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  • 1. Monthly Savings BookA unique channel to connect Businesses and Consumers Get Saving on your Daily purchase

2. About Common floor

  • Commonfloor empowers 15,000 communities across 22 cities in India withonline communication channel and provides anunique opportunity to connect businesses with consumers centered in and around these societies .
  • Featured inTop 25 Web startups in Indiawith the likes of Bigadda, Ibibo, Data Quest, 15 thMay, 2009.
  • Covered by all major newspapers like TOI, ET, Hindu, Mint etc.(for details refer
  • Experience of working with thousands of apartment communities in various localities across Bangalore.
  • Over 500 businesses in Bangalore trust Commonfloor for promoting their business in most cost effective way by targeting right set of customers.

3. Cover pageOfSavings Book A Monthly Savings Book is a cost effective and locality targeted advertisement medium for a business to reach out to its target consumers. 4. Can I Advertise about my current offers? Yes, We have relevant coupons category for your business. This is how the coupons page looks like. Coupon categories:Wine & Dine, Health & Beauty, Shopping, Kids & Education, Home dcor & furnishing, Services 4cm x 10cm 8cm x 10cm 5. What if I dont Have any Offers running currently? Sure you can. We have space to promote your business details, products and services as well. 12cm x 10cm 6cm x 10cm 18cm x 10cm 6. Advertisers Benefits:

  • Local Business-Consumer connect.
  • Direct Distribution of Savings Book to Apartments, communities, Homes.
  • Offers from Multiple Advertisers:
    • Less cost per advertiser, more appealing and more value to the reader and better shelf life, better ROI for the advertiser.
  • Coupons as per Business category and life time of one month
  • Attract more sales through coupons target for customers in your locality
  • Create awareness about your business/product/service through ads pages.

7. Pricing

  • Refer design in the last slides for size.
  • Prices are inclusive of Taxes.
    • For Coupon: Rs. 3173 + 10.3% tax = Rs. 3500
    • For Ad: Rs. 4986 + 10.3% tax = Rs. 5500
  • Coupons are Printed Front and back
  • Ads are printed on one side.
  • Various Advertisement spaces are available as per business requirements.

Size Total Price (20,000 copies) Price per copy Coupons: 10 X 4cm e.g.. Brew Berry, Pos Palate Rs. 3,500 17 paisa Ads: 10 X 6 cm E.g.. Courtyard Rs. 5,500 27 paisa Ads: 10 X 18 cm E.g.. Lifestyle Rs16,500 82 paisa 8. Thanks For Your Time Contact :Naveen Kumar Email,Mobile :+91 96202 06060/+91 97406 83412

    • Address:
    • Common Floor, maxHeap Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    • No. 22, Ist Floor, Cunningham Classic,
    • Cunningham Road, Bangalore 560052
    • Karnataka, India
    • P: +91 80 4123 2748, 92606 08080
    • E:[email_address]