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Newsletter - avocabch-p. · PDF file Newsletter_____ Avoca Beach Public School The Round Drive Avoca Beach NSW 2251 T: 4382 1416 F: 4381 1431 E: [email protected] W:

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  • Newsletter_________

    Avoca Beach Public School

    The Round Drive

    Avoca Beach NSW 2251

    T: 4382 1416 F: 4381 1431

    E: [email protected]


    Tuesday 24th July, 2018

    Avoca Beach Public School is committed to providing a safe and caring environment where individuals are respectful, responsible and strive for their personal best.

    Our innovative, collaborative and inclusive culture empowers and supports every learner.

    Principal’s Report

    Welcome back to Term 3. I hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday and are ready for what promises to

    be a busy term. Our first event this term is our School Athletics Carnival which is on tomorrow at the Mingara

    Athletics Centre. Our year 3-6 students will be leaving school at 9.30am to attend the carnival. The K-2 carnival will

    be held next Friday 3rd August at school from 10.00am to 1.00pm.

    During the school holidays I received notification from staffing that Ms Kimberlee Vaughan has been appointed as a

    permanent teacher at Avoca Beach P.S. Ms Vaughan has been working as a temporary teacher for the last year and

    is a great addition to our teaching staff. I was also informed that Mrs Lisa Hecht has been given a service transfer to

    Avoca Beach P.S in a permanent 4 day per week teacher position. Mrs Hecht has been a member of our staff this

    year in a temporary position. She will also be a wonderful addition to our staff.

    A number of projects were completed over the holiday period. An upgrade to our main entry was completed with a

    new block wall installed and new signage. Photos of this work are included in this newsletter. The bottom corner of

    our top oval was upgraded with the installation of a new fence, cricket net and a new long jump pit & run up. I would

    like to thank the assistance provided by our two general assistants Dennis and Paul for their supervision of these


    Yesterday our school hosted a combined School Development Day involving the staff of the five schools in the

    Kincumba Learning Community. During the day teachers had a great opportunity to listen to a number of guest

    speakers including our Director of Educational Leadership Mrs Karen Jones, presenters from the Department’s What

    Works Best Program and John Stewart. Teachers also participated in workshops on High Expectations, Explicit

    Teaching, Effective Feedback, Using Data to Inform Practice, Classroom Management, Wellbeing & Collaboration.

    Education Week this year runs from Monday 6th August to Friday 10th August. We will be holding an Open Day on

    Tuesday 7th starting with open classrooms from 9.00am to 9.55am. There will be two showcase performances in the

    hall followed by lunch and then our Stage 2 & 3 Public Speaking Finals. An agenda for the day will be sent home this

    week and all parents, carers & community members are invited to attend.

    Week 1 Term 3

    Tue 24th Students return

    Wed 25th Athletics Carnival Yr 3-6

    Thu 26th Girls Softball

    Fri 27th

    Week 2 Term 3

    Mon 30th

    Tue 31st ICAS English

    Wed 1st Aug

    Thu 2nd Spelling Bee

    Fri 3rd K-2 Athletics Carnival 10am – 1pm

    mailto:[email protected]

  • 778Avoca Beach Public School Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

    Our Public Speaking Competitions will be held over the next two weeks with class competitions in week 2 followed

    by the Stage 2 & 3 finals on Tuesday 7th with the Kinder & Stage 1 finals on Friday 10th starting at 11.15am. Finalists

    in each stage will be notified by the end of week 2.

    Unfortunately we were not successful in our application to be involved in the Sporting Schools Program this term.

    The program received more applications than available funding for Term 3. I will reapply for Term 4.

    At the end of Term 2 we completed the selection process for our new Student Wellbeing Officer. The position is

    jointly funded by the Federal Government, Generate and our school P&C. Mrs Felicity Robinson was the successful

    candidate. She will be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week and will work closely with our Learning

    Support team to provide assistance to students & families where needed.

    Each year the Central Coast Public Schools hold an Appreciation Awards Ceremony to recognise the efforts of

    employees and community members in Public Schools across the Central Coast. This year the school’s nominations

    to receive this award are our teacher librarian Mrs Kim Fyffe and our School Fair coordinator Fi Currie. Both of these

    ladies have contributed a huge amount to the students of our school over many years. They will receive their

    certificates at an award ceremony at Terrigal High School on Tuesday 21st August.

    Applications for Kindergarten enrolments for 2019 are now being taken. If you have a child starting school next year

    please contact the office to begin the enrolment process. If you have any friends or relatives in our zone with

    children starting please also let them know. We are holding an Information Session on Monday 6th August at 7.00pm

    in the hall for 2019 Kinder families. Our Headstart program begins on Friday 26th October.

    We have received the results of the first two International Competitions conducted by the University of NSW.

    Congratulations to the following students who received special certificates.

    Digital Technologies-

    Distinctions – Tiki Willcocks, Annie Lowbridge

    Credits – Monty Lowbridge, Pearl McQueen, Zoe Naylor


    High Distinctions – Annie Lowbridge

    Credits – Monty Lowbridge, Zoe Naylor, Pearl McQueen

    Ross Hallaways


  • 778Avoca Beach Public School Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

    Congratulations to the following students who received merit certificates at last Friday’s assembly.

    KB Taj Eljerban, Polly Carpenter 3S Isla O’Cass, Taj Knight

    KM Ace Garrett, Owen Gillett 4H Noah Berthot-Craig, Joshua Beaton

    KT Koa Payne, Zeus Curnow 4B Zachary Wilson, Avalon Pitcher

    K/1S Lily Rangott, Lily Clarke 4/5V Cody Sherman, Eleanor Shervington

    1B Maxwell Blair, Soraya Mathieson 5/6A Zachariah Jamal, Annie Lowbridge

    1C Lisa Hechter, Dylan McMahon 5/6D Oscar Noone, Leila George

    1F Audrey La Delle, Noah Day 5/6J Zoe Naylor, Declan Nott

    2D Henry Petheram, Brianna Haydon 5/6R Pearl McQueen, Natalie Dalton

    2M Eli Boys-Smith, Tane Rangi 5/6W Indo Holloway, Sascha Wieczorski

    2W Elijah Cartwright, Charlotte Coleman

    3A Joshua Lyons, Flynn Jolley-Chauhud

    3D Jack Groom, Elisabeth Brereton-Garner MUSIC Dylan Every, Olivia Schellekens

  • 778Avoca Beach Public School Newsletter Term 3 Week 1


    Volunteers play an important role in the daily school routine. Please be aware that the Department of Education

    requires all volunteers to complete a Volunteer Declaration and provide Proof of Identity that meets the 100-point

    check.We are updating our records in accordance with these requirements and ask that anyone who is currently

    volunteering, or planning on doing so in the future, complete the attached declaration and return it to the office

    along with your 100 points as soon as possible. This not only applies to in-school volunteers but also anyone that at

    any stage may be transporting our students to off site activities.

    For parents transporting students to off site activities please be aware that we still require copies of both your

    current driver’s licence and current vehicle registration. This documentation must be provided prior to the activites

    and is required even if you are transporting your own child. In accordance with department requirements the

    transporting of students is not permitted until all documentation has been received.

    EXTENDED LEAVE from ATTENDANCE. If you are planning a family holiday during the school term, for more than 5

    days, parents need to apply for an ‘Application for Extended Leave’ from school. An ’Application for Extended

    Leave-Travel’ can be collected from the office. Once completed please return to the Principal at least two weeks

    prior to the leave then an approved ‘Certificate of Extended leave - Travel’ will be issued. The original certificate will

    be signed, copied for school records and returned to parents. This needs to be carried during leave as it must be

    produced when requested by police or other authorised attendance officers.

    Winter Uniform -Grey trousers: during the winter terms boys and girls can wear grey trousers. They are not available from Uniform shop or on flexi schools.

    Black track suit pants: they can be worn on sport days – please note: not leggings or dance pants. The Uniform Shop curren