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  • 1. CASE STUDIESBy: Thomas McGinley

2. PROJECT DESCRIPTION I initiated this project at CCM to givemyself the chance to think creativelyand plan with more frequency.I comb through the Made in NY tech listto identify promising companies andthen proactively develop campaigns todefine their brand, and increaseengagement and awareness. If a company doesnt want to meet withCCM, I add those ideas here. 3. Company Profile is the first marketplace for successfullyfunded Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Situation Crowdfunding has been incredibly popular in the lastyear. serves the biggest need at the end ofthe crowdfunding process, but needs to build a brandidentity and increase awareness. 4. BRAND TRUTHS Every product comes with a story that wascompelling enough to earn it funding. Telling thesestories will help engage with customersand differentiate itself from other online shoppingsites . The earliest users of are likely to be thesame people who fund Kickstarter and Indiegogoprojects. These people are heavily engaged insocial media and will respond to invitations toparticipate. 5. STRATEGY Project an identity that is built on the independent,non-corporate, quirky, ahead of the curve thinkingthat defines these crowdfunded products. Engage with early users by inviting them toparticipate in, and contribute to, the myth that willgive its identity. 6. TACTICS Film a series of interviews, with 4 inventors, that arefacetiously framed in the style of MTVs Cribs. The interviewer will hype up the lavish headquarters ofthese newly wealthy geniuses, but the videos willactually show how relatable these inventors are, as theytell their stories and give tours of their modestworkspaces. The videos will periodically draw contrasts to theinventors corporate antithesis (i.e. Apples Chinesesweatshop) These videos will be posted on YouTube and shared via Facebook and Twitter. 7. TACTICS Extending the mock-corporate storyline Bring together the four inventors who were interviewed and create a series of videos in which they are collaborating in a sinister plot to take over the world using their various products. The tone will still be humorous, as the group of modest inventors laugh at the trusting people who thought they were avoiding evil corporations by supporting independent inventors. This will be an opportunity to highlight their innovative, quirky products, as they are given evil, but humorous, properties. 8. TACTICS Invite participation and extend the story Invite fans, via Facebook, to create a superhero thatutilizes products found on to defeat theevil inventors. The actual function of the products can be exaggerated to fitthe needs of a superhero, just as they will be adapted to takeon faux-evil qualities. Fans will share their superhero by submitting a story,picture, or video of it, and describing its powers. All entries will be displayed on Facebook, but the bestfew will receive an electronic gift card to be used on thesite. 9. Company Profile Aggregift is a platform that facilitates crowdfundedgroup gifting. Select a gift from Amazon that youd liketo give to a friend, invite friends via Facebook tocontribute, everyone can donate an anonymous amountand share messages that the recipient and other donorswill see. Situation Aggregift is another service built around thecrowdfunding trend. The concept is innovative, but theyneed to build an identity and increase awareness. 10. BRAND TRUTHS & STRATEGIES The spirit that drives group gift giving is one ofinfectious generosity. We need to tell stories thatconvey this spirit. Although technology does a lot to bring peopletogether, it can also be alienating for generationsthat did not grow up using computers. The Aggregiftplatform is extremely easy to use, even for thosewho are not tech savvy. This makes it possible toconnect people of all ages through the act of givinga gift. We need to demonstrate this. 11. TACTICS Gift-giving campaign, based on 3 narratives,carriedout by a community manager and socialmedia influencers Narrative 1: College friends who have since moved allover the world reconnect through this platform to give afriend a gift based on an inside joke from when theywere in school. Narrative 2: A large family that is spread across multiplecountries comes together to give a gift to the familymatriarch. Narrative 3: A group of friends starts a game where theysend each other the most random, or embarrassing giftsthat they can find. 12. TACTICS Notes on the gift-giving campaigns They all highlight different aspects of the platform thatmay appeal to different age groups, but they all projectthe same collaborative spirit. The influencers that are carrying out the campaigns willneed to document every aspect with screenshots,videos and blog entries that would be used in TVcommercials and YouTube videos. 13. TACTICS Invite participation Invite people to nominate a friend or family member whocould really use a gift, by telling that persons story in anessay or a video. (Ex. Maybe this is a single motherwho never makes time for herself, or a caring bigbrother, etc.) One particularly deserving person will be chosen andAggregift will facilitate a gift-giving campaign for themthat is on a larger scale than the standard model. 14. TACTICS Publicize the winners story and invite everyone togive, not just close friends, and extend the givingperiod to 3 weeks, rather than 3 days. Instead of the typical group gifting process, which isrelatively exclusive, we will make this one asinclusive and public as possible. A Facebook page will be created that shares thestory, tracks the progress of donations, and givespeople a space to leave encouraging messages.