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My Journey through Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds

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My Journey through Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. By: Danje ’ Morris. Flattening classrooms, engaging minds: move to global collaboration one step at a time. Written by Julie Lindsay and Vicki A. Davis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Journey through Flattening Classrooms, Engaging MindsBy: Danje MorrisFlattening classrooms, engaging minds: move to global collaboration one step at a time

Written by Julie Lindsay and Vicki A. DavisInspires teachers to adopt a sense of collaboration with classrooms around the world to instill digital citizenships and onenessIncorporates thrilling experiences, strategies and advice, and challenges for all readers to try for themselvesDivided into 3 sections: Part 1: Meet the Flat ClassroomPart 2: Seven Steps to Flatten Your ClassroomPart 3: Project Development

UNA Course StructureThe course (EDT 602: Current and Emerging Technologies) is made up of 16 weeks, 13 which are focused solely on the textbook. Each week, students read the chapter, answer and discuss the essential questions at the end of the chapter, and complete the Flat Classroom Challenge. All essential questions are answered on the discussion board through ANGEL Learning and challenges are submitted through the Dropbox.Because of the complexity of the challenges for students, this has been a great way to network, communicate, and rely on classmates in order to fulfill expectations. We communicate through emails (ANGEL and personal), blogs, and other forms of communication such as Skype and wiki.7 Steps to Flatten Your ClassroomConnectionKnowing how to reach out to others in the world, why its important, and what materials and tools are neededCommunicationTalking and sharing ideas with others, including through emails, and why its important to keep communication openCitizenshipWays to teach teachers and students to act appropriately online to eliminate disagreements and discrepanciesContribution and CollaborationWays to teach teachers and students effective measures to work with othersChoiceTeaches teachers to respect students creativity and individualityCreationDifferent ways to express ideas and assignmentsCelebrationKnowing the importance of concluding projects and allowing students to extend their knowledge

What Ive learned thus far..Here are just a few things that I learned thus far from the Flat Classroom Challenges. We are only on challenge 12 of 15, but I have learned A LOT!How to construct a PLN How to blog (and enjoy it!) How to construct a Wikispaces account How to give students a choice with a project Screenshots

SummaryIts important to give students the opportunity to expand their learning outside of the four walls of the classroom as well as the community in which they live. Remember, some students may never travel outside of the U.S., so a global collaborative project may be a thrill.Teachers should always MODEL, MODEL, MODEL! If students see the teachers communicating, collaborating, etc. effectively, they will too!This is more than just a project for students; this is also improving teachers skills and professional development. Using technology is both exciting and educational!