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The new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoes, " The World\'s First Multifunctional Golf Shoe,"It\'s About Time" See more at


<ul><li> 1. The Worlds First Multifunctional Golf ShoeUnique and DifferentThe new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is a unique one of a kind golf shoethats original in its design. It has been listed as one of the most talkedabout golf shoes of 2011.Those who really want to turn heads and start conversations on the golfcourse must try the new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe.Its About Time to bring about a change in the patterns, colors, anddesign of golf shoes and we are aimed at an audience that enjoys thisuniqueness and change.The new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is one of the most talked about golfshoes because of its unique design and great concept. Heres one golf shoethat is going to make a difference in the golf shoe industry.The inventor of this new golf shoe was raised in Thomson, Georgia and hecurrently lives in Augusta, Georgia, home of the Masters and the birthplaceof the golf cart.This new V-Groove Tool Golf footwear is the brainchild of Anthony L.Griffin, a former military man and devout Christian and CEO of GriffinAthletics International Inc. 1|Page</li></ul> <p> 2. He calls his patented invention the V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe and it isknown as The Worlds First Multifunctional Golf Shoe.The old traditional style of golf shoes is slowly fading away. Todays playersare looking for a different and unique style and versatility in a golf shoe. Thenew V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is just that. It is a very stylish golf shoeand is not like the traditional-looking golf shoe.At one time it may have seemed like the golf shoe industry had reachedtheir stylistic limits, but thats not so. The V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is thegolf shoe that will get the golfers back in the groove and on the move againturning heads on and off the course.The new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoes are lightweight and very comfortable,and they provide an added service that no other golf shoe has everprovided.Let us take a look at this all in one unique golf shoe that is being introducedinto the golf shoe industry.This new product receives its name from its unsual design. The golf shoe hasa total of four support pockets specially designed on the golf shoes.The right shoe has a rear support pocket that holds the divot repair tool, andin the mid section of the right shoe ther is a ball marker support pocket thatholds one ball marker.2|Page 3. The left shoe has a rear support pocket that holds three tees, and in themid section of the left shoe there is another ball marker support pocket thatholds one ball marker.These items are always convenient and easily accessible on the golf shoes.The golf shoe has a V-shape pattern sole and a V-pattern design look on theback of the heel of the shoe, and on the front toe and Vs on both sides ofthe shoe.The new golf shoe is priced at the cost of the traditional golf shoe but isunlike any of the traditional golf shoes which are now on the market.Golf lovers worldwide are making requests for them and stating that theyregoing to be a revolutionary golf shoe because of their unique style and greatnew design.The golf shoe is extremely stable and has great cushioning because it iswell padded and has a custom fit. During the testing phase of the golf shoesgolfers stated that the shoes felt great.The golf shoes are equipped with upgraded plastic spikes. They areconstructed of a flexible, waterproof leather material, and they are wellpadded for comfort and also well designed for better traction.Our goal is to bring to the golf world a new revolutionary golf shoe thatprovides golfers with an added bonus in the service of the golf shoe itselfwhile they are playing the great game of golf.3|Page 4. The Golf Shoe with the Tools to get you in the GrooveThis new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe will make a difference and fill the voidleft by outdated traditional-style golf shoes. Make that move in the new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoes. Its About Time Contact us at: http://firstmultifunctionalgolf.comGet back your groove doing the V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe moveGolfshot 4|Page 5. 5|Page</p>