Schedule adherence reports and replay map eliminated transit excuse</p> <p>Company Milestones</p> <p>Founded</p> <p>First University Contract</p> <p>NextBus Acquired by Grey Island</p> <p>1996</p> <p>1998</p> <p>2001</p> <p>2004</p> <p>2005</p> <p>2008MIT Becomes 40th Client</p> <p>First Public Transit Contract</p> <p>First Private Company Contract</p> <p>Emery-Go-Round</p> <p>40 CustomersAC Transit, CA Alexandria DASH, VA Black Hawk Transportation Authority, CO Camarillo Area (CAT), CA Case Western University, OH Chapel Hill Transit, NC Chicago PACE, IL DART First State, DE Emery-Go-Round, CA Fairfax (CUE), VA Fort Myers, FL Georgia State Campus, GA Georgia Tech Campus, GA Glendale Beeline, CA Gold Coast Transit, CA Guelph, Ontario Canada Howard County, MD Loyola College, MD MIT Moorpark Transit, CA NAU &amp; Sedona RoadRunner, AZ National Institutes of Health, MD New York Water Taxi, NY Oklahoma City Metro Transit, OK Portland Streetcar Prince Georges County, MD Rutgers University, NJ San Francisco Muni, CA Seattle Streetcar, WA Simi Valley (SVT), CA Thousand Oaks Transit (TOT), CA Thunder Bay Transit, Ont Univeristy of Colorado University of South Carolina University of Wyoming Vail Resorts, CO Vail Transit, CO Ventura Intercity (VISTA), CA Water Transit Authority (WTA), CA Zip Shopping Shuttle, CO</p> <p>Conclusion: How We Benefit Your Riders and Your Transit SystemIncrease ridership by providing reliable and predictable bus service Manage your fleet more easily with our tools Maximize cost efficiencyGreat! Great! Great! Great! cant wait until this is the standard city-wide and worldwide!!! James R., San Francisco I love NextBus! Before we got NextBus I never used our buses because I never knew when the buses were coming. Now I just look online before I leave my computer and know right when the bus is coming. I use it to commute every day! Faculty Member at Georgia Tech</p>