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Newsletter of the McLean Photography · PDF file McLean Photography Club Page 2 OCTOBER 2004 Upcoming Activities For the Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NOVACC) The “Alliance”

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  • Contents Page 2 - Upcoming NOVACC Activities. Page 3 - Critiquing Workshop; Smithsonian Contest; Image Re- quest; Sponsor. Page 4 - Notes About Resolution; October Challenge; Sponsor. Page 5 - Call for Newsletter Items; I Am a Photographer; U.S. Botanic Garden Workshop; Photo Competition. Page 6 - Lessons from the Field; Sponsor. Page 7 - Sponsors. Page 8 - Directions to Monthly Meeting; Exec. Board Contacts.

    Point of View VOLUME 18 ISSUE 2 OCTOBER 2004 Page 1

    Newsletter of the McLean Photography Club

    President’s Message by Bill Prosser

    I believe we got the new program year started in grand fashion. We had very good attendance (about 36 people) and a great slideshow. I believe the officers are doing an excellent job in planning and executing a won- derful set of programs and competitions. I hope that you agree with me that Sunny Reynolds showed beautiful images and spoke about her tech- niques in a way that should encourage each of us to approach our photography with new vision and excite- ment. There were several things that she said that reso- nate with me and seemed to reinforce the lessons from the George Lepp article on page 6, “Photography is all about light. Be prepared because you might have to shoot fast, but also wait for the right moment.” Each of us needs to practice our craft as much as possible. Only with thoughtfulness and practice will we get better. If I can do nothing else this year other than encourage you to get out your camera and shoot more often and thoughtfully, I will feel that I have had a very successful year as your President. One of the reasons for the Challenges is to encourage you to shoot more often and then thoughtfully compare your work with oth- ers. I have noticed that the successful amateur photogra- phers in our area often return to one or two places that they enjoy “working”. I encourage you to think about what you enjoy shooting and what locations give you the most joy. Is it, for example, your yard, your family at home or play, Teddy Roosevelt Island, the Monuments, Meadowlark Park, Scott’s Run, or the DC streets at night? Once you have diagnosed this, give your self- assignments to practice and stretch your vision. Remember, the answer to “How did you get that great picture?” It is “f/8 and be there.”

    MPC’s Quick-Look October Calendar

    Program: “Elegance of Glass,” Oct. 13 (Wed), 7:30 pm. (7:00 pm meet & greet) at McLean Com- munity Center. Critiquing Workshop: Oct. 27 (Wed), see pg. 3, 7:30 pm (7:00 pm meet & greet) at McLean Com- munity Center.

    October’s Program The Elegance Of Glass by Dick Whitley

    Our October program (October 13th), is for those who want to know how to photograph clear glassware or maybe for those who have tried it but were not happy the with the results. In the “hands-on” presentation, Dick Whitley will teach you how to use a four sided shadow box which pro- tects the glass arrangements from unwanted light. You will have an opportunity at the meeting to practice the tech- niques he describes. For a fun, educational evening, please bring a zoom lens that covers at least the 100 mm to 135 mm range; a sturdy tripod and a cable release; your film of choice—for example, 100 or 200 ISO slide film; and an 80A blue filter, if you have one. The blue filter is not necessary, but it helps to overcome the yellow hue of tungsten light. I use through-the-lens metering for my exposure. Flash equipment will not be used. If you would like photograph some of your own clear glassware, feel free to bring it. By means of introduction, Dick Whitley joined the Bowie - Crofton Camera Club (MD) after retirement in 1993. He served as Membership Vice-president for two years and as President for two years. In 1995, he joined the Photographic Society Of America (PSA). He got involved in International Slide Exhibitions in 1996 and now has four stars in Color Slides and three each in Nature and Photojournalism Slides. Dick was named Region Director (RD) of the Year in 2002. He was recently named RD Operations Director and is responsible for the every day concerns and problems of all RD's throughout the United States and Canada. During his tenure in PSA, he has been awarded various awards. In September 2004, he was awarded the Honor of Associate. This honor is bestowed for extensive and material contribu- tions to the advancement of photography. Photographic achievement or proficiency must be combined with ele- ments of service.

    Congratulations to Manuel Hernandez! Manuel entered 3 prints in the PSA International Exhibition of Photography this September in Bloomington, Minnesota. Two of his prints received Honorable Mention.

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    Upcoming Activities For the Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NOVACC)

    The “Alliance” is an informal organization started in the spring of 1997 by Joseph Miller with the assistance of Dave Carter and Ed Funk. Its purpose is to promote communication and cooperation among camera clubs. Each Virginia member club agrees to publish in its newsletter a calendar of open- events for the current month held at other Virginia member clubs. Check out the NOVACC site at

    As a member of the McLean Photography Club, you may attend any of the activities listed below. We have tried to insure the accuracy of the information below. However, if you plan to attend an event,

    it may be best to verify its time and place beforehand. Loudoun Photography Club Contact: Lisa Carlson at (703) 725-2931 or [email protected] Website: Meetings are held at 7:00 pm at the Ashburn Library, 43316 Hay Road, Ashburn, Va. Program: Oct. 5 (Tue), John Sykes presents "Digital Photojournalism," 7 pm. Field Trip: Oct. 15 (Fri), Balloon Festival field trip to Long Branch, 7 am . Competition: Oct. 19 (Tue), Animal competition with Jan Carson. Manassas Warrenton Camera Club Contact: Andrew Jezioro (703) 361-8542 or [email protected] Website: Meetings are held at 7:30 pm, Manassas City Hall, Old Town Manassas. Program: Oct. 7 (Thu); Instruction Tips & Tricks in PhotoShop, pertaining to digital photography by, Anna Marie Morgan. Competition: Oct. 21 (Thu); Nature. Field Trip: Oct. 16 (Sat); Hot Air Balloons. Meet at Manassas City Hall, Old Town Manassas at 6:00 am or a little earlier. McLean Photography Club Contact: William Prosser at (703) 821-2670 or [email protected] Website: Meetings are held at 7:30 pm (meet & greet at 7:00 pm), McLean Community Center. Program: Oct. 13 (Wed), “The Elegance of Glass,” Dick Whitley. Critiquing Workshop: Oct. 27 (Wed). See page 3 for more info. Northern Virginia Photographic Society Contact: Contact: Carl Zelman at (703) 404-4769 or [email protected] Website: Meetings are held at 7:45 pm at Dunn Loring Fire Station, 2148 Gallows Rd., Dunn Loring, Va. Program: Oct. 5 (Tue). TBA. Competition: Oct. 19 (Tue), Judge, Susan Klemens. Workshop: Oct. 23 (Sat), “Photography as Art,” Joe Miller. To be held at the Joseph Miller Center for the Photographic Arts. For further info contact Fred Chitty, 703-493-8530, or [email protected] Field Trip: Oct. 15-17 (Fri-Sun), West Virginia Bridge Day and Fall Foliage. For further info contact Ralph Edwards, 703- 878-2882, or [email protected] Forum: Oct. 26 (Tue). Joe Miller, “Seeing Images in a Chess Set.” Members Gallery: Mary Ann Setton will display prints and Minnie Gallman will show slides. Reston Photographic Society Contact: Jerry Weisskohl at (703) 200-4134 or [email protected]; Jim Schlett at (703) 476-6538 or [email protected] Website: Meetings are held at 7:30 pm at RCC Hunters Woods, rooms 3 & 4. Program: Oct. 18 (Mon), Bill Prosser: A Digital Trip to Utah and the West. Exhibition: Oct. 4 (Mon) - Oct. 31 (Sun), Annual Judged Photography Exhibit (members only), Jo Ann Rose Gallery, Reston Community Center, Lake Anne. Vienna Photographic Society Contact: Bill Graybeal at (703) 281-9619 or [email protected]; Warren Standley at (703) 979-3838 or [email protected] Website: Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wed. at 7:30 pm in the main lecture hall of the Thoreau Middle School, 2505 Cedar Lane, Vienna, VA. Program: Oct. 6 (Wed), 7:30 pm; Bob and Raymond Leonard, “Sail Down to Australia: The Adventures of Kangaroo Ron and the Tasmanian Devil .“ Competition: Oct. 20 (Wed), 7:30 pm; with our judge Olive Rosen, a long-time freelance, corporate, and wedding photog- rapher who has taught at the Smithsonian and judged extensively in the DC area. Field Trip: Oct. 16 (Sat), Fall Color 2004: The Middleburg & Aldie Ramble, departs the Vienna Metro Station, North Lot, at 7:30 am. Contact Bill Kyburz at [email protected] or (703) 517-9568.

    The Editors would like to thank McLeanCopy for printing this newsletter. For quality printing at very reasonable prices,

    contact Gregory Lehr, (703) 827-5734 or [email protected]

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    Image Critiquing Workshop The Critiquing Workshop, October 27, will allow members to obtain constructive feedback on their images, both slides and prints. The purpose of critiques is