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  • 1. World History Bellringer on a new full sheet of paper, write the full heading also. 1. Draw a symbol that is important to you and your friends. 2. Write some common sayings you might hear at Flowing Wells High School? 3. Get out a paper for notes, label: Culture

2. What does this picture tell us about the culture of Wisconsin? 3. What is culture? What does it mean when someone says its part of my culture? By your self What does it mean when someone says its part of my culture? Discuss with partner 4. Note taking strategy Title: Element of culture: Example or How I see it in my life 5. 7 Elements of Culture 1. Language languages How people communicate Sayings or phrases 6. Language 7. 7 Elements of Culture 2. Norms normal behavior Dos and donts Foods 8. Middle Eastern Culture 9. Middle Eastern Culture 10. Hawaiian Culture 11. Chinese Culture 12. Philippines Culture 13. 7 Elements of Culture 3. Values Shared ideas on important things in life EX: Family, work, life, travel 14. 7 Elements of Culture 4. Belief system Shared spiritual ideas within the culture 15. 7 Elements of Culture 5. Government Ideas of who sets rules Also how rules are set 16. 7 Elements of Culture 6. Status and Roles Social Structure, who does what in society Based on gender, wealth, religion, power, family, others 17. 7 Elements of Culture 7. Cultural Integration History and how culture changes 18. Sub - Culture A culture within another culture For example Describe the teacher sub- culture at FWHS For each element, write 2 examples of each cultural element 19. Identify a sub-culture Front of paper, identify subculture from FWHS Identify 2 cultural symbols Identify 3 positive cultural norms (dos) Identify 2 negative cultural norms (donts) Identify at least 2 phrases Identify at least 1 food/beverage Back of paper: Draw a picture that would illustrate show this sub-culture Do NOT be ethnocentric or be disrespectful to this subculture if you do not belong to it