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Muscle Cars By: Spencer Jolley

Muscle Cars

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By: Spencer Jolley. Muscle Cars. Mission Statement. My audience will learn the following: What a muscle car is What the difference is between different muscle cars Understand how an engine works Learn about the influence of muscle cars The end of the muscle car era and it’s return. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Muscle Cars

Muscle CarsBy: Spencer JolleyMission StatementMy audience will learn the following:What a muscle car isWhat the difference is between different muscle carsUnderstand how an engine worksLearn about the influence of muscle carsThe end of the muscle car era and its return

What is a muscle car?Mid sized carV8 engineNo official definition

Pony CarsA sub class of muscle carsSmaller bodies with smaller enginesStill sold today

Hot RodsRoadsters modified to go fastWWII Veterans used skills learned in the army to improve the speedAttributed to the birth of muscle cars

The Birth of Muscle1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88Had 135 hpCreated because of the demand for faster carsUsed in NASCAR

Growth in PopularityOldsmobile inspired other auto makers to make faster carsBecame a competition to see who could make the fastest car

Youth PopularityPopular among the youth because of low prices and they were fastCars could cost as low as $3,000Competition to see who could have the fastest car

End of Muscle Car EraInsurance prices became expensiveGovernment concerned about pollution and lack of safetyDemand for fuel increased

Muscle Car Revival80s brought back the demand for fast carsDifficult to make faster due to rules by governmentTechnology improved and so did the cars

The End