National Library of Finland - long term preservation

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Overview of digital collections creation and long term preservation at the National Library of Finland.

Text of National Library of Finland - long term preservation

  • Long term preservation at The National Library of Finland
    Esa-pekka Keskitalo, Chief Analyst
    Ex Libris Rosetta Charter Customer Advisory Group Kickoff Meeting
    Mnchen, 9 10 June, 2010
  • The National Library of Finland
    Established 1640
    Legal depositlibrarysince 1707
    Budget: circa 26 millioneuros
    Staff: circa 280
    The largestscientificlibrary in Finland (mainlyphilosophy, history, art, Eastern Europeanstudies)
    National-levelservices for Finnishlibraries
    Part of the University of Helsinki
  • Digital Preservationneeds at the NLF- Born Digital
    Web Archive
    In smalleramounts, otherlegaldepositmaterials
    Based on contract, deposited at the NLF with the purpose of preservation
    E.g. soundrecordingsfrom Warner Finland
    Digital copies of printednewspapersarebeingdiscussed
    Contingencyplans for licenced collections
  • Newspapers
    Digital Preservationneeds at the NLF- DigitizedMaterials
  • Whatwehavegot
    + Wehavegotpoliciesconcerning
    • collectionsdevelopment
    • collectionspreservation
    • digitization
    • principles of electroniclegaldepositing
    + Oursystemsarereliable on the daily basis
    + There is general awareness of and commitment to preservation
    + Wehaveimprovedprocesses for bettertrustworthiness
  • Whatwestillneed
    Deep understanding of ourneed to change
    A workingrisk management regime
    Smoothprocessesoverorganization and systemjunctures
  • The National Digital Library
    A common user interface for the information resources of libraries, archives and museums (in operation in 2011).
    Digitization of the most essential cultural heritage materials of libraries, archives and museums
    Development of a long-term preservation solution for electronic cultural heritage materials (a detailed plan ready in 2010)
    Increasingawareness and competence
  • National Library of Finland
    National Archive Service
    Public Libraries
    Libraries in HE institutions
    National Digital Library around700 organizations
    National AudiovisualArchive
    National Museum of Finland
    National Board of Antiquities
    Finnish National Gallery
    FinnishMuseum of NaturalHistory
    National SpecializedMuseums
  • National Digital Library National Preservation System
    Therewillbe a common preservationsystem for digitalculturalheritagematerials in archives, libraries, and museums
    It is known as the PAS system (frompitkaikaissilytys)
    Materilasmaybedocuments, photos, audiovisualmaterials, multimedia, metadata sets, publications, etc.
    Passystem is intended to keepdigitalinformationusableover long periods of time, and overobsolesence of hardware, software and fileformats.
  • PAS services
    PAS services is the ensemble of preservationservicesprovided to archives, museums, and libraries.
    At the core, therewillbe a system of software and hardware
    PAS servicesare to becustomer-oriented. Evensmallerorganizationsmustbeable to benefit.
    PAS servicesinclude
    Ingest of materials
    Preservation of them
  • Whocanparticipate?
    PAS serviceswillbeaimedprimarily to organizations in the field of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
    Organizationswillown and be in control of the materials, buttheyoutsource the storing and preservation.
    Digital materialsmustbeproduced, managed, and exploitedusingacceptedpolicies and methods
    Need for PAS servicesmayvaryaccording to the resources and readiness of organizations
    Organizationswillcover the costs of preservation.
  • Timeline
    Long-termpreservationReport: June, 2010
    Pre-Implementationproject: 2011-2014
    Implememtationproject: 2015-2016 earliest
    Pre-implementationprojectwillberunby CSC IT Centre for Science (
  • Why common PAS services?
    Supportedbycost and benefitanalysis
    Is in accordancewith general principles of government-level ICT architecturestrategies