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  • 7/28/2019 Ned Rus u21 Gautier


    Unofficial Referee Observers Report The Third Team (

    UEFA Under-21 European Championship 2013

    (NED) Netherlands 5:1 Russia (RUS)

    09 June 2013, 18:00 CET Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem, Israel

    Match Officials Name Origin Mark1 Mark2 Difficulty3

    Referee Antony Gautier FRA 7.6 8.3 Normal

    Assistant Referee 1 Sandro Pozzi SUI 8.3 --- Normal

    Assistant Referee 2 Roland Brandner AUT 8.4 --- Normal

    Additional AR 1 Antti Munukka FIN 7.9 8.0 Normal

    Additional AR 2 Sbastien Delferiere BEL 8.0 --- Normal

    Fourth Official Nissan Davidy ISR 7.9 8.0 normal

    UEFA Delegate Jean Paul Mievis BEL

    UEFA Referee Observer Hugh Dallas SCO

    Blog Referee Observer Philipp S. GER

    1 Final mark according to evaluation scale. Expected level for AARs and fourth official is 8.0, crucial mistake 7.7!2 Mark if the final mark had not been influenced by a crucial mistake (only in case of a crucial mistake, to be held empty if no crucial mistake

    occurred).3 Difficulty has to be integrated into the final mark. Levels of difficulty are: normal, challenging and very challenging.4 Blog-Referee Observer =Inofficial referee observer appointed by the blog administrator.

    Evaluation scale(for referee and assistant referees


    Description of the Marks

    9.0 10.0 Excellent.

    8.5 8.9 Very good. Important decision(s) correctly taken.

    8.3 8.4 Good. Expected level.

    8.2 Satisfactory with small areas for improvement.

    8.0 8.1 Satisfactory with important areas for improvement.

    7.9 One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.3 or above.

    7.8 One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.0 8.2.

    7.5 7.7Below expectation, poor control, significant point(s) for


    7.0 7.4

    Disappointing. Below expectation with one and clear important


    or a performance with two or more clear and important mistakes.

    6.0 6.9 Unacceptable.

    Unofficial Referee Observers Report The Third Team (

  • 7/28/2019 Ned Rus u21 Gautier


    Unofficial Referee Observers Report The Third Team (

    1) Description of the match:

    Second matchday of the U21 European Championship. The Netherlands won with 4 goals

    difference in the end and qualified for the semifinal, while Russia has no more chance to

    reach it. In the first half, both teams were very reserved and could rarely create promising

    attacks. So it was a boring beginning, with the 1-0 lead after a run by a single player. In the

    second half, Russia had to play with ten men, what helped the Dutch team to dominate the

    match and score often. Nevertheless the Russian side still were playing well and even could

    score once, but after the 3-1 everything was decided.

    For the referee Antony Gautier from France and his European team the match was quite easy

    especially in the first half. After the break there were two crucial situations, but however still a

    normal match, easy to control and rarely challenging.


    2) Knowledge, Application and Interpretation of the Laws of the Game, Disciplinary

    Control and Technical Management of the game with special reference to the situations

    and the minutes when they occurred.

    (Crucial decisions, if available, have to be explicitly mentioned in the grid and



    The referee made two crucial mistakes to the disfavor of Russia in only three minutes, which

    most likely influenced the outcome of the match. First he ignored a handball in the Dutch

    box, which he should have seen as it was quite clear. Then he surprisingly gave a straight red

    card, after a sliding tackle from behind. Exaggerated and wrong decision, a yellow card would

    have been sufficient here, especially because it was a very fair match without any booking so


    Apart from these situations, he showed a satisfying performance with a decent foul

    detection. His card management was also good, he could keep the cards in the pocket for a

    long time (except the 50 incident), but was ready to show it three times in the last minutes.

    One the hand, they were not completely necessary to keep the control, but on the other hand

    it made clear that misbehavior is punished even at the end.

    Minute Description of the situation

    40Small kick without chance to play the ball, verbal warning given, OK due to the

    very fair game so far


    No handball penalty to Russia, crucial mistake as the defenders arm was far

    away from his body and stopped the ball in the penalty area; in the referees

    area of responsibility


    Red card for Chicherin, too harsh, crucial mistake. The Russian player slides

    into his opponent from behind, but has a good chance to play the ball and it

    was no dangerous foul. Yellow card would have been the right decision

    51 Yellow card to Burlak for dissent, not really visible, but probably correct

    52An injured player is on the ground, he waits very long to stop the match, thendoes it, when the goalkeeper caught the ball. No good handling, because the

    drop ball in the box could be dangerous.

  • 7/28/2019 Ned Rus u21 Gautier


    Unofficial Referee Observers Report The Third Team (

    59No handball penalty for Russia, correct, although the ball hits the defenders

    arm, but it is near to his body and he is rather shot down.

    88Yellow card to Dzagoev for pulling the shirt after the action already stopped,


    90+1 Yellow card to Tsallagov for a reckless foul, correct

    90+4 Yellow card to Cheryshev for pulling the shirt, OK

    3) Tactical approach and its Degree of Consistency, Personality, Match Control and

    Management of the Teams and Players with special reference to the situations and the

    minutes when they occurred.


    He chose a rather lenient style from the beginning, in fact he had no other possibility because

    of the low number of duels in the first half. As the match stayed quite fair, he could keep thisline and showed a high level of consistency. Furthermore he stayed in the background

    whenever possible (again except the 50 incident), but was ready to take action, if necessary.

    To control the match, he did not rely on his cards, but gave some verbal warnings, in a strict

    and even unfriendly, but effective way. However there could be some more communication

    on a This worked out well and in spite of his two big mistakes, the protests were small (in 50

    he stopped them with a caution) and the player respected him.

    Summary of 2) and 3):

    Positive Points 1. High level of consistency

    2. Good player management

    3. Good match control

    Not meeting require-

    ments, points that

    need improvement


    No more crucial mistakes, i.e. more attention to situations in

    the penalty area as well as maybe thinking twice before

    sending someone off

    2.There is place for some friendly communication with the

    players, especially in a fair match like this

    3.He should stop the match earlier, when he thinks a player

    needs help.

    Minute Description of the situation

    4) Physical Shape, Stamina, Positioning, Movement as well as Mental Awareness, if

    needed, with reference to the minutes when they occurred, always in case of a -.

    Physical Condition (very good, good, average, poor): Good

  • 7/28/2019 Ned Rus u21 Gautier


    Unofficial Referee Observers Report The Third Team (

    Further Aspects:

    + Expected -

    XAlways close to play, follows play at all times with a flexible

    diagonal system and impedes interference with play

    X Efficient positioning (at set pieces e.g.) and movement to beready to take a (crucial) decision (specially in the box; be

    able to enter the box in some cases when it is necessary)

    X Shows awareness and is able to anticipate the action

    Minute Description of the situation

    47+50At both crucial mistakes, his positioning did not seem to be the problem,

    actually it should have allowed him to take the correct decision.

    5) Teamwork (co-operation with (A)ARs and fourth official with reference, if needed, tospecial situations and the minutes when they occurred)


    AAR 1 could not help him with the handball penalty. Apart from this situation, the teamwork

    was OK, but not often necessary.

    6) If needed: General comments or advices for improvement; explanation of the chosen

    mark; further matters (can be let empty).

    Comments:Gautier destroyed a good performance in an easy match with two crucial mistakes, so the

    mark of 8.3 has to be heavily decreased. After an also disappointing first match the French

    hope must rely on Battas support to stay in the tournament and perhaps also to get further

    chances on the top level.

  • 7/28/2019 Ned Rus u21 Gautier


    Unofficial Referee Observers Report The Third Team (

    Assistant Referee 1

    7) Assistant Referee 1s performance (please mention some important decisions either by

    integrating them into a coherent comment or mentioning them in the grid below; mandatory

    if a - (negative point) is selected)

    Relevant Aspects:

    + Expected -


    Correct offside decisions by means of a good application of


    wait and see-technique

    X Good positioning and movement