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  • By: Taylor Holguin

  • Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto was the daughter of Sindh. She was extremely bright and had a talent in debating. She served as the prime minister of Pakistan for two terms. Unfortunately, she was murdered by Islamists on December 27, 2007 because they viewed her as a dangerous symbol of democracy and moderation. They had this view of her because all of the promises she made and her bombasts.

  • GandhiMohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a very important man in history. One of his most important actions was the Salt March he led in March of 1930. Thousand of people joined Gandhi on this 241 mile march. He chose salt because it affected all of the Indians. He felt that salt was a necessity of life along with air and water and that it is one of the only condiments that the poor have. When they arrived at the beach, Gandhi picked up a handful of salt on the beach, challenging the prohibition against the collection or sale of salt except by the colonial authorities (Kaplan, pg. 95).

  • NATOThe North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was one of the most successful alliances throughout history. The U.S. led the NATO because it was directly threatened by the Soviet Union. This short part on this alliance really grasped my attention because the NATO is so famous because of its domination and success.

  • From Torture to ImprovementWhen Augusto Pinochet became leader in 1973, he did a horrible thing. He tortured and murdered thousands of people. He eventually created an economic dynamo which in turn benefited the entire country. In 1989 at Tiananmen Square, hundreds of students were massacred by Deng Xiaoping. He then went on to improve the quality of life of more people in a shorter time than perhaps ever in economic history (Kaplan, pg. 107). Both of these cases completely shocked me because it is unbelievable how a person can do something so horrible, then turn right around to do something so great.