My life’s quest STUDENT EXAMPLE #2. Who am I? I am creative I am a perfectionist I am random I am caring I am goofy I am a competitive and active person.

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  • My lifes questSTUDENT EXAMPLE #2

  • Who am I?I am creativeI am a perfectionistI am randomI am caringI am goofyI am a competitive and active person

  • Where do I come from?I come from late nights doing homework and even later nights hanging out with my friendsI come from singing in the shower and watching Disney moviesI come from playing neopets as a kid to playing guitar until my fingers are purple

  • What makes ME me?Im different because Im a deep thinkerIm different because I dont follow everyone elses beliefs. And I day dream more than I dream at night

  • What is my purpose in life?Im not really sure just what my purpose in life is yet, but I think that Im supposed to voice my creativity and make my ideas come to life.

  • My goals and where I hope to goI hope to travel the world, seeing all of the different cultures and experiencing the different lifestyles. I also hope to eventually marry my best friend, live a healthy, adventurous life, and become a well-known designer.

  • Are there going to be roadblocks?...The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Im going to have to compete with other designers to become well-known. And even before that, I have to make sure I find the right college.

  • Universal questions?What is likely to be my greatest source of personal happiness, and how can I attempt to achieve it?