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  • Kaivalyadhamawhere yoga tradition & science meet

    MONSOON 2016

    RNI NO. MAHENG08413/13/1/2001/-TC


    12 India China Yoga Festival, Kunming

    31 Out-Patient Department for Yoga, Itanagar, Northeast

    36 International Day of Yoga 2016

    45 Pranayama Sadhana Shibir

    46 Felicitation for Class X Students

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    Monsoon 2016 Monsoon 2016

    AYUSH, to promote Yoga and Naturopathy and decided on some important policy issues. I thought this was three steps behind. For the following reasons

    1. There has been somewhat thrust by a section to combine the educational programs of Yoga & Naturopathy. While I maintain that both the subjects have their own merits, combining them cre-ates a lot of confusion and difficulties since they both hold different views.

    2. Right now, except for BNYS, which runs only in few states, there is no other combined educa-tional course. Whereas, more than 20 universities and 15 national level yoga institutes run various academic courses in Yoga.

    3. While a lot of research is ongoing in Yoga, worldwide, one would struggle to find published research paper in the field of Nature Cure.

    4. Implementation of Yoga itself is a challenge in educational environment for reasons of infra-structure, could one imagine, the mandate to provide various nature cure infrastructure to further the cause.

    5. International Yoga Day has received an overwhelming response; do you think the same response would have come for Yoga and Naturopathy day?

    The crux, which I come to, is that we should have respect for both the systems, but treat them inde-pendently. There should be a board for Yoga and there should be a separate board for Naturopathy. This will do justice at both the ends. As of now we almost get a feeling that naturopaths want to piggy ride on backs of Yoga! I hope the Ministry of AYUSH modifies the board in order to establish its sincerity in its effort.

    In the month of June, I also went and met Honble President of India, Shri. Pranab Mukerjee. I accompanied Shri. P.H. Parekh, our Member of the Advisory Board. We went to present the copy of the Biography of Swami Kuvalyananda. It was such a pleasure to be in the President House and meet such a learned individ-ual. I spend around 10 minutes with him and he spoke of the institute and Swamiji with great reverence.

    In coming months we look forward to strengthening the systems in the institute and also take the sadhaks deeper in to the experiential realms of Yoga.

    The efforts for celebration of the IDY 2016 started almost six months ago. The Ministry of AYUSH formed a committee in which all the representa-tives of various institutes serving the cause of humanity through Yoga were involved. They discussed and deliberated over a period of these months, to ensure that things were flowing smoothly. Important decisions were taken like

    1. Formulation of the common Yoga protocol.

    2. Focus on the Youth during the IDY celebrations.

    3. Focus on immersion of CYP during this IDY.

    4. Designing of Yoga apparels by FTII and NID on behest of the Ministry of AYUSH.

    5. Resolving the issue of permission to foreigners to practice Yoga on tourists visa.

    6. Powering the QCI certification program for Yoga professions.

    7. Institutes allotted to work in different states so that programs can be held smoothly.

    The celebrations went off very well with large participation. Each institute had decided their own path to take the celebrations ahead. Kaivalyadhama ensured that the celebration is no only for a day, but people get an experience, focused on the immersion program in CYP, i.e training the people for 36 hours in the CYP.

    On the 22nd and 23rd July 2016 we had a International Conference on Yoga for body and beyond organized by Ministry of AYUSH at the Vigyan Bhavan. It had eminent individuals/experts from all across the world. Honbe Vice President Mr. Hamid Ansari inaugurated it. It saw some useful deliberations.

    When I was interviewed by a newspaper, I was asked what would be one of the major achievements of the declaration of the IDY? I told them, the most important effect was initiation of some impor-tant policies in regards to Yoga, such as

    1. QCI certification for Yoga professionals.

    2. Inclusion of Yoga as a subject in all the teachers training courses by NCTE.

    3. Formation of committee to look at designing D.Ed, B.Ed, M.Ed courses at NCTE

    4. Formation of committee to look in to formulation of Yoga course in Universities through the com-mittee formed by the UGC.

    5. Development of modules by NCERT for secondary and higher secondary school level.

    So this ensured that the quality of Yoga teaching would be strengthened at the central level. However, when I saw the formation of the Board of Yoga & Naturopathy formed by the Ministry or


    VOLUME 12 / ISSUE 4

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    Monsoon 2016 Monsoon 2016

    Meditation Workshop Intensive Course

    Shri R.S. Bhogal conducted a week long medita-tion workshop in April at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla. There was a total of 14 participants, including foreign nations from different parts of the globe. Students were introduced to various preparatory practices that create a right mental set or readi-ness for delving into Antaranga Yoga (internal Yoga). Participants also engaged in meditative practices that lead one into the state of medita-tion and also practiced some selected meditative techniques.

    With a wave of yoga sweeping across the globe, this ancient practice e is becoming more popular day by day. To dispel the myth that yoga is merely just postures and introduce it as a scientific discipline, Kaivalyadhama introduced an online Yoga instruc-tors course designed in such way that one can do this course at their own pace and time. Students receive 100 hours worth of online lectures to self-study. The practical part of training is done at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla. In May, Kaivalyadhama welcomed 6 international students that partici-pated in the training.



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    Monsoon 2016 Monsoon 2016

    themselves and shared their views in brief. Brig. Dharmadhikari, the Registrar, congratulated the students for selecting this institute and briefed about the discipline of the college. Rev. Swami Maheshanandaji blessed the students by his spiritual words. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Bhalekar. The programme was concluded with three omkar and sweets.

    Concluding Function of Advanced Teachers Training Course was held at College Building on Apr 13, 2016. Brig. Suhas Dharmadhikari, Registrar, Mrs. Sandhya Dixit, Dr. S. Bhalekar and Dr. Nidheesh Yadav were present in this programme.

    Students shared their feedback and were happy with overall experience about the course and their stay at the Institute. Mrs. Sandhya Dixit proposed Vote of Thanks. The function was concluded with Shanti path and sweet distribution.

    A one month Yoga training programme for local police personnel was naugurated on March 25, 2016. Eight male police personnel were appointed from the State Reserve Police Force in Pune, Maharashtra. Dr. B.R. Sharma, Principal, welcomed the police personnel and gave insights about the mission of the institute and objectives of the course. Brigadier Suhas Dharmadhikari, Registrar, spoke about discipline and learn-ing values while Dr. Nidheesh Yadav delivered an inspiring speech on the value of Yoga science. The syllabus consists of conceptual and applied aspects of Yoga based on traditional texts, the Bhagavad-Gita, Yogic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, teaching methodology as well as Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, Shuddhi Kriyas and Dhyan. Professor Ravindranath Bodhe, Dr. Sharad Bhalekar, and Dr. Nidheesh Yadav conducted theoretical lectures while and Ms. Neeta Gade took Asana classes.

    The Advanced Teachers Training Course was inaugurated on March 16, 2016 at 10.00 AM at Swamijis Kuti. Rev. Swami Maheshanandaji, Chairman, K.S.M.Y.M. Samiti, Dr. B.R. Sharma, Principal, Brig. Suhas Dharmadhikari, Registrar were present to grace the function.

    The program started with Shantipath. Dr. B.R. Sharma, Principal delivered a welcome address and introduced all teach-ing faculties of the course. He elab-orated the philosophy of Swami Kuvalayananda about Yoga and his scientific and traditional work on Yoga and also explained the objectives of the course. All students introduced

    The concluding function of Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga Education was held on April 18, 2016 in the Vashishtha Hall in the auspicious presence of Rev. Swami Maheshananda, Chairman, and Shri. Subodh Tiwari, CEO, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla along with other staff members. Dr. Nidheesh Yadav welcomed all the Guests and staff members including the students of the course as the master of ceremony. The func-tion was initiated with Shantipath. Few of the students shared their views in the words of appreciation towards the approach of the institute and the experienced staff members. Shri. Subodh Tiwari addressed the gathering by emphasizing the motto of the course to spread Yoga in its classical sense without being diluted.

    During the function four students (two males and two females) were awarded by Shrimati Bhagwatidevi Babu Ram Tiwari scholarship along with five other students who got




    Yoga Training Programme for Police Personnel

    Advanced Teachers Training Course

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    Monsoon 2016 Monsoon 2016

    Inaugural F