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  • 1. Mojo Surveys Feature focus:Rank vs. RateFusion Software Ltd
  • 2. What is Rank Vs. Rate? It is a way of easily comparing the results of a grid ofquestions with another. Typically, existing customers are used to rank product orservice features in terms of importance, and then ratethem in terms of satisfaction Generate quadrant identifying areas of strength ofweakness. Used as basis to allocate future 2
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  • 4. How? Identify list of features Identify list of product or service attributes basedon feedback from employees, customers and 4Thinking specifically about the[PRODUCT/SERVICE], what features are important toyou?
  • 5. How? Create rankings In Mojo Surveys survey designer, create a rankingquestion, fixed sum question or question grid(example shows ranking question) 5
  • 6. How? Create ratings Then create a grid of rating scales (no of ratingitems can be adjusted) and select the question 6
  • 7. How? Create ratings The questions will be auto populated from theimportance question as 7
  • 8. How? Gather feedback Distribute the survey to customers in the normalway for them to rank and 8
  • 9. How? Aggregated Report From within the survey form choose Rank Vs. GridComparison for an aggregated view from 9
  • 10. How? Individual Customer Report Or from within the survey result, choose Grid vs.Grid comparison by survey response This provides a report for an individual customersranked importance vs. 10
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  • 12. Rank Vs Rate Summary Simple to implement Simple to understand and based on traditionalmarket research techniques Can produce actionable insights into what isimportant to your customer and how you aremeeting those factors Allocate resources based on factual 12
  • 13. Contact us More information: info@fusionsoftware.comRequest a free, no hassle, no credit card detailsrequired, 30 day trial (well even commission the CRM2011 trial environment) at 13
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