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a short story

Text of Mutant

Mutants Secret: The CurseBy: Kenneth C. Insoy

How did you manage to love that person? She doesnt even look normal! Amor spat at JayMark. But he just ignored her rants and continued entering the room.As he entered the classroom, his face lit up upon seeing his paramor. How are you Babe? Are you still sore? Pardon me because I wasnt able to control my raging hormones. Mysdemi blush furiously. Its okay Babe. I really enjoyed our intercourse last night . It feels like heaven. Ohrayt! Rock n Roll to the world. Mysdemi has this dreamy look on her face upon saying this.Oh Babe, you forgot something last night.What is it?JayMark reached his pocket and revealed a Hello Kitty Red panty. Mysdemi was shocked and embarrassed. She reached for the panty and when she open it a pain reliever was hidden beneath its folds. Oh thank you Babe. This will be a big help to my sore genital.Their conversation was cut off when Amor barged inside the classroom. Mysdemi was stunned when Amor started shouting and trashing around the classroom. Mysdemi why dont you revealed your true identity? Youre not compatible in each other. You bitch! You prostitute and slut! You look 98! You look like trashcan! Pwe! Ugly monkey! Amor shouted to Mysdemi. And you JayMark! How about us? Pointing her index finger at the forehead of JayMark.Stop it Amor! There was never an us! I rejected you already! Then JayMark walked beside Mysdemi and locked her on his embraced. JayMark, theres something you need to know about me. Yes Mysdemi! Tell him what kind of creature you are! Amor said smugly.Then Mysdemi started to explained to Jaymark while looking straight into the eyes.The night when were making love. I felt something strange. Something different. When you touch me senxually. I felt goosebumps all over my drop dead gorgeous body. When you started undressing me. I felt shy at first but I saw the look of admiration and reverence. Thats why I didnt play hard to get anymore. As we got lost in the hitting moment. We got tired. And feel into deep slumber. Then, did you notice that when you woke up I wasnt there beside you? Yes. I wondered about your absence. JayMark answered.Mysdemi sighed . Because I was running out of time. As 12:00 strikes I will transform into imp, ogre or sea nymph. And when I run away. Amor saw me and I scared her in order to pass her way. I am very sorry for not telling this earlier.Dont be sorry Babe. I love you for who you are. I dont despise you. The physical appearance is not important to me. As long as you accept yourself for who you are and what you are. then JayMark kissed Mysdemi.As they feel the moment, Amor got hysterical. What?! do you love her? That ugly monster? Noooooooo! I cant accept that! As she continued yelling around. Mysdemi stand furiously and attack Amor with all her strength. Amor fainted.That night, Jaymark wanted to see how will Mysdemi transform. As the clock strikes 12AM. They were both shocked that theres nothing change in Mysdemis appearance. They both celebrate and yelled for joy. Suddenly, a big voice interrupter there celebration. Mysdemi, the curse is now gone because someone accepted you and agreed making love with you. You can now live with JayMark happily but theres no forever. K. Bye