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  • Moustafa Youssefs CVEgypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)


    Department of Computer Science and Engineering Voice: +20(106)-417-0777Egypt-Japan Univ. of Sc. and Tech. (E-JUST),Alexandria


    Egypt WWW:


    Mobile and wireless networks, mobile and pervasive computing, location determination systems,sensor networks, energy efficient protocols, and computer security.

    Education Ph.D., Computer Science (May 2004)University of Maryland, College Park- Horus: An RF-Based Location Determination System (Invention of the year award)

    M.Sc., Computer Science (May 2002)University of Maryland, College Park

    M.Sc., Computer Science (1999)Alexandria University, Egypt- Structure and Performance Evaluation of Banyan Network Based ATM Switches

    B.Sc., Computer Science and Automatic Control (June 1997)Alexandria University, Egypt (Ranked First on Faculty of Engineering)

    General Secondary School Certificate (July 1992)Egypt (Ranked Third Nationwide)


    Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST), Egypt (June 2017-Present)Professor of CSE and Founder & Director, The Wireless Research Center of Excellence

    Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST), Egypt (January 2013-May 2017)Associate Professor

    Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST), Egypt (Fall 2010- 2012)Assistant Professor

    Google Inc., Mountain View, USA (May 2016- December 2016)Visiting Scholar

    National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan (April 2015- Present)Visiting Professor

    Nile University, Egypt (Spring 2008- Summer 2010)Assistant Professor

    Alexandria University, Egypt (January 2013- Present)

  • Associate Professor

    Alexandria University, Egypt (Fall 2007- 2012)Assistant Professor

    Research Grants HyRise: Robust and Accurate Multi-Sensor Fusion-based Floorplan Estimation - MoustafaYoussef (PI) Google Research Award, 2017.

    EEE122: The Egyptian Enhanced Emergency Public Safety Service - Moustafa Youssef (PI),NTRA, 2017.

    CURL: Collaborative Multi-Floor Ubiquitous RF-based Indoor Localization - Moustafa Yous-sef (PI) Google Research Award, 2015.

    Navirize: A Calibration-free Accurate Indoor Positioning System for Realistic Environments -Moustafa Youssef (PI) ITIDA, 2015.

    Cognitive Radio Cloud (CRC): Enabling a Collaborative Environment for Cognitive Radio Re-search - Moustafa Youssef (Co-PI) National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA),2014.

    International Scientific Cooperation Grant - Moustafa Youssef, National Institute of Informa-tics, Japan, 2014.

    Intel Galileo Equipment Grant - Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2014. Investigation of deterministic radio propagation models for device-free radio-based activity

    recognition - Moustafa Youssef (Consultant) German Federal Ministry of Education and Re-search (BMBF), 2014.

    Noise Map App: A Real Time Tool for City Noise Mapping Using Smart Phones - MoustafaYoussef (Co-PI) Research, Development and Innovation Programme (RDI-2), 2014.

    ARTS: An Accurate and Reliable Traffic Estimation System - Moustafa Youssef (PI) ITIDA,2013.

    InGIS: Enabling Ubiquitous Indoor Geographic Information Systems - Moustafa Youssef (PI)Google Research Award, 2013.

    Untying the Gordian Knot: Practical and Distributed Optimal Scheduling to Support Multi-media Traffic over Wireless Networks - Moustafa Youssef PI, US-Egypt Joint Research Grants.

    International Scientific Cooperation Grant - Moustafa Youssef, National Institute of Informa-tics, Japan.

    Development of a cost effective crop monitoring with accurate control for intelligent irrigationsystems - Moustafa Youssef (Co-PI) ITIDA, 2012.

    Windows Azure Educator Grant - Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2012. IPS: A Ubiquitous Indoor Positioning System - Moustafa Youssef (PI) Google Research Award,


    A Location-aided Framework for High Performance Cognitive Radio Networks - MoustafaYoussef (PI) National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), 2011.

    Googles 2011 EMEA AndroidEDU program- Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2011. Signature Facilities Initiative Equipment Grants, EJUST- Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2011. Microsoft Research Project Hawaii- Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2011. Parallel Networks Architecture (ParaNets)- Moustafa Youssef (Consultant) Carnegie Mellon

    University, Qatar, 2010.

  • Towards Practical Information Theoretically Secure Authentication and Data Integrity forRFID- Moustafa Youssef (PI) Intel Research, USA, 2010.

    CellChek: A cost-effective cell phone-based patient monitoring and advising system - MoustafaYoussef (Co-PI) Microsoft Research Grant, 2010.

    Micro and Nanotechnology Based Wireless Sensors for Agriculture and Water Management -Moustafa Youssef (Co-PI), The Research Development and Innovation (RDI) Program, 2010.

    Locationoid: An Accurate Energy-Efficient Location Provider for the Android Platform -Moustafa Youssef (PI) Google Research Award, 2009.

    Wireless Physical Layer Security- From Theory to Practice - Moustafa Youssef PI, US-EgyptJoint Research Grants.

    Nuzzer: A Device-free Passive Localization System for Wireless Environments - MoustafaYoussef (PI) Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), Young Investigator Award,2008.

    Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks: A Cooperative Communications Perspective -Moustafa Youssef (Consultant) - Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), 2008-2009.

    Symbian Equipment Grant. Symbian Academy, UK, 2008. Providing Physical Security Using Wi-Fi. Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)

    grant in collaboration with the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, for $50,000, 2004.

    Publications Journals /Magazines

    1. HeartSense: Ubiquitous Accurate Multi-Modal Fusion-based Heart Rate Estimation UsingSmartphonesReham Mohamed and Moustafa YoussefPACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT), accepted forpublicaiton.

    2. Accurate and Energy Efficient GPS-Less Outdoor LocalizationHeba Aly, Anas Basalamah, and Moustafa YoussefACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems, accepted for publication.

    3. A Novel Queue-Length-Based CSMA Algorithm with Improved Delay CharacteristicsEylem Ekici, Dongyue Xue, Rania Ibrahim, and Moustafa YoussefElsevier Computer Networks Journal, accepted for publication.

    4. Humaine: A Ubiquitous Smartphone-based User Heading Estimation for Mobile ComputingSystemsHeba Aly, Nesma Mohsen, Rana Anwat, and Moustafa YoussefSpringer GeoInformatica Journal, accepted for publication.

    5. Towards Ubiquitous Indoor Spatial Awareness on a Worldwide ScaleMostafa Elhamshary and Moustafa YoussefACM SIGSPATIAL Newsletter, 2017 (Invited paper).

    6. Automatic Rich Map Semantics Identification through Smartphone-based Crowd-sensingHeba Aly, Anas Basalamah, and Moustafa YoussefIEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 26 December 2016.

    7. Accurate Real-time Map Matching for Challenging EnvironmentsReham Mohamed, Heba Aly, and Moustafa YoussefIEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 10 August 2016.

    8. A Fine-grained Indoor Location-based Social NetworkMoustafa Elhamshary, Anas Basalamah, and Moustafa YoussefIEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 14 July 2016.

  • 9. Cost-Effective Data Transfer for Mobile HealthcareYoussef Khazbak, Mostafa Izz, Tamer ElBatt, Abdulrahman Fahim, Arsany Guirguis, Mou-stafa YoussefIEEE Systems Journal, 25 March 2016.

    10. SemanticSLAM: Using Environment Landmarks for Unsupervised Indoor LocalizationHeba Abdelnasir, Reham Samir, Ahmed Elgohary, Moustafa Elzantot, He Wang, Souvik Sen,Romit Choudhury, and Moustafa YoussefIEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 15 (7), 1770-1782, 2016 (11 citations in GoogleScholar).

    11. Robust and Ubiquitous Smartphone-based Lane DetectionHeba Aly, Anas Basalamah, and Moustafa YoussefElsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal, Volume 26, February 2016, Pages 3556 (5citations in Google Scholar).

    12. Bandwidth Aggregation Techniques in Heterogeneous Multi-homed Devices: A SurveyKarim Habak, Khaled Harras, and Moustafa YoussefElsevier Computer Networks, 92(2015)168188 (18 citations in Google Scholar).

    13. Towards Dynamic Real-Time Geo-location Databases for TV White SpacesMohamed Ibrahim, Ahmed Saeed, Khaled Harras, and Moustafa YoussefIEEE Network Magazine, vol.29, no.5, pp.76-82, September-October 2015 (3 citations inGoogle Scholar).

    14. ACE: An Accurate and Efficient Multi-Entity Device-Free WLAN Localization SystemIbrahim Sabek, Moustafa Youssef, and Athanasios V. VasilakosIEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 99, 22 May 2014 (26 citations in GoogleScholar).

    15. An Analysis of Device-Free and Device-Based WiFi-Localization SystemsHeba Aly Moustafa YoussefInternational Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence (IJACI) 6.1 (2014): 1-19 (6citations in Google Scholar).

    16. Ichnaea: A Low-overhead Robust WLAN Device-free Passive Localization SystemAhmed Saeed, Ahmed Kosba, and Moustafa YoussefIEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 5-15, Feb. 2014 (53citations in Google Scholar).

    17. Opportunistic Secrecy with a Strict Delay ConstraintKarim Khalil, Onur Ozan Koyluoglu, Hesham El Gamal, and Moustafa YoussefIEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 61, no. 11, pp. 4700-4709, November 2013 (15citations in Google Scholar).

    18. Routing Metrics of Cognitive Radio Networks: A SurveyMoustafa Youssef, Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Abdelatif, Lin Chen, and Athanasios V.VasilakosIEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.92 - 109, First Quarter 2014(202 citations in Google Scholar).

    19. An Optimal Deployabl