My animal Leopards By Luke

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My animal Leopards By Luke. Type of Animal. It is a mammal and they have great hearing. Food. Carcasses Fish Reptiles Mammals Baboons Antelopes Warthogs Hares And rodents. Habitat. Sub Saharan A frica India Pakistan Malaysia China And Indochina. How it protects itself. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Leopards By Luke

My animalLeopardsBy Luke

1Type of AnimalIt is a mammal and they have great hearing

FoodCarcassesFishReptilesMammalsBaboonsAntelopesWarthogsHaresAnd rodents

HabitatSub Saharan AfricaIndiaPakistanMalaysiaChinaAnd Indochina

How it protects itselfThey use there claws and attack or run away

Other factsSome people say there bones and whiskers can heal sick peopleThey are nocturnal they hunt at nightThey leave there pray in trees for days

Images taken from Google Images