Mohandas gandhi and nelson mandela

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  • 1. Mohandas Gandhi and Nelson Mandela By Justin Schaub
  • 2. Mohandas Ghandi
    • Was born October 2, 1869.
    • Believed in absolute non-violence. Violence does not show the people the error in their ways.
    • Believed in being pure. Ridded himself of world pleasures to be pure.
    • Did not want a two state solution, but caved into to secure the Muslim vote.
    • Was assassinated on January 30 th , 1948.
  • 3. Nelson Mandela
    • Was born July 18 th , 1918.
    • Spent a large amount of his time in jail.
    • Was very diplomatic, understood had to talk to all types of people and mediate.
    • Believed in peaceful demonstrations and protest.
    • Very good speaker, used all opportunities to get his world out.
  • 4. Similarities
    • Both Ghandi and Mandela were lawyers. This went onto help both of them in their lives.
    • Both believed in non-violent protest.
    • Ghandi attempted to make changes in South Africa before Mandela was a born.
    • Mandela looked up to Ghandi and used the history to help mold his opinion.
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