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    Marshall University Marathon 2

    New York City Marathon 3

    Half Fanatics 4

    Route 66 Marathon 5-7

    Marathon Maniacs Book 7

    Revel Canyon City Marathon 8

    Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon 9

    Marathon Maniac Pacing Team 10

    Wattle Waddle 11-12

    Wishbone Run 13

    Maniac Poll 13

    Ghost of Seattle Marathon 14

    Seattle Marathon 15-16

    Social Networking 16

    Maniac Mascot 17

    Double Agents 18-19

    Report from Insane Asylum 20

    Promotions 22

    Calendar 23

    New Maniacs 24-25

    Note from the Editor 26

    Discounts 27

    Rhetorical Revelations from “The Rev” 28

    Volume 12, Number 11

  • 2http://www.marathonmaniacs.com



    Steve GlenJamilia





  • 3http://www.marathonmaniacs.com




    Miranda Abbi

  • 4http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Tired of running marathons and ultras (HA!!)?Need to back down on that weekly mileageand concentrate on getting faster? Then jointhe Half Fanatics (halffanatics.com). There arecurrently over 13,000+ members in theFanatic Asylum, and I’m sure you’ll recognizea few names in the group. So jump on thebandwagon now, get your qualifying races inand join this new, zany group!


    Marathon Maniacs running half marathons…YES, it’s true!


    Steve ScotAbbi

  • 5http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Route MarathonTULSA, OKLAHOMA

  • 6http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

  • 7http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    The Marathon Maniacs have released a book!

    This book is collection of stories by members of the Marathon Maniacs.These stories are sure to be encouraging and motivation to current andfuture members. The book was edited by Maniac Malcolm Andersonauthor of the book “The Messengers”.

    Be sure to get your copy of the book and enjoy the stories of the World’s Most Insane Running Club!


    Autographed Copy:http://www.databarevents.com/store/product/103/Autographed-MM-Book


  • 8http://www.marathonmaniacs.com








    JC Ed


  • 9http://www.marathonmaniacs.com



    The Manns

    Seth runs his 50th state!

    Jeffrey and Daniel Steve

    Lan and Michael get married then fly to Vegas to run a marathon!

  • 10http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    For more information on which races we are looking for pacers and on getting signed up please visit:http://www.marathonmaniacs.com/marathon-maniacs/pacer-team

    Did you know the Marathon Maniacs have anofficial pace team? Since Maniacs are no strangerto running 26.2 miles many of you are goodrunning these runs.

    There are many great reasons to join the paceteam and many rewarding aspects to being apacer.

    Requirements to be a Pacer• Must have completed 15 marathons for your desired distance to pace• Marathon Pacer: Must have completed the marathon distance 20 minutes

    faster than your pace time for the full marathon (example: to pace a 4:00 hour you must have run a 3:40 marathon)

    • To be in good standing with the Marathon Maniacs and all dues current• Have your MM race page updated so that we can link your information• CPR Certification by event date-please contact your local fire department for a

    FREE class

    Pacer Perks• Free to join!• Waived entry fee• Sublimated Pace Shirts• A chance to carry the coveted maniac cat pace sign• Discounts on lodging when applicable• Fun pacing runners to their goal finish time

    Best of luck to you securing your spot on the pace team!

    Marathon Maniac Pacing Coordinator: Sabrina Seher (MM #3397)

  • 11http://www.marathonmaniacs.com



    Monte and Heidi Abbi and Larry

    Steve Cyndie Matt the RD

    Four Titanium Maniacs!


    Patrick Brad

  • 12http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    David Jina and David


    Ross and Janis

  • 13http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Each month there will be a “Maniac poll”. This poll will be posted online. Pleasetake a few moments to answer this poll. I will post the results in the nextnewsletter.

    How many states have you run a marathon in?

    Please vote online between now and February 29: http://tinyurl.com/MMpoll2016a

    Last month’s question:Do you save the bib numbers from races thatyou run?

    89% of Maniacs save their marathon bibs.

    Thanks for voting!


    Andy JasmineAdam and Karey

    Mihaela and Jules




  • 14http://www.marathonmaniacs.com


    Susie Susan



    Nikki and Joe



    Margaret Janis

  • 15http://www.marathonmaniacs.com





    Deb and Marie

  • 16http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    FACEBOOK:Marathon Maniac page:


    Marathon Maniacs group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/marathonmaniacs/

    INSTRAGRAM:@marathonmaniacs - http://instagram.com/marathonmaniacs

    TWITTER:@mainmaniacs - http://twitter.com/mainmaniacs

    Across all social networks use the hash tag:





    Claudia Sarah and HeidiQuadzilla winners, Steve and Amanda



  • 17http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

  • 18http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Since the formation of the Half Fanatics in 2009, a runner who is a member of both clubs is called a Double Agent.

    Well, the Main Maniacs have decided to create an asylum dedicated to those who are Double Agents. In order to be assigned a Double Agent number you must have your dues paid and updated in both the MM and HF. Your name and e-mail address must match both clubs. Each day a program will run to generate new members.

    New gear is available for Double Agents as well as a whole new set of challenges as you climb peaks.

    For more information visit the Maniacs web site.

    Mike and Linda Byron and Lou

    Faith Judy

    Deborah Luis

  • 19http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    NEW DOUBLE AGENTS IN NOVEMBER:Angela Fortson (#1850)Michelle Osterhoudt (#1852)Christina Knorr (#1853)Franklin Derricott (#1854)Jimmy Weatherford (#1855)Lori Buffington (#1856)Christina Chapan (#1857)Tina Tucker (#1858)Angela Schut (#1859)Alfred Crigger (#1860)Ramon Santoyo (#1861)Jennifer Eloge (#1862)Karen Westerby (#1863)Katie Perry (#1864)Jessica Rudd (#1865)Carrie Mahoney (#1866)Halim Hasan (#1867)Cindi Martin (#1868)Shawn Burns (#1869)Lisa Skiver (#1a870)Yanni Robel (#1871)John Robel (#1872)Salomon Vazquez (#1873)Amber Mueller (#1874)Terrylynn Shipley (#1875)Mandy Abercrombie (#1876)Shasta (#1877)Laura Qualman (#1878)Scott Gaines (#1879)Jennifer Cooper (#1880)Sir Withers (#1881)Nora Mullen (#1882)Traci Taylor (#1883)Tonya Todd Reeves (#1884)Sandy Freeman (#1886)Kimberly McMunn (#1887)Claire Gold (#1888)Ann Glinowiecki (#1889)Erin Thompson (#1890)Amy Ehlers (#1891)Art Jacobson (#1893)Dianne Paraoan (#1894)April Prior (#1895)

    Joanne Ring (#1896)Wanda King (#1897)Louis "OnOn" Skelton (#1898)Michelle Hatfield (#1899)Joanna Williams (#1900)Meghan MacDonald (#1901)Robert Stepp (#1902)Brandie Mcghee (#1903)Kanisha Caesar (#1904)Aline A Cross (#1905)bridgette larkin-perkins (#1906)Laura Partridge (#1907)Julie Laplante (#1908)Kristine Lodwig (#1909)Lisa Speeder (#1910)Valerie Clark (#1911)Robert Merkley (#1912)Donna Hetzler (#1913)Michael Forest (#1914)Regilado Santos (#1915)Scharon Ball (#1916)Michelle Kaffee (#1917)Michelle Fox (#1918)Eric Stone (#1919)Paul Lux (#1920)harold markham (#1921)Lee Speirs (#1922)Cynthia M Fink (#1923)Joe Pisel (#1924)Stephanie Ard (#1925)Debby Burkart Cotch (#1926)Abigail Sparks (#1927)Kelsey Hill (#1928)Landi Goosen (#1929)Jared Green (#1930)Ted Smith (#1931)Bobby Hershner (#1932)Rebecca Weston (#1933)MELISSA SULLIVAN (#1934)Edward Angley (#1935)Jim Diego (#1936)PuggCrazee (#1937)Curtis Hunt (#1938)

    Jeanne Hamrick (#1939)Sheila White (#1940)Julie Bernard (#1941)Patrick Danna (#1942)Mona Davison (#1943)Chris Baker (#1944)Michelle Vojir (#1945)Philip Mowery (#1946)Derek Boyd (#1947)Christy Brooks (#1948)Michelle Clark (#1949)Kristal Robbins (#1950)Terry Glover (#1951)Michael Kenney (#1952)Jeanette Payne (#1953)Robert Blagden (#1954)Kenneth Thomas (#1955)Kevin Dieterle (#1956)Jeffrey Wagner (#1957)Ilham Khan (#1958)Janice Martin (#1959)Anastasia Miles (#1960)Germaine W (#1961)Craig Rhodes (#1962)Brittany Musa (#1963)Beth Sundquist (#1964)Shawna Simpson (#1965)Jill Satran (#1966)Elaine Hight (#1967)Angela Hart (#1968)Rita Sanders (#1970)Kim Stokes (#1971)Shanice MacDonald (#1972)Chuck Wheatley (#1973)Doreen Sanuki (#1974)Kara Bedford (#1975)Shelley Bowles (#1976)Terry "rocketgirl" Weimer (#1977)Lavern Arnold (#1978)Sunny Delaney (#1979)theboywil (#1980)Lorinda Hagstrom (#1981)

  • 20http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Monthly Growth

    Month ► Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YearlyAverages ► 84.3 61.9 75.1 63.2 100.3 75.8 47.8 28.5 35.4 101.3 118.8 109.1 765.6

    Record ► 225 177 189 138 249 175 101 56 73 257 334 241 2,110

    2014 ► 225 177 189 137 249 175 81 52 70 257 257 241 2,110

    2015 ► 214 129 180 141 178 124 54 45 50 188 238 - 1,541

    The following is a statistical update on the growth of the Marathon Maniacs. It may not mean much to you, but I find it very interesting.





    Randell Hansen David Johnson






    238 1,541 12,073

  • Luke and Nancy Shumard

    Vickey Baker, Cathy Fowler, Tina Tucker


    Houston Wolf

    Roger and Patti

    Joshua Holmes

    Jim Boyd and Mel Preedy Chavet Breslin

    Paula runs her 100th marathon!

  • 22http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    If you reached a higher Maniac level and want the recognition in the Newsletter Please fill out this form: http://tinyurl.com/MMupgrade

    New Titanium Maniacs!!

    Stephen GreenhalghJames Alexander Eddy Angkawibawa

    - 52 Marathons or more within 365 days.- 30 Marathons in 30 different US states within 365 days.

    - 20 Countries within 365 days.

    - 38 - 44 Marathons within 365 days.- 20 Marathons in 20 different US states within 365 days

    - 13 Marathons within 79 days.

    - 31 - 37 Marathons within 365 days.- 16 Marathons in 16 different US states within 365 days.

    - 6 Marathons within 16 days. - 4 Marathons in 4 days = QUADZILLA.

    - 4 Marathons in 23 days.- 19 - 25 Marathons within 365 days.- 2 Marathons in 2 days (or 48 hours)

    - 9 Marathons in 9 different US states within 365 days.

    - 4 Marathons within 37 days.- 12 - 18 Marathons within 365 days.

    - 4 Marathons in 4 different US states within 51 days

    - 3 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.- 6 Marathons in 6 consecutive calendar months.

    - 8 - 11 Marathons within 365 days.

    - 2 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.

    - 3 Marathons within a 90 day time frame.

    TITANIUM Gwendolyn Rucker, James Alexander, Stephen Greenhalgh, karl randall, Carolyn Thomson Easter, Eddy Angkawibawa

    - 45 - 51 Marathons within 365 days.- 23 Marathons in 23 different US states within 365 days.

    - 28 Marathons within 183 days.




    - 31 - 37 Marathons within 365 days.- 16 Marathons in 16 different US states within 365 days.

    - 6 Marathons within 16 days. - 4 Marathons in 4 days = QUADZILLA.






    MARATHON MANIACS CRITERIA New Maniacs at each level

    Janice Northrup

    Ed Childress, Brian Simpson, Tara Simpson, Sandra Harvie

    Mark Bolado, Jodi Haefner


    Randell Hansen, Luke Shumard, Nancy Shumard, Malcolm Richmon, Jason Hughes


    Karl RandallCarolyn

    Thomson EasterGwendolyn Rucker


  • 23http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Marathon/Ultra Calendar between November 26-January 1

    1/30 Yuma Territorial Marathon 26.2 AZ1/30 Desert Classic Marathon 26.2 AZ1/30 Skydive Ultra (various distances) Ultra FL1/30 Folsom Lake Sweet Water Trail Run 50K CA1/30 Southern Tour Ultra 50K NC1/30 Callaway Gardens Marathon 26.2 GA1/30 Chehaw Challenge 26.2 GA1/30 Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Festival 50K UT1/30 Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Marathon 26.2 UT1/30 Bigfoot Snowshoe Festival 50k and 26.2 Ultra UT1/30 Lake Youngs Nuts Run 50K WA1/31 Icebreaker Indoor Marathon 26.2 WI1/31 Miracle Match Marathon and 50k Ultra TX1/31 USA Fit Marathon 26.2 TX1/31 ONU Polar Bear Indoor Marathon 26.2 OH1/31 Town of Celebration Marathon 26.2 FL1/31 Big Beach Marathon 26.2 AL1/31 Tateyama Wakashio Marathon 26.2 OTH1/31 International Marathon of Marrakesh 26.2 MAR1/31 China Coast Marathon 26.2 CW2/3 skyline mountain marathon 26.2 UT2/4 Yukon Arctic Ultra and Marathon 26.2 YT2/5 Rouge Orleans 126.2m Ultra LA2/6 Groundhog Marathon 26.2 MI2/6 Hayes Arboretum Trail Marathon 26.2 IN2/6 Tarawera 100k/85k/60k Ultra AUK2/6 Sedona Marathon 26.2 AZ2/6 Iron Horse 100m/100k/50m Ultra FL2/6 Fort Ord Trail Run 50K CA2/6 White Rock Classic 50k 50K AR2/6 Death Valley Marathon 26.2 CA2/6 Golden Gate Trail 50k & Marathon 26.2 CA2/6 Jed Smith 50K 50K CA2/6 Rainshadow Orcas Island 50K WA2/6 Piney Woods TrailFest 2016 50K TX2/6 Tejas Trails Rocky Raccoon 100m 100mi TX2/6 John Dick Memorial 50K Ultra WI2/6 Las 50 de San Jorge 50m/50k Ultra PR2/6 Orcas Island 50k 50K WA2/7 West Seattle Fat Ass 50K WA2/7 Virginia Beach Distance Races 100k/50k Ultra VA2/7 Surf City Marathon 26.2 CA2/7 Sean O'Brien 50m/50k/26.2m 26.2 CA2/7 Florida Marathon 26.2 FL2/7 Tallahassee Marathon 26.2 FL2/12 Jackpot Ultra 48h Ultra NV2/13 Jackpot Ultra Running Festival Ultra NV2/13 Red Rock and Beyond 100m/50m/26.2m Ultra NV2/13 Mississippi River Marathon 26.2 MS2/13 Bullseye 50k Mid-Maryland Ultra 50k 50K MD2/13 Destin Beach 24h/100m Ultra FL2/13 San Miguel Buzz Marathon 26.2 CA2/13 Aravaipa Black Canyon 100k/50k Ultra AZ2/13 Holiday Lake 50k 50K VA2/13 Ft. Ebey Kettles Trail 26.2 WA2/13 Moab Red Hot 55k Ultra UT2/13 Tejas Trails Rocky Raccoon 50m 50mi TX2/13 Cross Timbers Trail Marathon 26.2 TX2/13 Hilton Head Island Marathon 26.2 SC2/13 Woolley 50k/26.2 Ultra WA2/14 Austin Marathon 26.2 TX2/14 Galveston Marathon 26.2 TX

    2/14 Birch Bay Marathon 26.2 WA2/14 IMS Arizona Marathon 26.2 AZ2/14 Lost Dutchman Marathon 26.2 AZ2/14 Mercedes Marathon 26.2 AL2/14 Marathon Eiffage de l'Autoroute de Dakar 26.2 DK2/14 Maratona do Vinho 26.2 SC2/14 Winterman Marathon 26.2 ON2/14 Los Angeles Marathon 26.2 CA2/14 Fort Smith Marathon 26.2 AR2/14 Destin Beach 50m/50k 100mi FL2/14 Paradise Coast Marathon 26.2 FL2/14 G.Washington's Birthday Marathon 26.2 MD2/14 26.2 With Donna Marathon 26.2 FL2/14 Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon 26.2 FL2/15 Gord's Frozen Ass Fifty 50K AB2/20 3rd Luneta to Tagaytay 60Km Ultra 26.2 RIZ2/20 Black Warrior 50K 50K AL2/20 Aravaipa Elephant Mountain 50K AZ2/20 Ultra Adventures Antelope Canyon 50m/55k Ultra AZ2/20 Blackwater Trail Challenge 50K FL2/20 FOURmidable 50K CA2/20 Montara Mountain Trail Run 26.2 CA2/20 Thrill in the Hills 26.2 GA2/20 Maple Leaf Indoor Marathons 26.2 IN2/20 Calico Red Rock Canyon Marathon 26.2 NV2/20 FebApple Frozen 50 50K NJ2/20 Olde Girdled Grit 50k and Marathon Ultra OH2/20 Surfside Beach Marathon 26.2 TX2/21 EL PASO MARATHON 26.2 TX2/21 Shelby Forest Loop marathon 26.2 TN2/21 Dry Creek Trail Marathon 26.2 TN2/21 Lord Hill 50k 50K WA2/21 Warm up for Boston 26.2 OH2/21 Frozen Heart 50K 50K MD2/21 Q50 Trail Extravaganza 50m/50k/26.2 Ultra LA2/21 Five Points of Life Marathon 26.2 FL2/26 LoVit 100m 100mi AR2/27 LoVit 100k 100K AR2/27 Salmon Falls 50K 50K CA2/27 Orange Curtain 100k/50k Ultra CA2/27 Sycamore Canyon 100K 100K CA2/27 Phoenix Marathon 26.2 AZ2/27 Post Oak Challenge Day One 50K OK2/27 Three Capes Marathon and Relay 26.2 OR2/27 Soggy Bottom Endurance Ultra 26.2 MO2/27 Blood, Sweat, and Beers 26.2 NV2/27 Cummins Falls Marathon 26.2 TN2/27 Gusher Marathon 26.2 TX2/27 Richland Run Fest 26.2 WA2/28 Cowtown 50k/26.2 Ultra TX2/28 NYCRuns Central Park Marathon 26.2 NY2/28 Post Oak Challenge Day Two 26.2 OK2/28 Rock N Roll New Orleans 26.2 LA2/28 Hyannis Marathon 26.2 MA2/28 Vodafone Malta Marathon 26.2 OTH2/28 Kilimanjaro Marathon 26.22/28 Tokyo Marathon 26.22/29 Leap Day Marathon 26.2 OR3/5 Green Jewel 50K 50K OH3/5 Sierra Vista Trail Runs 50K NM3/5 Carl Touchstone Memorial MS Trail 50m/50k Ultra MS3/5 Seneca Creek Greenway Race 50K MD

  • Alison Kelvington (#11836)Sarah Ochs (#11837)John Tiwet (#11838)Joseph Roberts (#11839)Vince Varallo (#11840)Julie Chapman (#11841)Angela Fortson (#11842)Sidney Lenox (#11843)Michelle Osterhoudt (#11844)Christina Knorr (#11845)Cindy Poindexter (#11846)Amanda Eason (#11847)Satish Kasula (#11848)Teresa Davenport (#11849)Karl Randall (#11850)Kristina Cirves (#11851)Franklin Derricott (#11852)Jimmy Weatherford (#11853)Ryan Misencik (#11854)Whitney Dudzik (#11855)Lori Buffington (#11856)Michael Truskowski (#11857)Christina Chapan (#11858)Sarah Chiriaco (#11859)Todd Gannon (#11860)Pam Tymchak (#11861)Tina Tucker (#11862)Esan Connell (#11863)Gita Charmchi (#11864)Robbin Jordan (#11865)Walter Oehm (#11866)Alfred Crigger (#11867)Ramon Santoyo (#11868)Christopher Langley (#11869)Paul Gannon (#11870)Andrew Mussett (#11871)Richard Reed (#11872)He Huang (#11873)Katie Perry (#11874)Jessica Rudd (#11875)Kevin Valois (#11876)Stacie Kern (#11877)Halim Hasan (#11878)Brian Schneider (#11879)Cindi Martin (#11880)Salomon Vazquez (#11881)Shawn Burns (#11882)Ryan Cox (#11883)Steve Yeakel (#11884)Ken McNair (#11885)Brent Fodor (#11886)Molly Susee (#11887)Brian Gielbeda (#11888)Karen Brandenburg (#11889)francois moreau (#11890)UGOCHI ONYEWU (#11891)Yanni Robel (#11892)John Robel (#11893)Linda Blazier (#11894)Daniel Petrulis (#11895)

    Stephen Fraser (#11896)Sergio Cabral (#11897)Terrylynn Shipley (#11898)Hans Pieterse (#11899)Jennifer Black (#11900) (#11900)David Smith (#11901)Amy Bukszpan (#11902)Mandy Abercrombie (#11903)Ronaldo Codato (#11904)Shelbi Thurau (#11905)Scott Siegel (#11906)Mohammad Madani (#11907)Shasta (#11908)James DeVary (#11909)Laura Qualman (#11910)Christine Nguyen (#11911)Rhonda Prince-Smith (#11912)bridgette larkin-perkins (#11913)Aline A Cross (#11914)Jennifer Cooper (#11915)Sir Withers (#11916)Nora Mullen (#11917)Traci Taylor (#11918)Tonya Todd Reeves (#11919)Andrea Denton (#11920)Jeff Jones (#11921)Sandy Freeman (#11922)Tami Grossens (#11923)Kimberly McMunn (#11924)Tom Turkington (#11925)Claire Gold (#11926)Ann Glinowiecki (#11927)Erin Thompson (#11928)Amy Ehlers (#11929)Tonya Williams-Walker (#11930)Regilado Santos (#11931)Dianne Paraoan (#11932)April Prior (#11933)Wanda King (#11934)Revi Fayola Sitompul (#11935)Corrine Haynes (#11936)Joseph Rotondo (#11937)Michelle Hatfield (#11938)Rich Morrissey (#11939)Joanna Williams (#11940)Meghan MacDonald (#11941)Mark Falkingham (#11942)Carolyn Spencer (#11943)Gari Jo Green (#11944)Brandie Mcghee (#11945)Kanisha Caesar (#11946)Charles Bell (#11947)Don Carey (#11948)Tonia Carroll (#11949)Laura Partridge (#11950)James Colby (#11951)shannon reilly (#11952)Kristine Lodwig (#11953)Cathy OReilly (#11954)Lisa Speeder (#11955)

    Len Bryer (#11956)Ally Gamez (#11957)Valerie Clark (#11958)Bob Meinig (#11959)andrew steiger (#11960)Rebecca Weston (#11961)Jeff Chun (#11962)Merle Want (#11963)Christine Lundberg (#11964)Brandon Coughlin (#11965)Tanya O (#11966)David Goldstein (#11967)Betsy Magovern (#11968)Raul Orozco (#11969)Matthew Luby (#11970)Nate Sanders (#11971)jason reed (#11972)Jeff Thomas (#11973)Scharon Ball (#11974)Michelle Kaffee (#11975)Michelle Fox (#11976)Kelly Steamer (#11977)Eric Stone (#11978)Paul Lux (#11979)harold markham (#11980)Lee Speirs (#11981)Lisa V. (#11982)Michael Ball (#11983)Cynthia M Fink (#11984)Mark Kesley (#11985)Stephanie Ard (#11986)Debby Burkart Cotch (#11987)Rosemary Fowles (#11988)Barbara Bond (#11989)Abigail Sparks (#11990)Kelsey Hill (#11991)Jared Green (#11992)Ted Smith (#11993)Shelley Ryan Gray (#11994)Bobby Hershner (#11995)Diane Elmore (#11996)Celine Delatreche (#11997)MELISSA SULLIVAN (#11998)Edward Angley (#11999)Marc Glorioso (#12000)Jim Diego (#12001)Timothy Konze (#12002)Michael Riley (#12003)PuggCrazee (#12004)Les Kinman (#12005)Sharla Kinman (#12006)Carolyn Thomson Easter (#12007)Ann Gainey (#12008)Mike Laliberte (#12009)Curtis Hunt (#12010)jason adkins (#12011)Jeanne Hamrick (#12012)Martin Bodek (#12013)Julie Bousquet (#12014)Julie Bernard (#12015)

    Patrick Danna (#12016)Christopher Ortega (#12017)Preston Cox (#12018)Chris Baker (#12019) (#12019)Kelsey Mosier (#12020)Dan Hagerty (#12021)Karen Kramer (#12022)Nirvana Macdonald (#12023)Christine Feeney (#12024)Laura Babbitt (#12025)Molly Grimes (#12026)John Erman Obidos (#12027)Christy Brooks (#12028)David Johnson (#12029)Tammy Henderson (#12030)Kristal Robbins (#12031)Terry Glover (#12032)Robert youngman (#12033)Michael Kenney (#12034)Jeanette Payne (#12035)Robert Blagden (#12036)Kenneth Thomas (#12037)Arena Mueller (#12038)Kevin Dieterle (#12039)Jeffrey Wagner (#12040)Ilham Khan (#12041)Shawn Barlow (#12042)Janice Martin (#12043)William Pruett (#12044)Anastasia Miles (#12045)Gale Connor (#12046)Jodi Haywood (#12047)Craig Rhodes (#12048)Brittany Musa (#12049)James Wood (#12050)Elaine Hight (#12051)Jordan Jensen (#12052)Jill Satran (#12053)Christopher Haynes (#12054)Anne Scranton (#12056)Jacqueline Shulack (#12057)Kristy Crosby (#12058)Maurice Tua (#12059)Tricia Becker (#12060)Shanice MacDonald (#12061)Katrina Barber (#12062)Rhonda Cox (#12063)Kelly Ware (#12064)Doreen Sanuki (#12065)Gunnar Bedford (#12066)Kara Bedford (#12067)Natasha cosgrove (#12068)Shelley Bowles (#12069)Leon Willey (#12070)Lavern Arnold (#12071)Laurence Burnsed (#12072)Sunny Delaney (#12073)theboywil (#12074)


  • 25http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Alison Kelvington Julie Milenkovic Alf CriggerKimberlee

    Bratcher Andrea Denton

    Jeff JonesJennifer Cooper Gari Jo Green

    Dave Goldstein

    Jared GreenDiane Elmore


    Jim Diego

    Claire Gold Tricia Becker

    Meghan MacDonaldCynthia FinkDeborah Burkart

  • F R O M T H E E D I T O R …


    Sorry this newsletter was late. November once again proved to be ahuge month for marathons. Thousands flocked to New York City,Tulsa, Las Vegas, Southern California and Seattle.

    Lots of great adventures completed and more to come!

    Happy Running!

    - Steve “Marathon Freak” Walters MM#338

    Jeffrey Hill and Steve Walters


    Barry Smith



  • 27http://www.marathonmaniacs.com

    Elaine Green

    Jeff “Boneman” Bollman (#1058)

    With the new website comes a new way to identify race discounts. All discounts are now located on the race calendar page. Look for the gold coin following the race name, that signifies a discount. Click the coin and after a brief disclaimer reminding us that discounts are for members only, the code will be revealed along with the amount saved.

    The programmers are working on lots of website items and one is a non-race related discount link. Until that’s complete, you’ll need to email Jeff Bollman ([email protected]) for the running skirts and running warehouse discounts.



    • Florida Marathon 2/7/16: http://thefloridamarathon.com• Surf City Marathon 2/7/16: www.runsurfcity.com• Mississippi River Marathon (AR & MS) 2/13/16: www.msrivermarathon.com• **Fort Smith Marathon (AR) 2/14/16: http://fortsmithmarathon.com• Lost Dutchman Marathon (AZ) 2/14/16: www.lostdutchmanmarathon.org• **Paradise Coast Marathon (FL) 2/14/16: www.naplesmarathon.com• Phoenix Marathon 2/27/16: http://thephoenixmarathon.com• Cowtown Marathon (TX) 2/28/16: www.cowtownmarathon.org• Myrtle Beach Marathon (SC) 3/5/16: www.mbmarathon.com• New Mexico State Park Series 3/5-3/6/16: http://mainlymarathons.com• Chattanooga Marathon 3/6/16: www.chattanoogamarathon.com• Asheville Marathon (NC) 3/13/16: http://ashevillemarathon.com/• Zydeco Marathon (LA) 3/13/16: http://zydecomarathon.com• Raccoon Mountain Marathon (TN) 3/19/16: http://runchattanooga.org/rmm/• Wrightsville Beach Marathon (NC) 3/20/16: www.wrightsvillebeachmarathon.com• Dust Bowl Series 3/23-3/27/16: http://mainlymarathons.com• Tomoka Marathon (FL) 3/26/16: www.tomokamarathon.com• **Queen City Marathon (MD) 4/2/16: www.runthequeencity.com• Knoxville Marathon (TN) 4/3/16: www.knoxvillemarathon.com• Blooms to Brews Marathon (WA) 4/10/16: http://bloomstobrews.getboldevents.com/• **Hogeye Marathon (AR) 4/10/16: www.hogeyemarathon.com• Carmel Marathon (IN) 4/16/16: www.carmelmarathon.com• Garmin Marathon (KS) 4/16/16: http://ozrun.org• **Whidbey Island Marathon (WA) 4/16/16: www.whidbeyislandmarathon.com• Riverboat Series 4/17-4/23/16: http://mainlymarathons.com• Coastal Delaware Running Festival 4/24/16: www.codelrun.com• HITS Kiwanis Kingston Classic Marathon (NY) 4/24/16: http://hitsrunning.com/hits-kiwanis-kingston-classic/• **Colorado Marathon 5/1/16: www.thecoloradomarathon.com• Eugene Marathon 5/1/16: http://eugenemarathon.com• New Jersey Marathon 5/1/16: www.thenewjerseymarathon.com• Tacoma City Marathon 5/1/16: www.tacomacitymarathon.com• **Wisconsin Marathon 5/7/16: www.wisconsinmarathon.com• **Brookings Marathon (SD) 5/14/16: www.brookingsmarathon.com• Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon 5/15/16: http://mainecoast262.com• Fargo Marathon 5/21/16: www.fargomarathon.com• Vermont City Marathon 5/29/16: www.vermontcitymarathon.org• **Windermere Marathon(WA) 6/5/16: http://windermeremarathon.com/• Utah Valley Marathon 6/11/16: www.utahvalleymarathon.com• Idaho Falls MAD Marathon 7/30/16: www.idahofallsmarathon.com• Humboldt Bay Marathon (CA) 8/14/16: http://humboldtbaymarathon.com/• Anchorage Run Festival 8/21/16: www.anchoragerunfest.org

    mailto:[email protected]://thefloridamarathon.com/http://www.runsurfcity.com/http://www.msrivermarathon.com/http://fortsmithmarathon.com/http://www.lostdutchmanmarathon.org/http://www.naplesmarathon.com/http://thephoenixmarathon.com/http://www.cowtownmarathon.org/http://www.mbmarathon.com/http://mainlymarathons.com/http://www.chattanoogamarathon.com/http://ashevillemarathon.com/http://zydecomarathon.com/http://runchattanooga.org/rmm/http://www.wrightsvillebeachmarathon.com/http://mainlymarathons.com/http://www.tomokamarathon.com/http://www.runthequeencity.com/http://www.knoxvillemarathon.com/http://bloomstobrews.getboldevents.com/http://www.hogeyemarathon.com/http://www.carmelmarathon.com/http://ozrun.org/http://www.whidbeyislandmarathon.com/http://mainlymarathons.com/http://www.codelrun.com/http://hitsrunning.com/hits-kiwanis-kingston-classic/http://www.thecoloradomarathon.com/http://eugenemarathon.com/http://www.thenewjerseymarathon.com/http://www.tacomacitymarathon.com/http://www.wisconsinmarathon.com/http://www.brookingsmarathon.com/http://mainecoast262.com/http://www.fargomarathon.com/http://www.vermontcitymarathon.org/http://windermeremarathon.com/http://www.utahvalleymarathon.com/http://www.idahofallsmarathon.com/http://humboldtbaymarathon.com/http://www.anchoragerunfest.org/

  • Now, eleven years later, older, wiser, creakier, some of us with scores more marathons done, some withhundreds of more done, we are used to this frequent-marathoning idea, and the membership has climbed fromknowing everyone to over 12,000 members, and so we are “less different” perhaps than we once were?

    And the marathons themselves: are they getting to be old-hat? We’ve got the routine down, we more or lessknow what’s coming, the specialness…drifting away?

    Doesn’t have to. Not at all.

    Every marathon, if we look at afresh, has new experiences in it, something new to teach us, new memories tohold, new friends to make, and maybe, just maybe, somethings new to create.

    Same thing with Christmas and the holidays, yet again. Oh, we’ve gotten rather used to the lights, theshoppers’ anxieties, the weight-bearing stollens, the traffic. And all those lights and tinsel, pretty as they mightappear, rather come to obscure the elements that make Christmas timeless, profound, life-changing.


    Christmas came out of a peculiar and unique miracle, reported by originally ordinary people. Themselvesshocked, they spread the word that this Jesus had came back from the dead, after a nasty end-week ofpersecution and execution. They talked excitedly about a series of unexpected, unanticipated, experiences,experiences which opened eyes like ours, eyes that had followed him daily, though they did not at first grasp thesubtleties or triumph in store. At first confused, then amazed and convinced, all the pieces came together, withinweeks, and the prior years’ of stories now held together anew. Their perspectival-shift was about transcendenttruth: God had visited us. God had started in the form of a baby, in a middle-eastern backwater town, laid in theanimals’ trough, out back in a barn., and he had grown to be the Resurrected One.

    Ingloriously begun, humble love, empowered by the Creator of the Universe began endless appreciation inthose who saw it, and grew gratefulness in those who would see it yet.

    Grasped today in the quiet, it makes the old carols meaningfully new again.

    Glory indeed be to the newborn King, Prez. And may we get out, and go, and run,and effect peace on earth wherever our travels take us.


    F R O M T H E R A M B U N C T I O U S R E V

    R H E T O R I C A L R E V E L A T I O N S A N D W ( R I T E S ) …

    Hiya Prez,

    When we were about at 100 Maniacs in the club, we thought we werereally quite different, remember? Oh, we had started as ordinary people,until we ran and ran and ran and ran.


    [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]