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Morris Times - January 2013

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    ONE YEAR DOWN IN GLENDEN TOWN!By Julian Roberts (Glenden SPQ Village Manager)

    Morris has been operating Glendens Single Persons Quarters (SPQ) uninterrupted since 1984. It was one of Morris first contracts awarded in australia almost 30 years ago. Unlike most of our projects, Glenden is unique in the way it is a township rather than a remote village. Outside of the single persons quarters, families live here, calling Glenden home. There is a school, swimming pool and a shopping centre. The community atmosphere at Glenden is very strong and Morris is very proud to be actively involved in it. 2 January 2013 marks the one year anniversary for me in Glenden and nearly the 3rd year with Morris. Here are just a few of the community events we have been involved in during this time.

    Clean up Australia Day, Anzac Day Parade, Glenden Town Christmas Party Glenden Pre-School new outdoor play area and annual fundraiser Glenden State School P&C Association fundraising, new learning centre, sports carnival, annual school fete Glenden State School work experience placement Glenden Swimming Club- annual swimming carnival Inaugural billy cart races Ongoing support to the wildlife carer assisting the rehabilitation of sick and injured native animals around site and town

    This translates into more than $20,000 of both direct and indirect financial support for local community groups! When I began my time here at Glenden I was aware of the historical, almost nostalgic nature surrounding Morris longest, earliest awarded contracts, so I remember feeling a little bit of extra pressure to do well. That is why Im extra pleased to reflect on what the team here has achieved in last 12 months:

    The hard working team at Glenden SPQ served 453,107 meals in 2012 with a 99.99% customer satisfaction rate. We served over 52,000 kg of roast meat, 561,600 individual eggs, 10,000 litres of ice cream and just under 10,000 kg of

    watermelon. They like the Morris tucker in Glenden. Cleaners performed 31,947 room cleans @ an average rate of 87 per day. They also knocked over 2,977 ablution cleans

    last year. A total of 63,510 pillow slips washed and changed in 2012. Well done guys and girls. Client added a total of 96 new ensuited rooms in 2012 taking our Camp room total to 579 rooms plus a further 240 SPQ

    units in the town all holding meal access cards. Management and staff opened the Newlands Village site of 80 rooms, 34kms out of town at the mine site. I was given a Special Recognition Award at the most recent Gala Dinner held in Hobart at the 2012 Morris Managers

    Conference, which couldnt have been achieved without the hard work of the team here.

    Although the start of 2013 looks like it will be marginally quieter for us here, on behalf of my team we wish all the Morris team a successful 2013.

    (Left to right) Julian Roberts, Chef Anne Amaldoss & Chef Gary Shaw from Glenden SPQ

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    Employee of the Month AwardIf you notice a workmate who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to Morris Core Values and going over and above the call of duty, why not nominate them for Employee of the Month? Ask your manager for a nomination form.

    Undercover BossBy Steven Gretch (Village Manager)

    Morris CEO, Rodney Molla did a not so undercover boss stint at Collinsville recently. Rodney worked side by side with teams from the catering, housekeeping, laundry and admin departments. Having Rodney here working with the staff was a great opportunity for all concerned. Rodney was able to gain a valuable insight into the daily workings of a Morris village and the team members received a rare opportunity to work closely with the boss. Geoff Pateman (pictured right) from housekeeping said hed be happy to have Rodney back him up any day. The catering crew were impressed with Rodneys knife skills after making up fruit platters for service. At the end of his three days Rodney gave his quarterly CEO address to the entire Collinsville team, outlining the good work that has been achieved in the first half of the financial year but also the challenges that lay ahead. Collinsville now knows who to call if they need an extra pair of hands in a hurry.

    Kenya UpdateBy Steven Thompson (Village Manager)

    Wed like to give a special welcome to Kyle and Adrian (pictured far right) who are the newest additions to the Morris team at Kenya. To the immediate right is a picture of the crew that worked hard over the Christmas period and supplied a great lunch to our customers. Thank you to Chefs Anthony and Michael for making it a great success.

    Back (left to right): Vergil, Kyle, Adrian , Barb. Front: Cheryl

    Dyno Fund RaiserBy Jessica Brooker (Administration Officer)

    One of our team members, Sophie and her partner Matt, have been through some hard times recently with Matt falling ill and Sophie having to take time off to care for him. Like any family, the crew here at Dyno (including our customers) had to help so decided to host a fund raiser to give the couple a break over Christmas. Tickets were sold in the bar to win a Mini iPad and two lucky door prizes ($110 and $50). Pictured is Simon who won the iPad. Wayne Whiting won the $110 prize with Luke Parsons winning the $50. Luke kindly donated his winnings to the kitty that was given to Sophie and Matt. It was a great turn out and could not of happened without the help of Shaun Watego, John Habershon and Richard Martins. A special thank you to Peter Henderson for letting us host the event (not to mention his generous donation) and Morris as they kindly donated first prize and food on the night. Another very successful fund raiser at beautiful Dyno Village. The total amount raised was an impressive $4096.60.

    Richard Martins (right) presenting Simon (left) with the iPad Mini.

  • HSE AwardIf you notice a colleague who is clearly demonstrating an outstanding commitment to HSE. Nominate them for the monthly HSE Award. Ask your manager for a nomination form.

    Christmas at Christmas CreekBy Mark Lundie, Village ManagerWith our site being named Christmas Creek there is a high expectation to really WOW customers during this time. The kitchen team got a helping hand from other departments who assisted in making sure the feast was spectacular to the 400+ customers working over the Christmas period. It was a great night!

    Employee of the Month OctoberAnnabelle Warner of Kenya 2Annabelle Warner is a fine example of a dedicated employee. Annabelle has worked with Morris for just under 2 years and started as a Pastry Chef doing the Breakfast shift (10pm - 8.30am) day after day, week after week & month after month with no variation. Annabelle built great customer relationships with the residents and the clients, always greeting them in a friendly manner and eventually learning every residents name on site.After a year and a half, Annabelle decided it was time for a change of colour and change of career. She completed a Diploma of Management, moved from the kitchen to administration (taking a step backwards in pay to go forward in her career all without complaint) and is now undergoing training to become a Village Manager. Annabelle displays all Morris Core Values to a high level and relates well to all team members and residents. Her attitude and enthusiasm as she undertakes this training has been refreshing and enlightening and she has set an example to every Morris team member on site!Also nominated: Alison Harwood, John Fogarty, Reid Stone, Sharon Muller, Tevra Lucky.

    Employee of the Month NovemberAoina Savelio of Dally VillageAoina is an extremely valuable asset to the airport team and to Morris. She has an excellent attitude towards her colleagues and customers and is always friendly, polite and goes out of her way to assist customers whenever she can. Examples of this include doing anything she can to assist a passenger in making their flight on time, or moving them to an earlier flight whenever possible. Aoina is constantly going beyond what is expected of her in her daily tasks. Her team can always rely on her to complete her job without prompt and when she has finished everything, she will find something else to do. Aoina is always on time to work in correct uniform and takes initiative at the same time as being happy to comply with anything required. Aoinas manager says If I could clone her I would!Also nominated: Jamie Patton, Leonie Waaka, Michael Manago & Carl Varmentas, Mila, Natalie Smith, Raymond Vonder, Stephen Zeller, Thelma Fitzgerald.

    Employee of the Month DecemberMarietta Evadone of MeekatharaChristmas is an intense time for our customers and our teams on site. It is a time when they are away from family and the stresses of this separation is somewhat amplified. The annual Christmas spectacular is a function that goes someway to ensuring that our customers celebrate and for a moment forget feelings of loneliness. Our client here on site has singled out Marietta as someone who has gone out of her way to make this time a special one through the presentation of a Christmas feast to rival that of the best five star hotel banquet. The client has received feedback from many residents and has asked specifically to reward Marietta for the fantastic job performed on Christmas day and of course the lead up to it.Also nominated: Aisha Gliddon, Anthony Lacsamana, Jo Wix, Kellie Minton, Ryan Perera.

    Care & Share Award DecemberKaren Remaj of KarntamaKarens idea is to have different coloured bags for the double bed linen. The double bed linen is mixed in with the single bed linen and with 33 linen rooms and a further 32 linen pods, it makes things very difficult, not to mention time consuming, to locate.Follow up:Morris procurement department is in discussions with our linen prov